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Probably one of the prettiest mornings you could have on the ocean this morning…Flat calm,,,slick calm actually…and warm….Anchored up and caught a handful of fish,,keepers and shorts..Just certain area on boat had some life…Made some other drops and more of the same but did have some really nice flurries with guys catching fish pretty quick…and they did good to..High hook had well over a limit and we had 4 or 5 others catch a limit as well…Problem was most of the day the stern had all the life and caught most of the fish….So it was good for those back there but the rest of the boat struggled….So in the end I was happy with what we caught in the stern but not happy with the rest of the boat..As for tomorrow we are canceled with a gale warning up..So stay home tomorrow,,,we start fishing again New Years Eve Tuesday…..Normal time,,,and New years Day we are fishing normal times as well..See ya then..