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Very nice day today,,,cool and breezy but flat calm….The fish were chewing for the most part….we had guys limit out and Mr.H was on fire with a couple of Big Piggies….He was not in the seasonal pool so we did not weight them in but they looked well north of 10 me.Biggest female looked over 12 to me….You can see him in the pics below…But like I said guys had limits and of nice quality fish….Still some only had shorts and had the curse but overall I was happy with what we caught….and the size….We are shaping up for a nice Friday through early next week it looks like..And the big fish are getting there chew on so get ready!!! Tomorrow is a stay at home day(thursday)..Its gonna be brutally cold and very breezy so stay home and wait until Friday….Its gonna warm up and the winds are gonna drop by then…Tomorrow I will get some maintenance done on the boat and finish Christmas shopping….But starting Friday we are gonna hit it hard and look for some big Fish!!! See ya Friday morning…