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  1. Decent day to start,,,little breezy and choppy but not rough..Got even nicer as the day wore on….Fishing was much better today,,Had way better life as soon as we started….I saw fish coming scattered around the boat..Both shorts and keepers….In the end overall we had a good day with some nicer fish up to 8lbs coming to the net..High hooks had limits,,,some had 2 or 3….Of course some had the curse and had a good egg(no names mentioned Charlie) and some just had shorts but the fish were there and in the mood for the most part….As for tomorrow it looks good,,game plan is get back on em!!! Come on down,,,,Kenny had the pool fish today and is the lead for the seasaonl pool but we have alot of fishing days left to worry about that..See ya tomorrow morning…check out some pics..