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We were greeted with a monster ground swell when we hit the ocean this morning…It was big….Once out though the ocean was actually very nice and we ended up having a nice day out there…and warm which was nice….Fishing conditions were very tough….anchored up and had a ripping current..needed 12oz to hold bottom well…Some drops had some life on them,,,some didn’t….when we were in to a chew it was a complete stern job…Only the stern was getting bites and they caught for the most part the only keepers..Few up the side but not many bites up from the stern… I think high hook had 3 keeper and numerous shorts but overall it was pretty dull..As for Monday we are going to cancel…Southeast winds gusting up to 35 in the afternoon,,,and the swell is still there so let wait for a nicer day…Will let you know when…