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Very nice day today,,,little lumpy offshore but not to bad….We had no porgy life today out there but the sea bass fishing was drop and reel all day long…It was good fishing but the trick was to fish around the shorts….Loads of fish 12 inches and some really nice keepers mixed in,,but the jigs were the way to go today,,,The fish were feeding on these monster sand eels…They were spitting them up all over the boat so a jig got near the bottom and they jumped all over it….I had about two dozen fish in an hour and five were nice keepers…Guys with bait caught more shorts,,,,but overall very good fishing….I had no gulp sand eels today,,just the jig but tomorrow I will!!!Some giant¬†bluefish were chewing on the bass as well..¬†Fun day,,doing it again tomorrow..see ya then..