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That was a really nice day out there today,,the winds dropped out quite a bit,,,just a small choppy sea….Current let up a little to,,was much easier to fish…Life on the bottom today was crazy,,,fish were stacked up on all the spots….Hit the bottom and you were getting chewed instantly…The porgies and I mean giant porgies were all over the place…..We caught some sea bass but the chops were dominant….Most of em were XL variety with some XXL mixed in…Double headers felt like they were gonna break your rod in half…They really put up quite a fight…and are good eating…the sea bass life was there but it was a lot of short…High hooks had maybe 4-5 keepers on the bass but a lot were just loaded up on chops…Blues were around to chomping fish in half,,crazy fishing out there…Gonna do it again tomorrow!!! Lets go!! See ya tomorrow..