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Nice day..we had to deal with a ground swell today from the east but not much wind….So not flat calm but decent..Fishing overall was good to us again…throughout the day we banged away at the fluke,,,,loads of fish that just missed 18 inches,,but in between we had quality fish in the 2-4lb range….Yes ,the seasonal pool is still intact….good news for all of you!!! But in the end I was happy with the fishing..The guys who were dialed in had a limit,,some had 2 or 1….Some only  had shorts,,,threw back some jumbo sea bass again,,,not bad for a decent size crowd I thought….Looks like we have light winds for tomorrow,,,gonna be nice day so come on down…That seasonal pool is still up for grabs!!! See ya for coffee…Pool winner today was about 6lbs I believe but again I saw some bigger fish that we busted off….Two more days!!!

Game plan for Saturday is first come first serve….I plan on leaving at 7am unless we fill up early…so get down early if you want to fish…gonna be about a 10 hour marathon….75 dollars per person….Feel free to bring a tray of something good to eat..gonna make a great day out of it…we already have some good food coming…   We also gonna have some giant daily pool as well!!! Gonna be fun….