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FLuke Marathons

I am going to start taking reservations by text for our Fluke marathon trips….Friday the 18th,,and Saturday the 19th…100 to get on the boat and 100 to get in the pool…Limited to 50 people. each day..So 5000 pool winner each day plus a shot at our seasonal pool which is over 5500 as well.I might even run another pool for 2nd heaviest to….I know some can only come one day and not a weekend so I am gonna run 2 trips this year…We should be able to fill both… Departure is 6am returning at 4pm….Text me if your in,,,and call if you dont text…

Feel free to bring some food and we will make a party out of it..,we are gonna have a blast!!

We will be fishing offshore all the nasty wrecks and rocks looking for big fish!!

and i will have more details later in the week as to boarding etc…