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Tuesday,,May 5th…

I hope this message finds all of you well,,,and in good health…I, just like you, are looking forward to getting back on the ocean and fishing again….I know alot of you have been calling and checking in,,and I appreciate that…We are making it through this and finishing up some painting to both of my boats…The Ocean Explorer and Sea Eagle have gotten some painting done this spring when the weather allows us….As for fishing it looks like May 15th is going to be our start date for opening day of Sea Bass…We will be following strict guidance rules and spacing everyone one 6 feet along the rail,,also bring your mask and we will be sanitizing everything as we go through out the days…So that means a limited load trip for the time being..I will have more details in the next few days///So keep checking here and I will let you know when we will be taking reservations….It will probably be online only to book for now…But not yet,,still working on details…As for the fishing report…I was offshore the other wreck diving and was glad to see the results of a warm winter this year….No thermocline what so ever,,,what does that mean? Usually this time of year the bottom is very cold…Surface usually 10 degrees warmer than the bottom,,not this year….Very warm,,,47 degrees top to bottom..Which is good,,Sea Bass have already arrived and are out swimming around….So get those jigs and teasers ready!! Its gonna be a good spring!! Fluke have also arrived in force,,they stacked up already inshore the river….I am really looking forward to getting back out there..So stand by for now,,,I will have booking information in the next few days..