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Monday Blackfish…Remember to click on the “more” button to get report….

Wow did it get windy out there today,,ocean stayed flat calm though since we were fishing inshore…Love those west winds….Fishing was good to us to,,,we had guys catch a limit plus today,,some had 1,2 or maybe 3 keepers..of course some just didn’t have the touch and caught only shorts but I was happy with the spread of fish around the boat..Numerous fish that were 14 and a half..good day out….shame it has to end…no fishing tomorrow..gonna get a few things done maintenance wise and plan on what we are gonna fish for now..Thinking Codfish and Ling,,and striped bass as well..Water is warming up and we should see things start heating up….Sea Bass fishing starts in two weeks on the 15th…CHeck back tomorrow and I will give out the schedule for you guys…check out some pics from today…