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Pretty nice day conditions wise today,just a small swell….Started off the in the deeper water with the goal of trying shallower as well..We had some blackfish life,,few keepers came up and some shorts and ling….Not many dogs today at all,,,which was good…But not enough to keep me interested so late morning we headed in to try some shallower stuff and that was a mistake because they did not want to chew for us in there….Pretty dull overall for us….So game plan for Monday is to spend our last day of blackfishing in what looks like great conditions..Our last day because we can not fish on Tuesday dur to the work on the bridge happening..So plan on tomorrow being our last of day of fishing for blackfish until the fall…Then we have coast guard inspection on my new boat on Thursday and after that well I am not sure,,Maybe striper fishing,,I will keep you up to date…Hopefully we will have the OE done within a week or so as well….So see ya tomorrow,,we gonna go look for some Jumbos!