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Easter Sunday

Happy Easter everyone!! I am looking forward to getting back out to the fishing grounds tomorrow for our spring blackfish run…I think we are gonna start shallow so be ready for 30-50 feet of water to start, if we don’t have the life we can move deeper but be ready for shallow first…I have both clams and crabs onboard. White leggers are available as well as usual. Also when u arrive in the morning you will see the crew standing there but the boat is still being worked on so I have leased out a temporary boat instead..Right next to me the Miss Belmar Princess so don’t panic if you don’t see the OE…We are gonna fish same crew on the Belmar…Same everything just a different platform. We got set back a few weeks due the bridge breaking in the beginning of March..At least Alan is letting us use his boat! The weather will take a turn for the worse on Tuesday it looks like so we will probably not be fishing Mid week so get on down tomorrow,,its gonna rain but that’s ok..Fish are already wet,,,looking forward to tomorrow so see ya for coffee…