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Nice day today,,only a small gang showed up to take advantage of it…We got some rain but not bad and the ocean stayed nice all day….We had decent life on the bottom,,the perch were chewing but we also had a mix of fish come up..Of course your local exotics,,,pout and eels etc….perch….We also had some blackfish,,,few Codfish,,,some pollocks….and a handful of ling….So not a bad day for this time of year…..Pool blackfish was about 6lbs…not big enough for seasonal but the guys had a shot at it….Congrats to Mr.Lee and Fast Eddie for the tie on the seasonal pool….We start Codfishing this week as soon as the winds lay down..Maybe Wednesday or Thursday..We shall see…..Good to see some pollock and ling in the mix to….Touch base when we are heading back out…