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Very nice day offshore today,,,we caught some fish in the deeper water early,,Had maybe 3-4 keeper blackfish and a few ling…nothing great..some shorts…the current got pretty strong and it was tough to fish deep so we went shallower and actually had good life with the blackfish..Mostly shorts with a few keepers mixed in but they were chewing…Ended up catching 40 or short fish at the end of the day on both clams and crabs…..Good day out with a great bunch of people….Unfortunately tomorrow and Monday are canceled due to high winds and seas….Winds will calm down in a few days and we can get back out for the last days of blackfish season…Your safe for a few more days Mr.Snook…Seasonal pool is still up for grabs and over 4ooo bucks….So fishing tomorrow…let you know next nice day to head back offshore…