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Friday,,glad we stayed in today,,Lumpy and windy out there..

We are set up for a nice weekend and Monday and Tuesday it looks like..So here is the game plan….Last day for the seasonal pool looks like Friday.Last day of blackfish is Feb.28th..not the 29th…So Friday is last day,,but…but….the weather midweek looks very windy so plan on getting out this weekend and into Monday, Tuesday time frame to get a shot at the big money..The water is warm offshore and you have a great shot a big slob to win over 5700 bucks…We are also seeing nice Codfish show up and some nice ling and pollock.The nice pollock have been caught on a artificial worm on a teaser up high so keep that in mind for pollock or cod….I am going to have some clams on board if you would like to use clam along with green crabs…Whites are available as well…So gear up,,pick a day in the next 4 days and come on down…We are going offshore to look for Some Jumbos!!! See you for coffee..  So again,,,as for now…Next 4 days are the days to pick to go….