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Another spectacular day out there..only difference today from yesterday is we had a giant ground swell out of the south..Did not see that coming at all this morning…But the ocean was very nice…Again today we caught some fish…Handful of keeper blackfish but like I thought was gonna happen we had some big fish chewing today….Had two fish in the 10lb class,,,and we had a┬ánew seasonal pool winner caught today as well..A really chunky female weighed in at 13lbs.10 oz…Congrats to …wait for it…..John Snook..yes the same John Snook that caught the 13lb 8oz earlier in the season…He still has the lead…..I saw Milky feeding and missed this fish next to him then John got him to chew his bait and got him off the bottom into the net..Great to watch…Had a few Codfish and a Pollock to today so in the end it was good to see some big fish chewing…I still think a fish in the 16-18lb range is gonna be caught this month to win the seasonal…Tomorrow we are fishing and heading back out looking for some more Jumbos…see ya for coffee..