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Turned out to be a beautiful day out there,,a little dump early in the day with a nice swell out of the south but the winds dropped out and we had a very nice afternoon…Fishing was picky,,,some life on the bottom….Loads of perch,,some eels and inbetween some blackfish.And again some Jumbos,,well one anyway today..Roger took over the lead in our seasonal pool with a beautiful fish weighed in at 12.6lbs….We might not be catching alot of Togs but some really nice fish are starting to chew…I think we will see even bigger fish come up over the next few weeks…Especially with this great weather we have been having…Tomorrow is a go,,wind are light and its gonna be nice…Wednesday and Thursday maybe Friday are questionable..Always check here to make sure we are sailing…We are gonna be picking the best days to fish since we are fishing further off the beach looking for these big fish…We also had a nice pollock in the mix today,,,also some small codfish..Check out some pics…See ya tomorrow!!