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We had a very nice ride out,,and the ocean was beautiful all day….We had better life on the bottom as well,,,nothing crazy and no jumbos today but each spot we had some blackfish,,,shorts,,few keepers here and there,,,,few Keeper Codfish,,some shorts,,,,and some guys were going after ling with the gulp mullets and were catching them as well….Not a bad day for end of January,,,,Timmy won the pool with one of his two keeper blackfish…Good day out,,with some great guys….Seasonal pool is up to 4700 bucks!!! Given how warm the water is we setting up for a great Febuary and I think the pool fish is gonna get beat easily at some point..The big fish chew sporadically and you have to be here to catch him or her so come on down!!! Game plan tomorrow is head back out to the deeper stuff and look for them..Weather looks great all week!! Fishing everyday,,see ya tomorrow for coffee…