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Talk about a pretty day,,,unbelievable out there,,flat calm..and warm..We had an allstar cast show up to take adavantage of it…Unfortunately fishing was slow,,,some spots we picked some fish,,some were dead..Did some moving around looking to get everyone into some fish but it didnt work out..Fast Eddie and Frankie seemed to be dialed in,,,Eddie had his limit and split the pool with Frankie,,,some others had 1,2 or maybe a few had 3 but for the most part it was slow for the majority of the boat..Still a good day out with great people……We are canceled tomorrow with a gale warning up so stay home…I will let you know tomorrow if we are gonna fish Friday….thanks…Oh and a special shout out to Capt.Chris Ciesielski who was supposed to be one of our Allstars today but could not make it down..Happy Bday Buddy! Feel better and catch you next time…