Belmar, NJ 07719
Deep Sea Fishing from the Belmar Marina

9-4-17  Labor day gave us a big turn out,,,good to see everyone come down to take advantage of the nice weather...and after a storm like yesterday it was good to see some fish chewing as you can see in the pics below....Some guys limited,,,some had a few ...some had just some tangles all day....etc...but overall we caught some fish which is a good sign for us for tomorrow.George won the pool with a 7lb fish worth over 1000 dollar daily,,,nice job!...should be good tomorrow for last day of flukes and a shot at the seasonal pool worth over 4820 bucks and climbing...they are coming for you nate!! good luck to all..keep u updated tomorrow who wins!! come on down!! see ya for coffee...read report below for the game plan.

9-7-17 We had a very good day,,,,great fishing..double header porgy chops,,,,blackfish were chewing there heads off,,,,,some nice triggerfish mixed in...Lots of fun,,,guys using crabs were crusing the togs,,,good practice and everyone went home with loads of fillets..doing it again tomorrow!! see ya then!!

9-9-17 Very pretty day again and great fishing..everyone loaded up nice porgies and we hammered the blackfish throwing back quite a few and some really nice fish at that..great time to practice your blackfish skills...they chewed the jigs really great again today..it was alot of fun again to watch then chew on the light spinning rods...come down...its gonna happen again tomorrow!! see ya then.

9-11-17 Great out there again...same great fishing as well...Chuck won the pool with a really nice blackfish about 8lbs.,,and loads of porgies and some nice triggerfish...the blackfish were chewing as well and the boys had a blast with them...doing it again tomorrow..come on down and enjoy this fishing!!

9-2-17 We had an improvement in the fishing today,,much more life than the previous days..all the drifts we had fish coming,,fair amount of shorts and keepers mixed in..Nothing real big,Joey took home the pool with a 5lb fish and some guys had between 2- 3 keepers and some didnt....Better life for sure so I was happy with it....See ya tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9-13-17 Another good day of fishing..loads of fish coming up..blackfish,porgies,,and some nice triggerfish....Herbi won the pool with a nice Tog.......See ya tomorrow.!!..we have both clams and crabs....

9-10-17 Another solid day of fishing..loads of nice porgies,,,and a great blackfish chew...it was a blast..come on down..we are doing it again tomorrow.....see ya for coffee....

9-16-17 Another super day of fishing..it was beautiful out there again...Porgies were flying all around the boat,,along with some nice blackfish and some and some nice triggerfish.....We also had a shot of small weakfish as well....Great day out,,gonna do it again tomorrow..see ya then!! few pics..

9-1-17 Well that was breezy today! wow,did we have some wind out there,,,Made holding bottom tough,,,most of the day....caught a few fish here and there but it was not good due to these conditions we had....Johnny Burns did manage to get his limit of nice fluke though..And he took home a nice pool....few others here and there....tomorrow looks like alot less wind so we should be in good shape....big pool is up for the taking,,,this is your last shot..Tuesday is the last day of fluke,,,and we are gonna have a special trip Tuesday with not only the seasonal on the line but also a big daily pool as well....stay tuned for details but it will probably be a ten hour trip specializing in wrecks and rocks looking for some big fish...gonna be fun..I will let you know details here over the weekend....as for tomorrow we are gonna be in the hard bottom as well looking for big fish...see ya in the morning for coffee..

9-22-17 Wow is it nice out..Like summer all over again,,,WE had the porgies good this morning..took a little looking around to find em but we did and guys did well with them....We also had some nice blackfish again and some triggerfish.we had the blackfish on the jigs early before the current picked up and had some monster bites,,it was fun  once the current slowed down again we had em chewing..threw back some fluke and plenty of sea bass....Was a nice day,,,the weekend looks greatits gonna be hot!!!,,,come on down and get in on some good fishing..I have the crabs and clams on board for bait...see ya tomorrow...

9-17-17 Nice out there again,,,summer like on the water..Very good fishing again as well...non stop action with the porgies and blackfish,,,it was alot of fun,,but we are gonna have to stay at the dock next few days,,,Hurricane offshore and its gonna be nasty till at least Thursday,,I will keep you updated here but take a few days off..We are gonna get some maintenance done anyway....So no fishing until further notice..probably Thursday....thanks..

9-8-17 Great day of fishing again,,,loads of nice chops,,,,some triggerfish,,,,and a great chew with the blackfish..everyone had loads of fish to go home with..good day out.check out a few pics.....see ya this weekend...weather looks great!!

9-15-17 That was fun today,,,loads of porgies under the boat...we loaded up on them again and the guys putting the crabs down got into the nice blackfish as well..check out a few pics...also had a few triggerfish as well.....game plan for the weekend is,,,,its gonna be nice..We have the clams for the porgies and crabs for the blackfish...come on down..its gonna be a really nice weekend....see ya tomorrow..

9-5-17  What a day out there,,,,you are officially the winner Nate!! Your 12lb fish took home the seasonal! We had a great day with a great bunch of people...Lots of laughs and some quality fish came over the rail up to 9lbs.took the daily pool...I will give a full report later with pics but as for now here is the plan...weather tomorrow looks nasty so stay home...Thursday we are gonna start our Blackfish and Porgy trips...so see ya Thursday morning...I wll have crabs and clams on the boat.....See ya later..Nate give me a call tomorrow or text when you can come down...

9-12-17 Absolutely beautiful day out there,,,fishing was super again..loads of life on the bottom with non stop porgy action and dropping crabs down got you into the blackfish as well...great day out,,gonna do it again tomorrow..come on down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!