3-6-16 Wow was that a nice day offshore...really pretty day,,,We had good life on the bottom as well..Ended up with a handful of keeper Codfish,,,few keeper Pollocks,,,,some lings scattered around the boat,,,,loads of perch,,,,dogs kept us busy at times,,,,some nice eels etc...good life all around...and it was good to get back out!  looks great tomorrow and all week....We are fishing everyday the condtions are right!!!See ya tomorrow!!Caught the pool winner on a jig today,,,WE have fresh clams for bait!!!See ya for coffee..!!pics

3-17-18 It was nice to get back offshore today,,,a little lumpy but not bad in the breeze out of the west...We set up and had fish coming pretty quick,,,few codfish....few nice pollock...Lost some other fish as well and it was looking good but something changed and bite stopped...Next few drops yielded a codfish or two,,,,a nice keeper blackfish and some short pollock,,sea raven.,,,few other short codfish but we never got em going good....New Bob had two nice pollock and our pool fish was a nice Codfish about10 lbs...One person had two keeper Codfish as well ...So the bite never was good.. some guys caught some fish but not the way we should have...Thinking tomorrow they should chew a little better...Pool fish was caught on a jig teaser combo...Few pics....Tomorrow looks nice..game plan is to get back offshore and get some fish chewing!! See ya for coffee...

3-10-18 FInally back out today....very good to be back out....We headed offshore and found good life compared to what we have been seeing...Water was up to 41 degrees in a ripping Southeast current....Plenty of perch life on most spots and inbetween we probably had 15 codfish,,,mostly shorts but 3 fish made it to keeper size and one customer had two of them..Not many  people at all on the boat today so overall I was happy to catch what we did...I think tomorrow will be even better with less wind and current I hope...Could not fish very deep with that tide....Either way we heading back out at 730 tomorrow morning to look for some more Codfish...Plenty of room so come on down..see ya for coffee..

3-11-18 Weather wise you could not beat today,,,much nicer with less wind than yesterday..Much fishier to...Today we had a nice showing of Codfish on most of the drops....High hook had 7 Codfish....3 of them keepers,,but we also had guys with two keepers a piece....Spread out I am not sure of total number onboard but most guys had fish to go home with..We had some nice fish on jigs as well bait..More guys jigging I think we would have caught even more..The fish were filled with herring,,mackerel and baby sea bass.Just like a few years ago when we had very good fishing...We even a few times had 2-3 fish on at once....That last storm seemed to have pushed some fish into our area and hopefully the fish keep coming in....Great day out...have a few pics and a bunch of video on my face book page later...Check it out...Unfortunately the weather is going to crap again so no fishing for a few days....Northeaster starts again tomorrow then the cold front on the back side...Will take a few days to calm down..I will let you know the next nice day to get back offshore....

3-8-16 Wow was that nice day,,,flat calm and warm out there...WE had no lack of action today,,,the perch and the dogs were on the feed!!!....But in between we had some nice codfish come up(pool  fish about 15-20lbs).. ,,along with a few keeper pollocks,,few lings,,,,so overall we caught some nice fish,,not enough for everyone but still some nice ones..,,,,fun day with a great group of people.....check out some pics from today here below..tomorrow is looking nice again...we are fishing..see ya for coffee!!

3-18-18 Lumpy out there today,,not the best of conditions....But we managed and had maybe a handful of keeper Codfish,,,few pollock,,,blackfish...loads of perch....They were very hungry today,,,Ralphy won the pool with a nice fish he caught Jigging....We are fishing tomorrow....see ya then...

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4-3-15 Very windy down at the shore today,,gonna get even worse tomorrow with gusts up to 40mph,,,so we are canceled for Tomorrow(saturday)..Sunday is up in the air,,I will let you know here tomorrow...

3-29-15 We had an all star cast show up to get into the codfish today,,,really great group of people onboard,,,,We managed to catch some quality fish again,,,,just wish we had more to go around...Pick a fish here and there,,,some nice ones,,some throwbacks but overall it was tough to get everyone into some fish,,just had to have a little luck and work it to get into some nice ones...Here are some nice fish here below from today,,,,also got some video on facebook...First picture is our pool winning fish which is a real beauty that Jim Mathews  nailed,,he also had a nice pollock...Congrats!!!   In the end it was good to see alot of guys that have been hibernating come out,,,wish I could have gotten everyone into fish but at least we had some quality come aboard.....As for tomorrow we are gonna cancel...I dont like the south winds starting tonite and gusting up to 30 tomorrow.....Seas gonna get nasty so lets put off going out until Tuesday it looks like...I will let you know here....check out some pics..first sign of blackfish again this week,,,it opens up on Wednesday but with 37 degree water I am not looking for any good signs of them,,gonna take a while for this water to warm up..but at least we can keep them starting Wednesday,,,

3-28-15 Cold ,and snowy out there early this morning..lumpy to...WInds off shore were gusting high and more Ne than Nw early like they called for..Seas ran about 3-5ft...Not bad but not nice either.....I think it hurt the fishing a bit,,we did not have as good a life as the past few days,,fish are there,,we caught some fish,,a few guys had a couple of nice keeper codfish,,some had one but not as many bites as the past few days,and not enough fish to go around,,,or maybe we did....I witnessed alot of fish missed today,,,not only that we busted off every big fish we had on for some reason...Watched some real nice fish hooked up and busted off half way up today,,,so yes the fish won....today anyway,,,Tomorrow we go back for vengeance!!!!Here are some pics of a few from today,,,see ya for coffee tomorrow.

3-25-15 Really pretty day today,,,flat,flat calm,,,almost no conditions to anchor that is how calm it was....We had fish coming pretty quick,,,some shorts,,,few keepers,,,not fast and furious but we did pick slowly at the fish,,,would have been great if they were all keepers but in between catching shorts some guys were getting into some very nice fish,,,at the end of the day we had four really nice fish well over 20lbs...Biggest probably about 25lbs...Hot Dog Tony took the pool with his nice fish he barely wrestled off the bottom...it was a great battle but he finally got him to the net...I have some nice videos on facebook of the fish..Just google oceanexplorerbelmar facebook page to check em out...Actually have a few to put up...anyway we picked all day,,,some dull moments here but the fish stayed under the boat all day,,just cruising under the boat off the bottom about ten feet,,you can see the fish finder picture below,,thats codfish(some nice ones to)...we caught quite a few fishing 10-15 feet off the bottom where we were reading the fish..  overall I was happy with the day,,,High hook had 14 codfish,not all keepers but some guys managed to get 2-3 keeper codfish and we also had some ling and one pollock in the mix..and again the guys that worked at it and kept moving baits around and casting did best,,not everyone got fish but a good majority did.no fish on jigs today,,all bait with teasers,,green and pink the best....check out some pics...tomorrow we are canceled...I do not like that forecast with winds gusts to 35 so we are gonna stay at the dock...Friday looks like the next day to go....any questions feel free to give me a call or text..

3-24-15 Much nicer day today,,,more life and flat calm....We had some decent moments where we picked at some codfish around the boat,,,we also had some dull moments,,,,but where we struggled to get a bite yesterday today was different..We had bergalls chewing,,,had some lings in the mix,,,,High hooks with the codfish had 6-7 fish,,,alot were shorts but a few guys had two keepers,,,,,some did get the skunk but I noticed hooks high off the bottom and guys casting around did best...Check out some pics,,,looks forward to tomorrow,,the weather looks great so see ya in the morning...pics..pool fish was nice up about 15lbs...

3-23-15 The ocean was very cranky this morning,,,blowing hard not like the forecast called for..I would have canceled if I knew it was gonna blow 25-30kts...Well we did make it out there,,seas were not that bad just lumpy,,,,fishing was off today,,not a good bite like yesterday,,few small codfish here and there,,,,couple of keeper pollocks,,,just not good like yesterday....Read the fish a few times,,,,looked good but they were not in the mood,,,,,Oh well,,tomorrow is another day,,we are heading back out in the morning to see if the slobs are ready to bite again!!See ya for coffee..pics


Deep Sea Fishing from the Belmar Marina

4-1-15 Very nice day again today,,the bigger fish were in the mood as well...We caught some real nice fish today as you can see in the pics below...The back half of the boat did anyway,for some reason the best life today was near the back end...the pool fish was up the side with some other fish but most of the life for some reason was in the back every drop I made....Decent amount of shorts scattered and some nice slobs mixed in along with some nice pollock and a few ling here and there....In the end some guys did well,,,and some did not..Wish I could have got everyone into fish but it was tough...As for tomorrow we are looking good to fish,,,check out some nice pics of some really nice fish,,,High hook today had 10 codfish,,three keepers along with a pollock and ling...check out the baby sea bass they have been eating and what looks like them in the teaser department that has been working..but also the hot ticket is a dark with silver freshwater worm that has caught over 50 codfish in the last three trips for one person.

3-31-15 Really nice day offshore today,,flat calm for the most part...A little bit of a ground swell but not to big..After the wind completely died out the boat was all over the place..Made it tough to sit still and I think it hurt our fishing a little bit... We caught some fish but it was slow,,,,even though our high hook had over a dozen codfish,,,3 of em keepers and a keeper pollock it still was slow overall..Fish were caught yes but mostly by the guys casting out and around working the area....Darker colored gulps,,,the fish are spitting up baby sea bass seem to be working well lately....keep that in mind...Any way it still was a nice day with a great group of people and even a few kids who caught a keeper each!!!!pics,,tomorrow looks nice...look forward to getting back out there...see ya for coffee.

3-27-15 Nasty cold rainy start to the morning,,,windy to,,blowing about 15-20kts...but the ocean never got bad,,,it actually was pretty nice all day...Very nice by the end,,tomorrow it looks like the same with northwest winds so we are fishing all weekend...As for the fishing......well we go into some very nice codfish again as you can see in the pics....Some pollock and some ling to but some real quality Cods came to the net,..I have some great video on our oceanexplorerbelmar facebook page..Check it out....Here are the pics,,,,today Jigging Worlds teasers or not sure exactly what they were but Andre has some fish with the squid looking thing hanging out of a couple of different fishes mouths worked well along with some other gulp teasers..You can check out Jigging worlds website to see some of there stuff...They have some great fishing jigs on there,,,but these today were more hooks that he put bait on,,,you can see them if you look closely..Andre won the pool as well,,I also had the fish under the boat again today a few times as you can see in the one picture of the fish finder....See ya tomorrow and sunday!!!

Belmar, NJ 07719