6-24-17 Crappy conditions early but still managed some fish,,,big ground swell and lots of wind made it tough..Mikey managed to catch his limit,,some others here and there,,,good news is tomorrow is gonna be great due to the west winds all night..get your bucktails ready,,see ya for coffee...

6-15-17 Another fine day,,again fish were chewing..we picked away through kinds of reading...some really big sea bass as you can see in some pics below,,loads of small fish..some nice ling.saw some whiting again,,it was a good day..Again guys limited out who worked the jigs with sand eel teasers....also key is light leader,,20lb.leader is the trick..guys fishing heavier did not do as well so keep it light...and we also caught fish on bait,,some nice fish to but you had to really weed through them to end up with a limit...all the nice fish were up high,,,it helped to fish off the bottom again...so keep all this in mind for tomorrow...casting the jigs around really yielded you the best catch for sure and got guys limits early.....tomorrow looks great!! see ya for coffee...check out some killer pics!!...

6-18-17 Nice day until that south wind started howling!! Got pretty lumpy out there,,,tomorrow to so we wont start fluke fishing until Tuesday...It looks nice on tuesday so come down..already have some guys itching to get on the big fluke!!!!See ya tuesday morning!! no fishing tomorrow!!

6-30-17 We stayed in today and did an oil change,,,most of the guys wanted to wait till Saturday to come back down...Good news!! We can keep sea bass again starting tomorrow...So while we are fishing the rocks and mussel beds for big fluke at least we can keep the sea bass now...Thats great so starting tomorrow we will be looking for big fluke and some monster sea bass so come on down..Weather looks great all week..Remember I am taking reservations for the OCean fest fireworks in Long Branch..Tuesday night at 8pm we are gonna leave.....great show..give me a call if you want to go!! 848-565-0519 see ya tomorrow..

6-4-17 Very good fishing today,,we had  good current and it helped us drift along and hammer nice sea bass,,,,I jigged up a limit of big fish no problem and the rest of the crowd hammered all day long to...check out some pics....loads of fish today,,,tomorrow looks great so come down and get in on it!! they were feeding on the sand eels today and were very aggressive...see ya tomorrow.pics.. and more later.

6-28-17 We had another very nice day today,,,picked away at some flukes,,,,,guys jigging did best,,,,more shorts than keepers today but still we did ok...guys had 2-3 keepers who were on there game..not a bad day out...threw back some giant sea bass again but starting Saturday sea bass opens up again and we can keep both bass and fluke!!!check out some pics....tomorrow is looking very nice!!.

We are taking reservations for 4th of July Fireworks cruise now!!!!!!

6-16-17 Check out some of these nice pics from today,,we caught some real jumbos,,,very good fishing with guys limiting out easily on nice sea bass...Jigs were really hot again today...Some spots I saw guys catch 8-9 keepers just on one drop with the jigs....it was good with loads of life on the drops we  hit today...tomorrow looks awesome...come on down and get in on the action!    pics

6-9-17 Super sea bass fishing again today,,,it was drop and reel all day long with some really big fishing coming up..check out some pictures...We are fishing all weekend so come on down...its worth the trip out there ,,especially with this great weather we have coming....jigging 2-3 oz.diamond jigs really produced some big fish,,quite a few limits all around the boat today!!!!  see ya tomorrow!! check out some of these killer pics!! some real jumbos!!

6-12-17  Awesome day out there with great conditions!!! Flat calm and actually not hot until we got back to land..very comfortable...Fish were there and some guys did well catching a limit..some close and some had the shorty curse..fish were a bit fussy about what they ate..seemed to be shy a little bit but we ended up with a decent catch,,most had a spread for dinner.....check out some pics....Tomorrow looks great again!! Come on down,,,pics..

6-21-17 We had a very nice day and very good fluke fishing,,,nice spread of fish around the boat and the guys who were dialed in with the jigs and teasers limited out easily....Water warmed up to 70 degrees and there was great life on the bottom..good day out,,doing it again tomorrow!! see ya then...the seasonal pool is already growing!! see ya for coffee...

6-6-17 Great day out there today,,,it was a massacre on the sea bass grounds...Non stop pulling of fish everydrop...We really smoked em on the jigs...double and triple headers every drop...Needless to say everyone limited out..Weather was rainy and dreary but we dont mind...dont wait for the sun to come out..get down now!! see ya tomorrow!!

6-13-17 Another really pretty day out there...we had no problem catching fish today,,they were chewing but we had so do alot of weeding to get through to some keepers...Again plenty of readings but you had to work to get the big ones to chew!! good day out overall,,,,tomorrow looks good again..come on down,,check out some pics...see ya tomorrow...

6-7-17 Finally,,website was down for this afternoon,,fishing was beyond good today....almost everyone had a limit of nice fish...guys with jigs did really well,,,,big fish,small fish...we loaded up....Timmy won the pool with a slob sea bass....come on down...weather looks great!!check out some pics...see ya tomorrow..

6-20-17 Beautiful day out there,,,,was a big ground swell left over from the storms but still a nice day...We ended up finding some life in about 40-60 ft.of water today,,a handful of keeper flukes,,,some nice sea bass and some short life so it was a good start considering the swell we had...should get better each day with these west winds we have...See ya tomorrow..pics

6-8-17 We had once again some really great sea bass fishing today....drop and reel all day...Most ended up with a limit of nice fish easily..Especially is you were jigging and fished off the bottom way from the smaller fish....Great day out...doing it again tomorrow..see ya for coffee..more pics later...

6-23-17 Have a few pics from today,,,give a full report later but we are looking good with the weekend with west winds forecast both saturday and sunday!!See ya then!!

6-14-17 We had very good sea bass fishing today..Loads of life and readings....Some guys limited out easily,,some had a few less and but everyone caught fish good,,some just had that shorty curse...Tons of small fish tight to the bottom..Key today was a sand eel teaser above a diamond jig..Have picture here belowthey do have the gulp sand eels at the tackle shop here in marina so you can get some in the morning.,,we can show you how to rig it above the jig..but we also caught alot of nice fish on bait but it paid to be 5 cranks off the bottom..Overall a fun day out,,,,doing it again tomorrow...come on down...only a few days left to have a shot at this fun fishing!!got more pics later..

6-2-17 Very nice again today,,got choppy near the end but overall nice out there...We picked at the fish,,,not as good as we have seen lately,,,a little to quick to drift so I think that hurt our catch ratio,,seem to do better when we drift and cover some ground...But still we caught some quality fish along with alot of throwbacks but just not as good as the rest of the week..good news is the winds are very light so plan on drifting this weekend...casting the jigs around really produces well so bring so jigging gear with you...should be a very good weekend..see ya then..check out some pics from today..

6-10-17 Another awesome day...great fishing again!!Look at these pics...Guys with the jigs really put a beating on them!! See ya tomorrow..it looks great!


6-25-17 We caught some nice fish again today,,high hooks had a limit,,,,again most of the fish were caught with jigs and teasers by the guys who had the touch today,,(and girls)  Tomorrow(monday) looks really nice again...come on down...pink and white anything has been hot all week...see ya tomorrow.

6-17-17 Another solid day of sea bass fishing,,,fish were flying around the boat today,,nice mix of fish,,and guys and groups ended up doing well...High hooks limiting out again.some quality fish in the mix again...check out some pics....tomorrow looks good...see ya for coffee,,we are fishing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! last day of sea bass!!!

6-27-17 Nice day ocean wise today,,,,but the bite was slow for us this morning...just a dull pick at a few fish,,,had a good drift but just not chewing good....few here and there but the afternoon got decent and we had some good drifts with flukes coming up scattered around the boat.....more shorts than keepers but mixed in we had some nicer fish....High hooks did have limits but you had to really work for em...In the end some caught,,some didnt have the touch..Check out some pics,,,and check out the giant lobster Lance caught..  It was huge,,like 10lbs..or better!!tomorrow looks great come on down!!pics

6-29-17 Got lumpy out there this afternoon and the bite was slow..few keepers here and there but not good...water was cold and just not chewing good...Hoepfully tomorrow we should see a better bite....Threw back some beautiful sea bass again to,,,at least Saturday sea bass opens back up so we can keep the again...Alot of them around all the rocks we are fishing....Remember we have 4th of July fireworks cruise Tuesday night..Bring you familiy and friends out..Can call me for reservation....weather look great!!!see ya tomorrow

6-22-17 We had good fishing again today with guys limiting out easily and early...Nice fish to,,,few fish went between 6-8lbs...and quite a few 2-4lb.fish....Good day out...come on down tomorrow and the weekend..winds are good and we are fishing!!!pics..see ya tomorrow.

6-26-17 Very nice out there today,,flat calm and sunny..We also caught some nice fish with some guys limiting out on nice fluke...We also  had  some nice flounders and threw back some nice sea bass,,check out some nice pics..tomorrow looks nice again,,,guys jigging caught most of the fish again today,,light leaders also helped....

6-11-17 Another solid day of solid sea bass fishing...good again...best for those guys jigging.....check out some pics...gonna go get them again tomorrow!! weather looks great!! come on down....

6-3-17 Weather man was wrong today,,raining and very windy this morning...Could not drift for sure,,,we made quite a few drops and had life on all of em..a few of them were really good with some really nice sea bass coming up..others you just picked at some keepers and shorts...not a bad day,,it seemed the bow and the middle had the best of the fishing..The stern with the wacky current running had a tough time of it...Still some guys limited out with nice fish,,,some had a handful of keepers but we also had some nice ling mixed in,,some winter flounders,,and some really nice blackfish we let go...Fun day with a great group of people..check out a few pics...tomorrow we are doing it again...come down and take advantage of the nice weather that we got this afternoon....the afternoon was really nice out there today.

6-5-17 These are the days you want to come..dreary,overcast and a little rain..Not many people came down but the fishing was hot again!! Jigs and bait,,they were chewing but if you were jigging your really got into the big fish again..so if you never jigged these before just ask us in the morning and we can show you what to use and the go up to the tackle shop before we leave..its a blast jigging these fish way off the bottom!!!...Check out some of the jumbos that came up.Going again tomorrow...see ya then!

June 2017

Belmar, NJ 07719
Deep Sea Fishing from the Belmar Marina