7-10-17 Very nice out there....ended up having a good day with steady action on the flukes,,,middle part of the day anyway...guys that were dialed in limited out easily or came close,,and some had a few sea bass,,,mostly guys jiggin did best....couple of nice pool fish,,two were in the 6-7lb.range...good day out with some great people!!! see ya tomorrow..looks nice..check out some pics....

7-18-17 Summer,,flat calm and beautiful out there again today,,,,we caught some fish again today,,,nice drift all day and we picked away...few guys had limits before lunch time with nice fluke,,,also some sea bass mixed in....The guys jigging again did best,,did catch some with regular bait as well..check out some pics...Austin won the pool today,,,it was  a nice fish that earned him almost 400 bucks....check out some pics...tomorrow looks awesome..come on down..big pool is growing and is now over 2,900 bucks!!!!see ya for coffee..

7-11-13 Nice warm west breeze today,,ocean was really nice again...Fish were chewing to,,,,loads of bites and fish coming up first thing..Bounced around all day and picked away,,,,lots of shorts and the guys bucktailing had the keepers dialed in...few had limits plus and some had 1 or 2...not a bad day out!Dragging bait did not produce as well again..!Pool fish up about 6-7bs...big pool is growing to !!..see ya tomorrow..!!coffee...pics

7-17-17 Nice day again out there,,,,some were dialed in and caught some really nice fish and limited out,,,some had 1 or 2..some had the wammy on them and again the jigs and teaser worked best...pink and white..nucklear has been good.....check out a few pics....tomorrow again we looking for big fluke,,fishing in the hard stuff..so have your game face on!!!!see ya for coffee..

7-19-17 Nice....yup again...Skip hammered some nice fish today and took the pool..He Had 3 fish over 5lbs.and the pool winner went 7.4lbs..limit plus on fluke and some nice sea bass as a bonus...Other had limits to,,,,along with some sea bass...some did not have the touch and struggled...Pearl White 6inch Gulp swimming minnows were the hot commodity today,,the big fluke were inhaling them....Good day out...check out some pics...tomorrow looks great...get down and get in on the action...!! See ya for coffee

7-16-17 Awesome out there today,,,some nice fish around as well..Phil took home his limit of fluke and a really big pool worth almost 700 bucks with a fish about 7lbs...some others close but not quite big enough....fair amount of short mixed in with some of the nicer fish..also some sea bass..check out some pics..tomorrow looks nice..see ya then..

7-23-17 Nice day and the fish were chewing again...some quality flukes,,,,and some nice sea bass as a bonus....needless to say some guys limited easily....check out some pics...see ya tomorrow...

7-8-17 Very nice out today,,and the fish were chewing....Fish on as soon as we started,,,some nice fish...lots of shorts...good pick at em...some nice sea bass to..some guys limited out..etc......etc.....some had none or 1 and some sea bass..good day overall...Mikey won the pool with this fatty below...tomorrow looks great!! See ya then...if interested in the afternoon fishing we just give me a call..been seeing some nice sea bass every afternoon as well....see ya tomorrow..

7-25-17  Nasty day but we fished,,,not very productive with keeper flukes.....or sea bass....check out a few pics.....tomorrow looking much better...see ya then..

7-28-17 Another nice day before this storm coming....Check out some pics..few of the guys limited out easily and early and had some nice sea bass on top of it....Saturday is a no go with high winds..hopefully sunday,,if not Monday should be good...see yathen...

7-6-17  We had a ripping north current today,,,covered some ground for sure...the bites we had yesterday though were not there..The flukes were not in the mood and we did not catch nearly what we did yesterday...Some shorts and a odd keeper here or there..luckily there were some really nice sea bass chewing though and some people did well with them catching some nice dinner instead of a fluke....overalll a good day regardless of the fluke chewing...see ya tomorrow!!

7-27-17 Nice day out and fishing was good,,Paulie was dialed in all day and had the pool fish with a double header keeper at the same time.others had limits as well and some nice fish to boot....check out some pics..see ya tomorrow...the weather looks really nice for tomorrow morning!!!! see ya then..

7-4-17  Had good life again on the bottom...we drifted nice with some north current and picked away at the fluke and some nice sea bass mixed in...Pool was about 5-6lbs..with some other close fish,,again the guys casting jigs around caught the best......looks good for tomorrow again...have some more pics in a little while...happy 4th everyone!!

July 2017

7-22-17 Great day again today,,flat calm and the fish were chewing..Fish as soon as we started today,,,some nice fluke and some jumbo sea bass..Ralphy was hot,,,he had almost a triple limit of keeper fluke....and some big sea bass...he also won the pool...Other did well to with the flukes to,,limiting out and getting some sea bass as well...Some were in between with fish,,and some struggled but we get that..some days your hot,,some your not..check out some pics....gonna head back out in the morning..come on down...

7-31-17 Very good fishing today,,,lots of limits and limit plus,,s.....check out some pics....tomorrow looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get in on the action!!!

Belmar, NJ 07719
Deep Sea Fishing from the Belmar Marina

7-15-17 Very nice out there today,,,decent fishing to...Every drift we had some fluke coming...not fast but a pick of shorts,,,occasional keeper mixed here and there...nice fish that we kept in the 2-3 lb.range... some bigger fish then that took the pool.....but we also had some very nice sea bass mixed in to which spiced up the catch...high hook had a limit of fluke and some nice bass to go with it...some struggled but overall we had a nice day..check out some pics..tomorrow looks awesome!!come on down....big pool is now over 2700 bucks!!

7-7-17 Foggy and nasty this morning before the front came through...we got into some fish before the front and had Joe had a fish up about 8lbs.come to the net..some other nice keepers and lots of shorts...Looked like we were in for a nice day until the rain and wind came,,,it shut the fishing down and we drifted at over 2 knots.....fish are there though and we are looking good for a nice weekend.....see ya tomorrow...pics

7-5-17 Wow what a nice day out there...fishing was not to bad either...we had 3 or 4 guys catch a limit of nice fluke pretty easily,,,some guys had 1-2 and some guys only caught shorts but the fish were there...bouncing the jigs and teasers seemed to do the best,,,,charturese and glo seemed to work  but I also saw pink catch some fish to..tomorrow looks great,,come on down....Big pool is now officially over 2000 bucks!!!

7-20-17 Very calm out there today,,so calm not much of a drift..Made catching a struggle...most had a tough day but some did good..A few managed to catch a limit of fluke,,and some keeper sea bass...few had two keeper fluke,,some had 1 keeper...Some sea bass scattered here and there...so not a totally bad day just would like to have seen more people catch..check out some pics...tomorrow looks great!! see ya for coffee..

7-2-17 It was really nice out there today,,much better than yesterday....so calm we did not even drift much..hurt our fluke fishing for sure....pretty slow there....luckily there were some nice sea bass to catch in between..guys who were jigging for the fluke got into some really nice sea bass....tomorrow looks nice and again most of the nice fluke we have been catching have been on the jigs....also the sea bass..so be ready for it tomorrow!! Big pool is already over 1600 bucks!! come on down..pool fish today was about 5lbs....

7-9-17 Fish were chewing again today,,guys that had the touch caught em..Check out some pics..tomorrow looks great!! see ya for coffee..Big pool is growing to,,up over 2250  bucks!!!Get on down !!

7-1-17 Water temp dropped big time with the south wind yesterday,,I am glad its gonna warm up tonite after the from comes through.We have west winds forecast for tomorrow....Had a nice 7lb.pool fish but the life was dull...few fluke here and there and some nice  sea bass but overall the life was dull...tomorrow and the rest of the week look good...see ya tomorrow....

7-12-17 Very nice summer day again out there...fishing started slow...where we have been catching the was dead..Had to get deeper which we did and we got into some really nice fish...We had nice shots of fish over that were in the 3-6lb.range...not alot of shorts...it was a nice showing of quality fish today....also some really nice sea bass as a bonus..High hook had a double limit of fluke,,,gave some away to those who didnt have the touch which is nice.. and others limited out as well ..with limits of sea bass to on top of the fluke...good day out....check out somepics....today white or glo and nuclear chicken worked the best in the deeper water..check out some of these killer pics!..see ya tomorrow ,,it looks really nice again...big pool is almost 2500 bucks already!!!! come on down!

7-26-17 Ended up being a nice day,,,and some guys ended up with a limit of fluke and sea bass..check out some pics....Nice job Charlie!! I will be looking for my favorite baked snack next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! see ya tomorrow!

7-13-17 We had another very nice day out there but the fishing was not nearly as good as yesterday....Tough to get into any nice fluke really..few shorts here and there...occasional keeper..not many though....had alot of sea bass life but the big fluke were not chewing for us anyway.....we are fishing tomorrow!! see ya then!pics

7-21-17 Very nice out today..flat calm...as soon as we stopped we had fish coming..Some nice fluke,,,some really big sea bass to...just picked away most of the day jumping spot to spot...some guys did well and caught a limit of fluke up to 6lbs...quite a few nice fish in the 3-4lb range..add in some jumbo sea bass to some guys had a great day..some stuggled for some reason and some were in the middle but overall a good day..check out some nice fish pics here below..gonna do it again tomorrow..come on down and get in on this....gonna be a nice day ..see ya for coffee..

7-3-17 Much better life today,,and we caught some nice flukes and sea bass....Few dull moments when we lost the drift but the water was alot warmer and we had better life....check out some pics..see ya tomorrow!!