Belmar, NJ 07719
Deep Sea Fishing from the Belmar Marina

1-3-18 What a day out there today...flat calm and much warmer...If I didnt have the flu it would have been great but I managed to get through the day....The day was good to us to with some quality blackfish coming up....Our pool winner was up around 13 lbs,a big round female tog...we also had two other fish in the 11-12lb range as well,both of these were fat females as well...We also lost some other big piggies to that I saw shaved off.....So we had the shots at the big fish again,,,if the dogs would have left us along I think we could have picked a little better at them..in the end seemed like the bow area had it the best...and high hooks had 3-4 keepers..some one or two etc..whole white crabs drew most of bigger fish..overall I was happy with the catch...check out some pics...No fishing until after the snow storm.probably Saturday or Sunday...I will let you know here when we can get back offshore and into the bigger fish again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pics

1-1-18 It is brutally cold out there today,,tomorrow is gonna be the same with winds 20-25 mph and gusty...Not good for fishing,.We made alot of ice on the boat yesterday in the same conditions...Rods and reels were completely frozen and it was really tough to fish ....Tuesday(tomorrow)looks the same so stay home....gonna be single digit temps with high winds..just no good to fish,,we can wait for Wednesday...it looks like a nice day where we can get back offshore to look for those big fish again so come down Wednesday and we will head back offshore...see ya then and Happy New Year!!

1-16-18  We made it out today with only a small gang onboard...Big ground swell greeted us as we left the inlet but other than that the ocean was nice today...Must have had the snow melt get down deep cause the fishing was no good for the blackfish..Never had a bite with them today,,,even got into deep water and still no chew for us.....We did catch some ling on some of the spots but other than the ling and eels it was no good....We might have to start fishing even further offshore it looks like with all this cold water run off....So next trip is probably gonna be a few days from now...snow tomorrow and wind so stay home until I let you know here....I am gonna keep clams on board along with the crabs so you can take a shot at a Codfish if the blackfish are not biting...also some ling...So as of now plan on fishing further off the beach where we should find better life..Let you know when....

1-17-18 Latest update...No fishing Thursday,still gonna be to breezy to get offshore....Friday,Saturday,and Sunday look really nice...we are gonna be fishing offshore in the 15-20 mile range on the rocks and wrecks we did good with big blackfish and some nice codfish the past few winters when it got really cold....This area holds some big fish and it is a good spot to take down the seasonal pool which is getting bigger every week,,now up around 2600 bucks....We have crabs onboard for the blackfish and we also have clams if you want to try codfishing and ling....So see ya Friday morning...

1-14-18 Only a small gang showed up to fish on this cold morning but we made our way out in nice conditions....Fishing was slow,,,very cold and sluggish bites..ended up with maybe 4 keepers and not many shorts..tough day but good to be out...We are shaping up to fish tomorrow but the forecast is better for Tuesday it looks like....See ya tomorrow morning....

1-18-18 Looking good for tomorrow(Friday)..Already have some guys itching to get out there and look for some big blackfish so we are going tomorrow...Gonna be fishing offshore rocks and wrecks about 15 miles Southeast of the inlet where the water is warmer..We had some big fish here the past few years.actually two years ago in Feb.we had the seasonal pool winner taken here so I think we have a good shot at beating Randy and his fish...Either way we have crabs onboard and we also have clams so if  you want to do some Codfish and Ling fishing we will be out in that area....So come on down,,see ya tomorrow...Seasonal pool is still growing every trip!!

1-11-18 Another nice day out there,,warmer than yesterday to...Very comfortable....We picked away at the fish today,,,had some nice moments with good life all around the boat....Never killed em but ended up with catch scattered around the boat,,,high hooks had about 3-4 keepers and numerous shorts...Some had 1 or 2 and of course some had just shorts etc..but overall for the boat I guess we did fare..Some of the fish were nicer today but not the Jumbo variety I would have liked to see but still some nice fish..We had fish on every drop today just some were better than others especially for getting bites around the boat..Check out a few pics,,,Skip won the pool with a quality fish and took home some major cash...Seasonal pool is getting big again to,,,,as for tomorrow we are gonna stay home,,gonna be nasty out there so wait for Saturday morning....See ya this weekend...pics


1-10-18 Very nice day offshore,,,flat calm to....Water dropped alot,,,had 39-43 degrees...I was happy to see fish coming up as soon as we started....It never got good but each spot we picked at some blackfish,,,2,3 or maybe 4 keepers a drop along with a dozen shorts it what we would get before the eels and other exotics started biting...So in the end I was glad to see some fish chewing,,,not in the numbers I would like,,and no big fish today but it was a start for sure..Game plan for tomorrow is head back offshore and look for bigger fish again,,,Today we fished 90-140 feet...probably similar tomorrow..see ya for coffee....pics...

January 2018