Belmar, NJ 07719
Deep Sea Fishing from the Belmar Marina

1-8-16  A little lumpy with the ne wind but at least the fish were chewing better...The guys and girls who were dialed in had no problem catching a limit of keeper blackfish today,,some did really well....Caught some nice fish but we also busted off some real pigs that we never had a chance to see....Oh well,,good day overall..Kimmy took home the money with the first fish in the pic below...I like the weather for tomorrow...but Sunday is questionable at this time..WE shall see..See ya for coffee....

1-6-17 Nice day out here today,,and fish were chewing...Bobby Kojac was hot and had a double limit of keeper blackfish and numerous shorts....others had limits plus as well....It seemed like you had to fish light today,,,30lb leader drew most of the bites and few guys had a tough day fishing with the heavy leader but once they switched to lighter stuff they started catching....Some quality fish in the mix as well..Pool about 10lbs.By Mr.O and some other  fish in the 6-8l.range as well..Tomorrow we have a tournament and is sold out so no open boat Saturday...The weather does not look to well anyway so maybe shoot for Sunday instead when the northwest winds start again.....For those on the trip tomorrow,,dress warm..sounds like snow as well...see ya tomorrow..

1-14-16 Nice day out there today,,shame only a light crowd showed up to fish...Fishing was decent for some of the guys today,,,few had a limit of keeper Togs,,,Joey was high hook with a double limit I believe,,,,a few guys didnt catch much so he helped them out with some fish,,,but they were there and chewing,,some guys just capitalized more than others...Some nice quality in the 7-9lb.range as you can see in the pics below......caught some on both white and greens today....tomorrow looks nice again...we are fishing .see ya for coffee..

1-15-16 Pretty nice overall out there today,,,got a bit lumpy on the ride home but overall a warm nice day for January...The fishing today was good for some,,,few guys had a limit,,,I believe the pool winner and High hook had maybe 7 keepers,,,That was Rob V.and he was hot today and took home a large pool worth 560 bucks...He was dialed in on every drop today,,had both keepers and shorts coming all day.he even donated fish to those who could not get the bite going which is awesome....But on the other end we also had quite a few guys who did not catch anything today,,,we also had  some with 1,or 2 etc...so overall it was good for some and not good for others...White crabs worked better today than the greens...I do not like the forecast for tomorrow,,,Ne winds tonite 30knots turning around and going North then Northwest early in the morning but I dont like the chances of having a good day...so we are gonna cancel Saturday...Lets wait until Sunday,,,the swell will be gone by then..See ya Sunday  morning...Check out some pics..

1-1-17 New Years Day and Capt.Chris had the boat out for me and the fish sounded like they were chewing even better than yesterday,,for some people anyway....Check out some pics...Some guys had a limit plus,,some had none and some had in between but overall it sounded decent..Pool fish up about 10lbs.as well....Tomorrow looks good,,,winds 10-15 and the rain is supposed to hold off until late afternoon..WE are fishing...see ya for coffee..Big pool is over 3000 bucks and growing everyday...See ya tomorrow...

1-14-17 The ocean was nice today but the fishing slow...Never developed a bite and had little life on most spots we stopped...Roger was happy with it though,,he won the pool with his pair of fish one about 9lbs..and the other about 5-6lbs..some other keepers but not many....Tough day all around besides a beautiful ocean..Tomorrow looks great,,,should see a better chew....

1-13-17 That was nice out there today,,no lack of bites today,,,In between the eels,,,some dogs and some blackfish most seemed to keep busy...Some guys were dialed in and did well..Blackfish Bobby took the pool and had a double limit of keepers..Numerous shorts..Pauly was right behind him,,,but we also had quite the opposite with some guys only having shorts....Some guys inbetween with 1,2,or maybe 3 keepers..So overall not a bad day,,just not everyone caught...I like the weather for the weekend...We are fishing,,including Monday looks good....Big pool is growing everyday and is up to 3200 bucks!!See ya tomorrow...few pics...

1-2-16 Very nice out there today flat calm but a little chilly..More like blackfish weather finally....We were hoping for a good chew like yesterday but that didnt happen...Very picky today,,,some guys had a limit of keeper togs,,,and we had a really nice pool fish that went 11.9lbs and which was released to get bigger)..(not in the seasonal unfortunately)but still won over 600 in the daily pool)but as a whole it was not a good bite..I was glad for those that were getting chewed and catching some fish but not enough to go around today,,,WE did have a few codfish start showing up in the mix as well...Thinking they will chew better tomorrow...We have both white and green crabs for tomorrow..See ya for coffee..pics

1-15-17  Very nice offshore today,,,nice size gang came down to take advantage of the weather...The bottom was lively today,,probably a little to lively where we fished....tons of bites from the perch and the eels...In between we had some blackfish mixed in,,,...High hook had three keepers and the pool fish,,couple had two keepers.some one and some the skunk or just some shorts..but plenty of entertainment thats for sure.I Just would have liked to see everyone catch some keepers.......tomorrow looks very nice again....see ya tomorrow..

1-7-15 Nice out there again,,,the bite was off a little though...we picked some fish each stop...Few guys did get a limit of fish,,but there were alot of shorts today for some reason....Joe took home both pools with a 9lb.fish and had his limit..and they did chew both whites and greens today...few guys 2-3 keepers on just greens so the crab didnt matter..We do have both whites and greens available for tomorrow..see ya then..pics

1-6-16 Really nice out there today,,flat calm and the fish were chewing....Some of the guys caught there limit of nice Tog pretty easy,,,,,,biggest up to about 10 lbs.they were chewing both whites and greens today...Check out some pics....tomorrow looks nice again!!see ya for coffee..

1-9-17 Nice day out there today..Flat calm,,light winds...Fishing was good,,lots of bites and fish coming up steadily..Good amount of shorts and keepers mixed in..Needless to say some of the guys caught a limit easily..Got a few pics,,we are looking good to fish tomorrow,,come on down...see ya then..

1-12-17 Big ground swell today,,that along with gusty southerly breezes made it a tough day..Not much of a chew today to say the least....Ended up with a couple nice fish for the pool about 7-8 lbs..some other keepers but  not many...so overall a slow day..I am glad we have west winds tomorrow..Should be alot better...See ya tomorrow....

1-5-17 The ocean was really nice today,,,gonna be that way again tomorrow...We are fishing...Today the fishing was good...Some of the guys limited out easily and kept getting crunched all day..We had nice pool fish in the 7-8 lb range and busted off some real piggies...Good day out....Gonna do it again tomorrow...Chance of snow tonite so drive down safe in the morning..Check out a few pics...see ya for coffee.


1-17-16 Besides the snow this afternoon it was pretty decent out there today,,,Kinda struggled early to find any good life,,,the deeper we went the dogfish got to us pretty good,,,,so I retreated back into some shallower water to try and find some life and we actually did have good with plenty of bites and blackfish coming to the rail...We had high hooks with a dozen or 14 Togs,,,,,,problem with all of this is that most of them were short....tough to get through to the keepers today,,,high hooks had a couple of keepers to go home with,,no one caught a limit but if the shorts were of the keeper size it would have been a good day..but we struggled overalll to get keepers in the boat...we are gonna shape up to fish tomorrow ..winds are gonna be breezy out of the west but we might be able to fish,,we shall take a look in the morning..see you then...pics

1-4-17 Big ground swell today but other than that the ocean was nice..got windy in the afternoon but not to bad...Fishing was very sluggish to start,,,got better as the day went on and we picked at some fish.You worked through some eels and dogs and a few guys caught a limit of keepers including Casper and his two fish up about 8lbs.a piece....along with a good number of shorts...Some struggled of course and some had 1 or 2 ..So yes it was slow fishing but we did slowly catch some fish and put in a long day and some the guys ended decent...tomorrow we are heading back out the weather looks great!See ya for coffee..got a few pics here.

1-1-16 They started the new year right today with the fish putting the feedbag back on.....I took off but Capt.Chris had the boat out and went south instead of north today and he said they did good with guys catching fish all day,some putting together a limit easily and some nice fish as well..Looks like Jimmy took the pool with a fish up about 10lbs??..not sure of exact numbers for everyone but good news for us..we have a nice weekend coming up and the ocean is flat calm....I look forward to tomorrow...see ya then...pics..

1-10-17 Nice day again today,,decent fishing again as well...A little more work today to get to the keepers...The shorts were pounding at the baits,,caught quite a few of them along with the eels..they were a pain at times....weeding through them some guys caught limit,,some had 2 or 3,,,some one,,and a few had the shorty curse but overall a good day with some nice fish mixed in ...Tomorrow does not look good with gale warnings and a big south swell..gusting to 40 mph hour so stay home..thursday is the  next nice day to go...pics..See ya Thursday

1-12-16 Nice morning,,chilly but nice with light winds...Stayed that way half of the day,,,the other half got a little exciting lets say,,,it started blowing out of the south and I was glad we were not far offshore cause it got pretty nasty out there...The fish were chewing at least,,,Skip put on a show today,,he was dialed in all day and caught his limit quick and then three other people theirs to.HE made sure everyone had some fish to go home with which was nice...Even had a fish just miss the seasonal pool(which is getting very big)at 11.5lbs....few other 8-9lb.fish as well...Jeff had some nice ones to and some just could not feel the bite due to the tough conditions but they were chewing..It was good to get out even if it was only with a handful of people.....Tomorrow with the Gale warning up and temps in the 20s let sit it out and not fish until Thursday,,it will give the ocean a chance to lay down a bit after this south swell today...so no fishing tomorrow due to the big wave action this afternoon,,,the hard west winds tomorrow will knock it back down again to shape us up nicely for Thursday..

1-16-17 Sounded like a nice day today,,I was off on the mountain snowboarding...Looks like the gang had a nice day out there..Here are some pics Capt.Chris sent me...Milky had his limit of keepers and the pool fish,,,we are fishing tomorrow...I will see you in the morning..Just got home..sorry for late report..

1-2-17 The rain came early today,,,got windy by afternoon and the ocean was pretty grouchy....Fishing was picky,,,fish were being smart and picking at the baits and not committing alot of the times...The smaller ones seemed to jump on the hooks..we had guys with a dozen shorts....some guys managed 3-4 keeepers,,,some 1-2 etc...and some none of course or only shorts...So not a great day but we caught some fish...In the end what was nice was the 4 fish we had that were up around 10lbs.battling for the pool money that was worth almost 500 bucks....We are not fishing tomorrow..stay home...See ya wednesday it looks like but I will let you know here...Here are the 4 fish that we weighed in for the money..

1-3-16 Good bite for some today,,pool fish went 11lbs..caught by Sammy,,,Blackfish Bobby did his damage catching fish all day including some quality in the mix....some just didnt have the touch and struggled but they were there,,some were just dialed in and some not..few had a limit easily....check out some pics..see ya tomorrow ..

1-17-17 .Flat calm out there today,,and no rain..just a sprinkle...Had good life on the bottom...Fair amount of shorts coming and inbetween some keepers..Mr.P had his limit,,some had managed to get two,,some one but most went home with fish for dinner....check out some pics...tomorrow looks nice again with Northwest winds....See ya tomorrow..

2-3-15 Looks like it is gonna warm up and be a  nice day tomorrow(Wednesday)so we are gonna fish...Already have some guys that want to come down so we are gonna fish!!See ya tomorrow..   Gonna looks for the Togs,Cods,,and or lings...

2-1-15  Ever see a 400 dollar ling?,,,well we caught one today,,Andre did anyway,,,thats what won both pools..No keeper blackfish onboard so a ling took the money...Tough day all around with a strong current out of the southeast...Little life..worked quite a few spots and it was dead...Few ling and just a few small cod caught..Not even much in the way of trash fish...Next day out we are gonna have to head way back out to the southeast and look for better life,,,,that day looks likeWednesday or Thursday..I will let you know here,,,nasty weather ahead the next few days so stay home....

1-23-15 Very nice out there today,,flat calm and warm....Unlike yesterday we had a nice group of great people today show up to fish..unfortunately the fish were not in the mood to chew....Actually I take that back,,,the eels and dogfish were in the mood,,,They kept everyone busy today but the Togs were tough to come by...Some guys caught some,,Mr.O and Mr.P were dialed in and caught some nice fish,,they had around 3-4 each I believe,,,but most had one or none....Not good at all,for most anyway...Some Codfish showed up again but most were small,,maybe one keepers,,few ling.....Overall a tough bite for most,,,,but a really nice day on the water,,,,Tomorrow we are canceled,,no fishing,,,,Sunday is questionable but I will make that decision tomorrow..You can call me late in the afternoon or check here...pics..

January 2017