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That was a nice day..flat calm..Ripping north current early this morning…Water was cold to,,,47 degrees on the surface…But we did have life as soon as we started…Nothing great but fish were there chewing…You did have to work at it,,,nothing easy about the chew today…It was also key to fish light….25lb.flouro and a longer leader outfished every other rig….20lb drew even more bites but did get you shaved off a bit…Keep this in mind…most of the times you see the same guys catching onboard are the guys that start going with lighter tackle when the fish are picky…Quite a number of the fish were short today but high hooks had a limit,,some had 2-3,,,of course some had 1 orĀ  none….So in the end some caught some didn’t..Sounds familiar I know,,,but the fish were there for sure..Just some had it…Weathere looks great for tomorrow..come on down..we are fishing…