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We had some super weather today,,flat calm and beautiful out there….Fishing was good to us again,,plenty of life on the bottom with the sea bass.We had fish coming as soon as we stopped..and continued all day.Tons of fish coming up,,mostly sea bass but today we saw some more porgy mixed in to….Weeding through fish ended up with alot of people with nice catches of bass,,some had the curse but alot did decent..Caught fish on both jigs and bait but the bait was quicker today…and luckily the dogfish were not a problem today…So in the end we had some nice fishing with alot of guys going with some nice fish,,some struggled a bit with shorts but overall a good day..get some pics up later…    as for Friday we are canceled due to another northeaster brewing tomorrow…Not gonna be a pretty day out there….Saturday might be canceled to,,we shall see..But as of now Sunday is the day to go…looks nice…