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Some day out there today,,the ocean was alive!! The whales and dolphins had the sand eels stacked up offshore where we were fishing…Really cool to see these mammals feeding out there….We anchored up and also had the bluefish stacked up chasing the eels as well…and they were a real pain in the butt today…It hurt our fishing especially in the morning…You could not even put a jig in the water or they were on it…Made quite the mess for the customers….We caught some nice sea bass but not as many as I would have liked..High hooks had 8 keeper bass,,,,and some porgy but overall we would have done better if the blues and dogs weren’t there..Either way good day out….we are fishing tomorrow as long as the weather lets us…See ya for coffee….I got a few pics,,,oh and Fast Eddie won the pool just by a sand eel or two in his sea bass s belly!