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a person holding a fish in the water a person holding a fish in the water a person holding a fish in the waterIt was nice to get back out there today,,,ocean was very calm inshore but with the wind blowing pretty hard it was choppy a little further off the beach but still not to bad..Just a fast drift….After that big swell yesterday I was glad to see fluke pretty quick today..Shorts and few keepers here and there,,nothing special but the conditions were tough to fish in…Tomorrow is looking much nicer,,so game plan is to head offshore and hit some special wrecks and rocks and look for that Jumbo!! Seasonal pool is now over 7700 and wide open for the taking…So come on down Sunday,,I think you have a good shot at it….Also as of now Monday is looking like a normal day due to the lack of people wanting to do the super pool..But I will let you know tomorrow..Either way Monday looks very nice as well to take a shot at a big Fluke…So see ya tomorrow for coffee…