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Super Tuesday

This Tuesday is the marathon Jumbo trip…

6am departure and 4pm return…

100 to get on boat cash…100 cash for the pool

Everyone must enter pool

50 person limit

So 5ooo cash for heaviest Fluke.

As of today seasonal is up for grabs at 7700 bucks so its gonna be a big one…

You must text me and sign up…We might do Monday as well..We shall see how fast Tuesday fills up and look at weather. But just Tuesday for now..

We will have line to board boat so first on line gets on boat first..Like last few years…Crew has to be here to board..And either way guys it does not matter where you are on the boat.I will be drifting,,hovering and maybe even anchoring on some wrecks looking for big Fish…So Middle of boat,back or Front is as good a spot as any..So dont fight for a spot anywere..It doesnt matter…

Feel free to bring food to share but not necessary,I usually bring a tray or something for everyone to snack on…Up to you!!

Check back here on the fishing report page everyday for updates..Thats all for now…again…Text me at 848 565 0519 for entry.