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Fishing was off today,,caught some fish but not as good as previous days Capt.Jeff told me….On the other hand there are some fish around the spots we are fishing….Today I was diving scouting out some different wrecks and rocks and the had some really  nice fluke laying right inside of them…My Buddy Dave nailed a Jumbo that went 14lbs..on a spot we were just fishing a few days ago…We saw some really nice fish on the rough bottom today,,Good sign for things to come…Check out this pics..I will post it later..So game plan for tomorrow is we are gonna pound on these wrecks and rocks and look for some of these Jumbos…Seaonal pool is over 3500 bucks,,so get it ready….Also water was gin clear on the bottom today,,keep that in mind..I see a lot of you with heavy leader and I am not a big fan…I suggest 25lb fluorocarbon at most..these fish are smart and can see well when the water is this clear…See ya in the morning….