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We picked a very nice day to head offshore..It was very nice out there…loads of life on the way out in the form of what looked like bunker stacked up inshore and offshore…Gannets diving on them,,,loads of porpoise as well hunting them down..Wont be long before Stripers show up with all the bait around..It actually never left,,,I saw it all winter offshore but now I am starting to see it push back inshore due to the water warming up..We ended up finding some fish today,,had a handful of keeper Codfish,,and a handful of nice Pollock as well..Lots of perch and eels and other exotics,,,few ling mixed in.Austin won the pool with a nice Codfish….So not enough to go around for everyone but those lucky ones had nice dinner tonight!! Check out some pics…Friday is canceled due to winds starting up,,Saturday not looking good as of now either but I will let you tomorrow…