Belmar, NJ 07719
Deep Sea Fishing from the Belmar Marina

8-9-17 That was really a nice day  out there today,,flat calm and a light breeze gave us a nice drift...We had some really quality fish come to the net today,,,Biggest about 7lbs.but quite a few fish in the 3-5lb range as well..Some guys had the touch and limited with nice fluke again...some had a few,,some had some really jumbo sea bass,,,some had a tough day but overall the fish were there and some did really well,,just check out some pics...Tomorrow looks nice again!! Come on down,,,Seasonal pool is even bigger,,,3560 bucks!! cant catch the winner at home..see ya tomorrow...

8-10-17 Yup...very nice again out there...and we banged away at nice fish again...not fast and furious,,,just picked away here and there and put a catch together...Again some limited out easily,,,some had 1 or nice fish...some even better than a limit..plus some nice sea bass again..not a bad day.....check out some pics..Pauly had the pool with a nice 7lb fish,,and a few other fish were in the same range,,,...see ya tomorrow ..it looks nice!

8-2-17 Started off very nice,,,fish were coming and it looked really promising but it died and we just picked some keeper fluke here and there..Nothing like yesterday for us,,,,still some limited out with nice fluke and some sea bass but overall I though it was slow for most onboard...check out some pics...tomorrow looks very nice again..so come on down..see ya for coffee..

8-5-17 Good day out there despite some early morning rain..cleared out and we had a nice drift going and banged away at some nice flukes....saw some nice fish again in the 3-5lb range and pool fish was about  6 lbs.guessing...guys caught there limit,,,some had 1 or 2 nice ones and some sea bass.....overall a good day,,just check out some pics...tomorrow looks good again,,some really nice fish have been coming up so come on down...see ya for coffee.....pics...big pool is big,,,,3350 bucks and growing..

8-12-17 Small crowd today,,rain early this morning kept it down...We had a great drift and banged away again at some nice fluke,,,,also had some nice shots at sea bass as well...High hook had a double limit of nice fluke up to 6lbs....check out some pics...tomorrow looks really nice..see ya for coffee..

8-13-17 Really nice day out there,,,the crowds came out and all the boat were packed...Fishing was really good for some today,,,big quality fish came to the net and limits were caught ..Mostly by the guys jigging unlike yesterday where we had alot of fish caught dragging bait....check out some pics....tomorrow is gonna be good again and we are going back out after those bigger fish..Big pool is growing everyday and all these nice fish around its gonna be a great chase for  the money....see ya tomorrow...its gonna be nice!!

8-3-17 Perfect morning out there and the fish were chewing...Debbi had her limit of quality fluke before 9am..just picked away at em including the pool fish that was up around 8lbs..but not in the seasonal pool...still a very nice fish and quite a few othere fish in the 3-6lb.range scattered around the boat...good day out..also had some real jumbo sea bass mixed in with the nice fluke....check out the pics..tomorrow looks good..see ya then...

8-11-17 Nice day,,some nice fish again as well...Had fish coming as soon we started..and just picked away all day with guys who were on there game catching a limit of nice fluke....We had had Hugh Toal catch his limit on the first drift!! Another had his limit on the second....So fish were there,,,along with some nice sea bass again.decent day overall...Not alot of pics,Mikey was really busy cutting fish sodidnt get to many today but here are some,,,,see ya tomorrow!!

8-7-7 We made it out today with only a very small crowd...Ocean was nice all morning,,started blowing in the afternoon which worked out well...Fish were there and some of the gang caught em....Not bad considering,,,check out some pics...Tomorrow and the rest of the week look really nice...So game on...See ya tomorrow...

8-6-17 Wow was that a nice day out there,,,,we caught some real quality fluke as well....Nice showing of fish in the 3-5lb range againand a couple of pool fish were in the 7lb.range,,,would have done even better if we did not lose our drift....had to pick at em mostly the guys jigging...some ended up limited out with flukes again,,,,some nice sea bass here and there...not a bad day at all just would like to see a better drift...would have done even better...check out some pics...tomorrrow looks good again..seasonal pool is getting even bigger!!! almost 3500 bucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! come on down!!

8-1-17  Wow was that nice day,,,good fishing again with the guys especially casting jigs hammering some nice fluke,,,slow drift gave the advantage to the guys casting out...Nice fish to.quite a few fish over 4lbs...some 6-7lbs.....some guys had the touch  and limited easily while some did fair,,some had a tough day but overall we had a really nice catch of fluke as you can tell in these pics below....some nice sea bass mixed in as a bonus...pics...tomorrow looks great..see ya then..seasonal pool is growing again and is now up to 3200 bucks!!

8-14-17 Again very good conditions today,,had a great drift and banged away at nice keeper fluke....Some guys limited early and kept going keeping only there limit..Nice fish again to in the 2-6lb.range....also today there were some really jumbo sea bass mixed in...really good day out..check out some pics...remember tomorrow we are not fishing open boat..we have a private group we do every year and tomorrow is the day for them....Wednesday morning is the next day open boat..See ya then,,but in the mean time check out some of these quality fish from today,,,Seasonal pool is now up to 3800 bucks!!

8-4-17 The breeze was up and the drift was quick today,,despite that guys caught some fish....some even limited out easily and early...good amount of shorts on the drift to just some guys had the touch and some didnt...check out some pics..tomorrow looks really nice,,,,pool fish today was nice about 7lbs...and the seasonal pool is up to 3300  bucks and easily can be taken...but not if your sitting at home...come on down!!!!!!!!!!!!! see ya for coffee....

8-8-17 Nice day out there,,,not much of a drift so you really had to work at it today to get into the action,,,,guys did and some had a limit of nice quality fluke,,,,some had the shorty curse and just were in to them but the guys working the jigs did best again....and some inbetween but given the conditions we ended up not bad..check out some of the pics...tomorrow is looking good again..see ya for coffee...

8-16-17 Beautiful day out there,,,ground swell was all we had to deal with..barely noticeable out there though....Had no problem with sea bass today,,,they were jumping on the baits,,,but the fluke fishing was way off...picked a few here and there..some nice fish but not like we have been seeing..still caught some with Ray winning both pools with a 6b.fish..I think Pauly was high hook with 2 or 3.....tomorrow is looking really nice again and the swell should be all gone,,,it was dropping off out there this afternoon...see ya for coffee...

8-4-15 We were greeted at the inlet with a monster ground swell this morning..needless to say it hurt the bite..Slow fishing today,good news is the swell dropped out and its really nice down there now so it should be much better tomorrow..Forecast is for light winds next few days!!See ya for coffee!!

8-3-15 Here are some pics from today,,Few guys or girls had three nice keepers,,few had two and some ones scattered around...Some only had the short bug but considering the fast drift we had I guess I cant complain with what we caught..Nice day out there,,,tomorrow looks the same!!See ya for coffee..

8-2-15 Some bigger fish today,,pool winner went 8lbs..and some other nice ones as well,,All for the most part on the jigs...Tomorrow looks good..see ya then..pics..

8-1-15 Wow was that a nice day out there,,slow fishing though,,for some reason we just never had a good bite going anywhere we traveled..not enough keepers to go around and slow on the shorties...Kenny did get two nice ones though and a nice pool fish about 6lbs..Tomorrow is another day,,see ya for coffee..here are two of the biggest