Belmar, NJ 07719
Deep Sea Fishing from the Belmar Marina

4-9-18 Very nice day today and the fish were chewing...Guess the sun came out and they got hungry cause we had a few guys with limits plus of blackfish...Not everyone but some of the guys were dialed in and did decent....Most spots had good life on em...we are fishing tomorrow,,looks like light winds out of the east...See ya then..few pics

4-7-17 Despite nasty conditions and a big swell today we caught some fish...Got bites and few guys had a couple keepers each plus shorts and busted off some nicer fish..With that we should have a good weekend...Fishing all weekend,,come down..water is warming up!! See ya tomorrow...Skip and Andre had couple each today but Pauly ended up winning the pool....

4-9-17 Nice day out there and the fish were chewing today..Guys caught limits and we had good blackfish life on most spots..Looks good for tomorrow..Check out some pics.also the front entrance to the marina might be getting work done so youmight  have to use the 7th ave.entrance which goes under the bridge..thanks...see ya tomorrow....

4-5-17 We did have a small ground swell out there today and fog but overall a nice day....Fishing was alot better to,,,couple of drops were dead but we did get a couple where we were able to pick at some fish...The afternoon bite was actually ok with both shorts and some nice keepers coming up..Pool fish were up about 6 lbs and some guys had 2-3 keepers a piece to go home with along with shorts so I can actually say it was a big improvement even though we had that swell..Good day out,,check out a few pics...Tomorrow is canceled...gonna be 25-30 out of the Southeast so stay home...Friday  not looking to nice either but I will let you know tomorrow if I think we will go....

4-14-17 Nice calm day again out there...and again picked at some fish...Certain guys had the bites and caught fish,,,and some kinda struggled,,,some didnt.Current started ripping and slowed the bite down second half of day.Pauly  won the pool with a nice fish over 10lbs...Tomorrow is looking really nice..see ya then..pics

4-11-18 Another nice day and again we caught some fish,,some spots we picked,,,both shorts and keepers..others were dead and we would move on....Some of the guys ended up with 2 or 3 keepers..some one...overall...we will take it...see ya tomorrow..pics..

4-14-18 Monster ground swell today on ride out..Thought it might hurt the fishing but we actually had good life on most drops today until the last two in the afternoon when the hard wind came up and the bites stopped..but before that we picked away at fish..Good amount of shorts and some keeper mixed in on every drop...Had maybe four guys who caught 3 keepers each,,plus some had two or maybe one..and some just had a few shorts but overall I cant complain about the day..also had a couple of keeper codfish and some shorts mixed in....tomorrow and monday are canceled....nasty northeast winds coming so stay home...let you know next nice day to fish....pics.

4-20-18 Nice day despite windy conditions...Fishing was dull for us in the morning...not much life but the afternoon turned on and we had the Togs chewing...all on clams today,,not much on crabs...not many people onboard but the guys who new how to fish had 2-3 keepers plus shorts and the first timers even were getting them on the rental rods...Tomorrow is shaping up to be nice..and we left them chewing so come on down!! See ya tomorrow...!

4-13-18 Very nice day,,wind never came on like they said it would...and we caught some fish..some keeper blackfish,,some shorts....decent life....nothing crazy but an Ok..day....few keeper codfish to as a bonus...tomorrow looks very nice so  we are fishing....see ya in the morning//pics

4-8-18 We made it out today and had similiar fishing to last time,,,some spots had some life,,caught a few keepers and some short blackfish along with some short Codfish......Tomorrow looks very nice,,,,we are fishing!! come on down..see ya then..

4-11-17 Another nice day and we picked some fish/..Some guys caught a limit including Milky who had his limit plus a big fish over 12 lbs!! ..some were just novices and were still learning but the fish were there and it was not a bad day overall....tomorrrow looks nice.come on down..see ya tomorrow....pics

4-2-17 Big ground swell left over from the storm  today as we left the inlet...still the ocean was very nice once we got out....Started shallow and had only 1 short tog....some perch life but not good..Ended going deeper into 100 feet and had some shorts..Maybe 20 fish,,,had one keeper mixed in...Few ling,,,and a keeper codfish....So I think it will get better when this swell dies out...Tomorrow we are not fishing,, I have a must see doctor procedure to do so we will take tomorrow off,,probably Tuesday to as it looks cranky...Wednesday is the next day to go for us.....Thanks...see ya wednesday....any questions feel free to call....

4-15-17 Fishing started out but picked up a little as the day went on....Check out a few pics....No fishing on Easter Sunday....Monday morning is the next day....see ya then...pics

4-10-18 We had a very nice day today with fish not chewing on every drop but a few yielded some nice keeper blackfish,numerous shorts and a bonus codfish....check out some pics....today they chewed the fresh clams a little better than the crabs...we have both onboard....even some first timers were catching them today..gonna do it again tomorrow..come on down...pics

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