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If no reports are coming up,might have problem with website but we are fishing everyday.....remember to refresh your browser to get updated reports..ALL DAY FISHING IS 65 DOLLARS ADULT AND 60 DOLLARS FOR A SENIOR....35 CHILD UNDER 12..WE HAVE GROUP DISCOUNTS AND WE DO HAVE PRIVATE AFTERNOON TRIPS IF YOU HAVE A GROUP YOU WOULD LIKE TO TAKE OUT...JUST CALL FOR DETAILS..


4-17-14 Pretty gusty down at the beach,,,winds are up and the crowd was down anyway so we stayed at the dock this morning..Tomorrow looks better with the winds dropping out tonite so we are all set for Good Friday Fishing..See ya then.

4-16-14 The forecast was bad for today but the ocean actually looks really nice as of now,,,,tomorrow(thursday)and Friday we are shaping up to fish!!!See ya then!

4-14-14 No fishing today,,the winds actually look pretty bad all week,,,hopefully it changes but its not looking good as of now..I will let you know here when the winds and seas finally calm down enough to fish...Thanks,,any questions just give me a call but as of now we are in standby mode...

4-12-14 Another pretty day,,decent ground swell,,,dont know where it came from but still pretty nice out..Good life on the bottom.,,plenty of perch biting with some ling mixed in...Jumped around and picked most of the drops,,,nothing crazy,,or good fishing but we did have a high hook with 9 ling,,few other had different catches,,,ling,,perch,,small blackfish,,no codfish today that i saw,,,few sea ravens,,,etc...Most had dinner and I was happy to have the life we had....Tomorrow is looking good but the from Monday on it looks pretty nasty,,,We shall see...See ya tomorrow..

4-11-14 It looked like it was gonna get nasty out there today but the wind actually backed off and it was a really nice day...Got offshore and the clean water we had yesterday was replaced with a dirty north tide that seemed to hurt the fishing..Just a few ling here and there,,,,no codfish today,,,one keeper blackfish that won the pool....Overall a slow day,,,besides the perch biting good we never got into anything real good..We did however catch the first Fluke of the season migrating inshore for the summer...Good sign.....Tomorrow the weather looks real nice so we are dialed in to get back offshore and track down some more fish!See ya for coffee..pics

The pool winner Mr.Black came all the way from Maryland to take home the pool money!

First Fluke of the season!!Nice one kid!!

4-10-14 Another really pretty morning,,,,got a little lumpy in the afternoon but most of the day was real nice...Fishing was good for us today,,better than what we have seen lately anyway,,,a few drops had some real nice ling come up,,,few guys had a handful each of nice fish,Lenny was probably high hook with 7-8,,,we also had some keeper blackfish and a couple of nice Codfish as well...Plenty of bites on most spots with the perch to,,a few guys targeted em and had half a bucket full..They filleted into a nice pile of meat..Anyway we shall see if we can do it again tomorrow...Check out some pics from today..



4-9-14 Really nice today,,flat calm,,no wind to speak of until we got a few miles from the beach..It was so calm that the anchors would not stay tight most of the day,,,few spots we hit today were kinda dead,,,but a few other spots had good life on em,,with perch anyway,,,mixed in we had three or four short blackfish,,,half a dozen ling and maybe 6-7 Codfish but all were short I believe....So in the end not good catching with keepers but really nice to be fishing today,,,a total pleasure out there on the water,,,(unless you were me trying to keep the anchors tight)as for tomorrow it looks real nice again with light winds in the morning....We have a few of the regular guys coming down so we are gonna head back out and try the same area we had the good life today...See ya for coffee!!

4-8-14 I like the weather for tomorrow,,,its actually real nice down here now at the beach with some nice west winds flattening the ocean out..Tomorrow is shaping up to be good,,,We already have some guys coming down to fish,, so tomorrow its game on again!..Blackfish and Codfish are on the menu...are you coming??See ya in the morning for coffee if you are!!!!!!!!!!!!

4-7-14 We did not fish today,,,most guys took a pass due to the weather we are getting here this afternoon...Tomorrow is canceled,,its gonna blow pretty hard out of the south,,next trip looks like wednesday,,I will let you know here...

4-6-14 What a morning ride out to the grounds,,,it was really nice...We started shallow looking for some life but were greeted with 40 degree water and ripping current going one way on the surface and another once your sinker hit bottom..Needless to say we had no bites inshore there,,,worked offshore and again we found some spots had some life and some did not....We ended up catching 7-8 Codfish but only 2-3 were keepable,,,maybe 7-8 ling also and no blackfish...So in the end a nice day out but slow fishing....Sammy won the pool with a Codfish they took a teaser above a diamond jig,,,,Tomorrow looks good so we are fishing!!See ya in the morning..


4-5-14 Really pretty morning,,just a ground swell out of the east but a nice ride out to the grounds..Not much life again out in the mudhole,,we made a few drops and caught a few ling,,,3-4 small codfish and a few eels...The winds started howling out of the Northwest by noon and it got kinda cranky out there..On the way out for the first time all winter I noticed the water warmed up a bit inshore,,the balance has finally changed and its warmer inshore that offshore...38 in the mudhole,,and 42 inshore...finally looks like spring is coming...but regardless I took a chance and ran in on the way home to try a drop in 60ft.of water to look for some life...The water was warmer,,42 degrees and we had bites pretty quick..I did see a few small blackfish and the bergalls were chewing,,really good sign after such a cold winter....the current was ripping as well so it was tough on alot of the newer fisherman,,,,,, I think tomorrow we can do even better and are gonna head back out to the same grounds to start and look to get into some blackfish early on,,,might see some ling as well in there since its that time of year for them to come inshore to spawn...Either way it looks real good for tomorrow,,,we have both crabs and soft baits on board,,dont be afraid to bring some shrimp as well if you want to catch some blackfish...See ya for coffee in the morning!!

4-4-14 Rainy and gloomy day down here at the beach but the good news is that the weekend looks awesome!!Gonna warm up again and west winds are gonna keep the ocean calm it looks like..So we are set to fish,,see ya for coffee..any questions feel free to give me a call.

4-2-14 Pretty nice on the water again today,,the fishing was the only thing we could have had better...Very slow,,,even the dogfish were not chewing today...Handful of ling,,no togs or cods..few eels but very dull overall...Walter won the pool with this ling pictured below,,,a nice one but just not enough to go around...Tomorrow we are not not fishing,,,I have a few things that need to be taken care of on land and with the forecast of some weather it will be a good day to do it...Friday might be a wash to but the weekend is looking real nice....See ya then..

4-1-14 Really nice on the water today,,flat calm,,so calm it was tough to keep the anchors tight in the afternoon..We had a couple of Codfish today,,one nice one that won the pool,,,few ling here and there,,a few small blackfish,,no dogfish surprisingly,,the water was pretty cold  again,,,,38 degrees but it did warm up a bit in the afternoon with the sun shining pretty hard....It got up to 41 degrees...So overall we caught a few fish,,nothing great but it was good to get back out on such a nice day..Tomorrow looks real nice again(thursday and friday look questionable),,we are probably gonna take a ride offshore further and look for some warmer water!!See ya tomorrow!Check out our pool winner!!

Nice Codfish!!

ling bergall double header

Small blackfish that went back.


3-31-14 Just came back from the beach and the ocean is looking pretty nice,,,,so we are all set to fish tomorrow...We are gonna have crabs onboard again if you are looking to catch a blackfish since it is open again starting tomorrow,,,we are also going to have clams for the Codfish....Still gonna fish deeper,,over 100ft...we even had some blackfish in 200ft.last week along with some Codfish be ready for both shallow and deep..See ya tomorrow..

 3-29-14 We started out dry today with nice ocean conditions but did it start to rain when we got anchored up,,,still the ocean was decent but most of the crew today did not have rain gear so it was tough on em..Eventually the east wind started blowing and it got lumpy but we got the day in...We ended up with a few ling,,and a few small codfish,,some dogs,,pretty slow again...Tomorrow we are looking at the same conditions,,,rain and winds out of the east so we are gonna stay tied up at the dock and wait for a nicer day...No fishing sunday,,,,Monday does not look good as now either,,but Blackfish does open back up on Tuesday so hopefully we get some nicer conditions on April 1st..for some Togs,,and Cods!!!!We are gonna have some crabs and soft baits for the Togs and Cods on Tuesday...See ya then..

3-28-13 We stayed at the dock today,,,the winds were blowing pretty good down here so we stayed tied up...Tomorrow the forecast is a chance of rain but the winds look light in the morning so we are gonna shape up to fish..See ya in the morning..

3-27-14 We made it out today in pretty nice conditions to start..The current was running pretty good so it was not easy to fish in the deep...Got worse as the day went on and it hurt our fishing..Unless you like dogfish,,there were plenty of them....We ended up with a handful of ling,,,a nice whiting,,no codfish,,and some eels..Pretty tough day especially with the tide running the way it was...The wind ened up doing a 180 turn and it started blowing out of the south but by then we were ready to wrap it up..Water got cold again,,,36-37 offshore..Tomorrow it looks like its gonna warm up so we are gonna fish as long as the winds stay good...See ya tomorrow..

3-26-14 More snow on the grounds here...not much we got about an inch down here at the beach..The winds are howling down here today,,Nw and gusting to 30 mph...The good news is that it flattened the ocean out nicely,,,,,tomorrow I have a few guys like myself that have got the itch to fish after three days on land so we are fishing tomorrow due to the nice forecast..It looks like its gonna be a pretty day with west winds in the 10-15 mph hour range and warmer temps....So tomorrow(thursday) we are good to go fishing!!See ya in the morning for coffee..

3-23-14 The ocean today was very nice,,cool out but calm..We bounced around again on the deeper wrecks offshore and found some life,,,few ling,,few codfish here and there,,most of the Cod today were a little small,,maybe one was a keeper,,,one keeper pollock that I believe won the pool.some good bergall life in some spots....not good life but we picked a few fish on each spot...only one drop was a dud...so in the end some guys had some fish for dinner,,some did not..Tomorrow looks no good along with the next few days,,I will let you know when the next good day is...few pics..

Jessica caught herself a nice ling for dinner!

maybe the pool winner!?

3-22-14 Looks like a nice warm day out there today,,I am not on the boat,,,got my sons birthday party at the house of bounce later...but Capt.Chris called and said they caught some Codfish again today,,,not sure how many but he sent me some pics,,I will try to get em all up here that I got by lunchtime today,,if not later or tomorrow..the good news is tomorrrow(sunday)looks real nice with 10-15 mph winds...Looking forward to getting back out to the grounds..So I will see you in the morning for coffee...any questions feel free to give me a call or text..

There you go!couple of nice ling!


Got some more pics coming from today


3-21-14 Really pretty morning today,,ocean was really nice...West wind overnight knocked down that swell from yesterday..Kept our anchors tight all day as well which was nice..The current was running out of the Se which brought in some nice warmer and clearer water,,you also needed 12 oz to hold bottom..Fishing today was what we have been seeing lately,,,some spots you see some life and some spots you dont..Good news is we got into a couple of real nice Gaffer size Codfish that went about 25lbs.I would guess...Also had one other keeper and a handful of ling..no amounts of fish today,,like I said some spots you got lucky and had some fish,,others not...Check out these Jumbo Codfish,,,have not seen fish like this yet this year...Gonna get a weight when we get in...As for the weekend it looks good both days,,,so we will be here if you want to take a shot a nice Codfish!!pics..


And another!!Both were caught on clams,,one with gulp shrimp and clam.

3-20-14 We finally made it back out today in decent conditions..Still a ground swell left over from the east,,not bad but made the bottom a bit stirred up....That along with a strong tide out of the north gave us sub par fishing....Hand full of ling each spot,,,,one spot had one...the best codfish of the day about 8 lbs.but was not in the pool,,some dogs and eels,,,nothing special overall,,,,i did see by the end of the day the water warm up a bit and the perch started biting and a few small blackfish so hopefully tomorrow we should see a better bite!Its actually looking real nice for tomorrow so see ya in the morning..

Best fish of the day!!

3-18-14 Down here at the beach we have got a nice Ne breeze blowing..Ocean is lumpy and cool...Gonna stay that way overnite into tomorrow so no fishing tomorrow(wednesday)either....But Thursday looks nice with winds going west,,I have guys ready to fish then and Friday...So fishing starts again Thursday for us..see ya for coffee..

3-16-14 Got back out today in a gusty north breeze but the ocean was fairly decent...Seas ran about 2-3ft.That Se current was running up into it again and it brought in some nice warmer water that hit 42 degrees which I have not seen in a while,,crystal clean as well...We bounced around again today and had some life on some spots and not much on others but we did get into a few keeper Codfish and some shorts,,,a few ling here and there,,,some jumbo Bergalls,,some of which were almost two pounds..Some good shark fishing again,,,few eels etc...so nothing great today but again we caught some fish..The weather is no good the next few days so no fishing until I let you know here,,probably Wednesday or Thursday.pics.

3-15-14 A little bit of a ground swell left over from yesterday but the winds went west like they were supposed to and the ocean was actually really nice today..It even blew about 25 mph and still it was just a small chop..The fish were a little more aggresive today,,,couple of the guys including Jose Reyes in the first picture below was jigging in some really clean water that moved in over nite and nailed four Codfish,,,two were keepers and he pulled the hook on a couple of other nicer fish we never saw..Roger also had two keeper Codfish in the next picture...Few ling but not many,,,,we also had couple of blackfish chew that we pulled out of the deeper water so at least today the fish were chewing a little unlike the past few days....Still not no great fishing but we get some some bites and caught some fish..Some of the guys did at least..Dogfish were around but not that bad,,tomorrow we are heading back out with some more jigs and clams to try get into some more CODS!!!!See ya in the morning,,pics.

Jose was dialed in today with the Jig,,,I would have like to see that good one that pulled the hook!

Roger had a couple on bait.

This one took home the money!

Couple of these came up today but we released em..


3-14-14 We started off in pretty nice conditions this morning,,light sw winds..small chop..Water still cold,,36 degree water temp..Pretty good fishing right out of the gate this morning..Plenty of Grey Growlers(aka dogfish)....Not much else though,,couple of small codfish,,,one on a jig,,one on bait..Pulled a couple of others off on jigs....Only one ling..Tough day again putting fish in the box..Ended up getting pretty nasty out,,by lunchtime the winds started cranking up to 25 kts out of the south and we had a interesting ride in ,,needless to say we were on time today...As for tomorrow it looks warm out with the winds coming back around to the west so we should be in good shape..See ya in the morning..

3-13-14 The forecast for tomorrow actually looks good with 5-10 mph winds in the morning,,I also have some guys who called looking to go so we are gonna shape up to fish tomorrow(friday).We will be fishing all weekend as well...See ya tomorrow.

3-11-13 The weather today could not be beat,,,flat calm out and warm..Water still very cold,,,37 degrees offshore..Fishing was very slow again,,,,not many bites at all,,some spots we stopped had not even a nibble...I did notice the current out of the north,,,might have had something to do to it,,either way it was a tough day to get some fish on the boat...Few ling here and there,,,not many and at the end of the day when the current started running out of the southeast we got lucky and had a couple of nice Codfish come over the rail which made a couple of people happy...so in the end it was a good day to fish just not very productive for getting dinner..check out some pics....As for the next few days we are looking at probably a nice morning tomorrow but it is suppposed to get really gusty as the morning goes on and the afternoon is no good at all..So we are not sailing tomorrow or Wednesday,,Friday is on the ropes...I will let you know here..pics.


3-10-14 We had another really pretty day offshore today,,flat calm and beautiful....Fishing on the other hand was kinda slow for us...We did catch a few nice keeper Codfish,,,some ling scattered here and there,,I think a few guys had 3-4 ling but some guys did get skunked so I was not to thrilled with the bite today,,never had a drop where you could sit and pick at some fish....Good news is tomorrow is another day and it is looking like its gonna be a real pretty day on the water,,so see ya for coffee in the morning if you are coming down!!Check out a few pics from today..

Nice Codfish for the pool I believe!

This one might be the one to take the money to though...We shall see...

3-9-13 We had another really pretty day ocean wise today,,flat calm,,little bit of a chop in a nice breeze out of the north but other than that,,flat calm...No ground swell,,it was completely gone which helped..Fishing was much better today as well,,,we caught some nice Codfish,,some nice ling to...No big numbers,not good fishing but scattered around the boat we picked at some fish on most drops we made....High hook had two keeper Codfish,,some had one,,some had 3-4 ling,,some did get skunked but more people had something good to eat than not..Check out some pics,,,Tomorrow and Tuesday look real nice but the end of the week does not look so good...So we are on for tomorrow,,and Tuesday...See ya for coffee tomorrow..

Josh had two keeper Codfish today

John had a nice fat one.

The pool winner today took home both pools!!Nice fish..

Nice fish from the bow.

She stuck it out and nailed a nice cod and some ling!

Chris was in the game with some nice ling for dinner.

Look!!No tail!



3-8-14 Pretty day to start today,,a ground swell out of the east was all we really had to deal with.The ocean was slick calm,,,unfortunately it was so calm that I had a really hard time keeping the boat from drifting all over the place on the anchors...It really hurt our fishing and we ended up not putting alot of fish on the deck today,,High hook and the pool winner landed a nice Codfish and a ling but it was tough for most,,due mostly to me not being able to keep the boat still...Tomorrow is another day,,,we have winds out of the Northwest so its looking good for tomorrow!!!See ya in the morning..

The pool winner!!

Anna was gunning for a Cod but did Jig this Sea Raven!

3-6-14 The ocean was a little cranky today,,Ne winds down here at the shore has it all chopped up..Its gonna stay choppy through tomorrow along with alot of rain so we are gonna cancel tomorrow..Next trip is Saturday morning..the whole weekend looks good with Nw winds so I will see you Saturday morning..

3-5-14 Talk about nice out today,,wow,,was it flat calm and beautiful out there..Not a ripple on the ocean.In between the dogfish we had some nice Codfish biting as well which was a bonus for us,,throw in some nice fat ling and we had a pretty good day overall..Most of the Cods were caught on clams but Mikey threw out a jig a few times today and nailed two nice Cods on a jig...High hook actually three keeper Codfish,,some only had some Ling but everyone went home with some nice fish for dinner either way..Not great fishing but decent life...Check out some pics,,,tomorrow I dont like the forecast so no fishing tomorrow but Friday and the weekend looks like we will be out there..Any questions give me a call..pics

Three nice keepers!

Two on a diamond jig for Mikey!

Tony fought off the dogs and nailed this beautiful Cod and some nice Ling.


Another nice Cod to go with some Ling.




3-4-14 Tomorrow is the day(wednesday)to get back out to the Cod and Ling grounds..Thursday and Friday are kinda iffy with Ne winds starting back up but tomorrow I have some guys coming down to take advantage of the light winds forecasted for tomorrow..Gonna be a cold start so dress warm but its gonna warm up as the sun comes up..See ya for coffee!!

3-2-14 Another flat calm day with very nice fishing conditions...Water is still hovering around 35 degrees..We picked away again today at some Codfish and some nice Ling.Few guys had two keeper Cods,,,few one,,,high hook had half a dozen ling,,,so nothing great but we did some manuvering and scraped away at putting fish in the box for dinner.. Some of the spots actually had some decent life on em..All deeper spots in the 180-200ft.range...Check out some pics,,,no fishing the next few days due to the storm..I will let you know here the next nice day....


3-1-14 Flat calm,,,cool this morning but really nice out...Stayed very still most of the day,,the boat barely even moved...A little bit of current held us most of the day on the anchors..We picked away at some fish today,,nothing great but each spot we would have some Codfish come,,few throwbacks,,few keepers...some lings,,the usual other creatures,,dogs,,eels etc....Some of the guys had 4-5 lings,,some 2-3,,,maybe a keeper codfish to,,so nothing great but we caught some fish for dinner...check out some pics...Tomorrow we are fishing,,I already have guys coming down and the winds area gonna be light again so it looks good..No rain or snow either until tomorrow night so we are in good shape...See ya in the morning!!pics..

High hook had two keeper Codfish...


Just came back from the beach....look how nice it is down there,,still a bit cold but winds are dropping out and we are set for a really nice weekend,,,both days have light winds forecasted...So come out of the house before the next storm gets us on Monday!!!Going offshore both days after some Codfish and Ling,,maybe some pollock to...See ya tomorrow!!any questions give me a call..

2-27-14 Gale warning up for tonite and into tomorrow morning..Along with frigid temps again...so stay warm and stay home ...no fishing tomorrow(friday)..Saturday and Sunday look warmer with light winds so we are all set to fish all weekend..No one has been out fishing so the grounds have gotten a rest..Look forward to see what is swimming around out there..See ya Saturday morning..

2-26-14 Finally feeling better after the bug I had the past few days,,,this weather is still not giving us a break though,,,the winds has been pretty cranky,,,looks like its not gonna stop either...I know alot of you have the itch to get back out,,no one more than me believe me there but I dont like the forecast for tomorrow(thursday)so we are gonna stay tied up at the dock another day,,I would like to go Friday but its kinda iffy as of now but I will recheck it tomorrow and let you guys know..The good news is that the weekend is looking nice with light winds....

2-24-14 I was not feeling to swift yesterday when we got it and it turned out to be the flu which really caught up with me last nite..So tomorrrow we are not sailing,,,actually the winds look pretty breezy all week,,,I will let you know here when I think we can get back out..Thanks..

2-23-14 Weather was amazing today,,really nice out there..Fishing was slow again,,we picked a few ling here and there,,not many bites at all...Couple of Codfish,,one was a keeper..Overall a tough day for most people..Jack G.did have high hook honors with 5 Lings,,,his girl Arlana had a fish as well but it was tough,,Bouncing Gulp Ghost shrimps on the bottom worked best today,,,,Few Ling were nice including the first picture below of Nate who took home the pool money today.,,Nice job Kiddo!!!Tough fishing but what a day out....PIcs..Tomorrow is gusting up to 30 kts..so I think we will cancel tomorrow...Tuesday is a maybe,,will let you know tomorrow...

Nice fishes!!


2-22-14 Pretty nice to start today,,light southwest breeze calm ocean conditions..Water still hanging around 36-37 degrees...We picked a few fish early,,some ling,,not many,,it seemed a little slow with the bites overall..Couple of nice codfish..most of the action seemed all on the startboard side for some reason,,just could not get anything going at all on the port except dogs,,,,Few guys got three or four ling,,,but overall it was tough especially when the winds started howling out of the south,,It got sloppy and the few bites we were getting just died,,,The afternoon was no good at all..Today was the first day I had North tide running to in the afternoon,,gotta stay away from that tomorrow..it seems to shut all life down....Anyway tomorrow is looking real nice with light winds out of the west...we should have better conditions so see ya in the morning....pics..

This nice codfish took home the money today!!

Close but no cigar....

2-20-14 Very nice out there today,,flat calm and warm.....Maybe nicest day I have seen all winter...Water still very cool,,,actually offshore where we started was colder for a change then it was a few miles inshore where we ended up...Maybe things are changing..It seems to have balanced out all over..36 degrees for the most part..37 was the warmest...Good to see some people come out who we have not seen lately either..Including Dr.Bernie who caught 6-7 nice fat ling for dinner tonite...Bergall strip worked good for him today,,,we also had some Codfish scattered around the boat,,handful of keepers,,,handful of shorts., along with the Ling,,,couple of blackfish,,one was a keeper..one small pollock as well..So not great fishing,,,some guys got skunked,,,but we did catch some nice fish as you can see in the pics below and some were happy with what they got,,just wish I caught more to go around...The day itself was just really pretty,,,tomorrow is another story,,We are gonna cancel tomorrow..dont like whats coming..The weekend on the other hand is looking real nice.....we will be fishing everyday unitl I say so here,,just not tomorrow(friday)...Check out some pics,,,see ya Saturday morning..

Two keeper Codfish today,,and some ling!!

Nice ling !!!

Yes,,they are squishhy...

Chuck came out after a long winter break and nailed this nice Codfish and the pool!!


Some nice lings,,,some small but some nice to..

This was actually a nice Tog,,,,it looked huge when it first came up in crystal clear water,,,from 170 ft...

2-19-14 We made it out today with only a handful of guys,,,the ocean was decent..the wind never came up like they said,,actually it dropped out and I had a tough time sitting on the anchors..Fishing was picky again,,,we caught some ling,,nothing great but we did pick at some,,they were nicer size which was good at least....Some spots held some fish and some did not..the dogfish were pretty aggressive today so I think that was no help..Keeper Codfish took the pool,,no blackfish today but I was not in the area that has been holding them..I think tomorrow we are gonna run even further off and look for some better life with those and the Cods and Ling...So in the end we caught some fish,,could have been alot better but I guess it could have been worse to...pics..Tomorrow looks real nice,,see ya in the am...

2-18-14 Finally warmed up nicely today,,man that was a bad start though this morning..Sick of seeing snow but at least most of it has melted..Got some guys that want to go tomorrow so we are gonna shape up to fish,,looks like as long as the winds hold off it should be a nice day,,just came back from the beach and its really nice down there with a calm ocean and no swell so we are gonna go tomorrow,,Thursday looks good to..See ya  in the am..

2-17-14 It was good to get back out to the grounds again,,,man was it cold this morning though...The river temps were hovering around 35 when we left..Offshore it was 38...We had good life to start,,plenty of bergalls chewing,,few sea ravens..couple of ling,,one small codfish,,,Not much to keep though,,moved around and tried different depths,,,Deeper was definately better,,had more ling there and one nice Codfish...Would have ended up better if we stuck in the deep most of the day,,,we ended up with only one small blackfish,,,,The current also started ripping in the end of the day,,that did not help us either fishing the deeper water.,,So in the end it was a slow day but some did mange three or four ling,,,,and one nice Codfish took the pool.Tomorrow is canceled due to that nasty forecast..We will wait till maybe Wednesday,,its gonna warm up it looks like at the end of the week!!!Stay tuned...pics..

2-16-13 Finally the ocean is looking real nice...Just came back from the beach and there is no swell left over at all so tomorrow looks like its going to be a nice day...We all ready have some guys chomping at the bit to get back out so we are fishing tomorrow!!We still have crabs if you want to try for Togs and Clams for any Cod or Ling,,,maybe some nice pollock as well...See ya in the morning for coffee..

2-14-14 Monday,,,that is the day we should be able to get back out....Saturday and Sunday are gonna blow hard out of the west..but Monday looks like a really pretty day..See you then...

2-11-14 We did not make it out today,,,the weather looks bad the next few days as well...Maybe Friday we will go..I will let you know here...

2-10-14 Tomorrow looks nice with 10-15 mph winds out of the Nw so we are shaping up to fish..I do know Sunday there were some blackfish caught and some ling so we are heading back at it tomorrow.

2-9-14 Today we only had a handful of guys show up,,,so we ended up putting two boats together and sending another out so no one had to go home...As for tomorrow the forecast does not look that good so we are canceling the trip..I will let you know about Tuesday here on the website..The weather looks a little iffy all week so we might have to pick a good day to fish..I will let you know here..

2-8-14 The ocean looked real nice today,,I had off but the boat went out,,,will try to get a report up later but anyway tomorrow looks real nice again,,we are heading right back out to the offshore grounds after some Togs,,Cod and ling..We still have crabs and clams for bait..See ya tomorrow!!


2-7-14 Made our way back out finally in nice ocean conditions...Water offshore about 38 degrees..The life was a little sluggish but still we had bites..Skip took home the pool with this large blackfish that ate another crab shrimp combo..IT was big,,,30 inches long,,,,a male that looks like it weighed about 14lbs...we shall see in a while but it was definately a nice fish.A few ling here and there,,not good but when I went down with gulp ghost shrimps I had three nice ling in about ten minutes so I think they were there,,just had to be dialed in and work for em..One or two hooks on a nice leader down on the bottom and slowly bouncing it helped you get some for dinner..If your not sure just ask one of the mates how to get set up correctly and it will help your chances..One small Cod today,,the usual bergalls were active,,and some eels and stuff..In the end nothing to write home about but we caught some fish,,,Im just happy we are getting bites with the water as cold as it is...The weekend looks nice again,,,,We still have crabs and clams for bait...

Shrimp tipped crab again takes a large Tog!!HOw big???30 inches long..

2-4-14 Not much of a crowd today,,,shame cause the ocean was beautiful....Headed back out to the offshore grounds and caught a few fish each place we stopped but overall it was a slow day,,,The life was there,,,just not as active as the weekend..The perch life especially and the only blackfish we caught were small...We did get a handful of Codfish,,and some ling but nothing specical..Most of the guys had some ling and or Codfish for dinner so I guess it was not that bad of a day especially with weather life we had today..I noticed alot of dogs today for some reason,,,any way it was a nice day out..Tomorrow is canceled,,,Thursday is a maybe as of now,,,Friday looks like its gonna be nice...Check out some pics.....


Check out the size of this perch!

2-3-14 We got some snow down here at the beach,,,just came back from down there and the ocean is not to bad looking..Northerly winds but no big swell...Tomorrow(tuesday) the forecast is for light winds so we are going to shape up to fish..See ya in themorning for coffee..

2-2-14   I could get used to this weather in the winter but it sounds like it is not going to last...It was flat calm today and warm....Again we had plenty of life on the bottom..The perch life was on fire most of the spots,,you really had to wait out the bite to get something good to jump on the bait..Did some moving around and everydrop for the most part you would see some fish come up,,,loads of perch,,,some ling scattered around the boat,,,,some nice blackfish here and there..high hook had two keeper togs,,,some others had one nice fish as you can see in some pictures below..Today we had no pollock,,,two nice keeper Codfish caught by Tom as you can see in the pics as well..He nailed two nice fish on a Gulp Ghost Shrimp..Chartruese....So in the end again I would have liked to see more guys go home with some nice fish,,,not everyone had some nice dinner but it was a  nice day and we caught some fish..Check out some pics,,,Tomorrow is canceled,,,,we are gonna get some snow and winds going North and a Little gusty so stay home,,,I will let you know if Tuesday is good here..

Gonne be a close pool between a Tog or Cod today.

Nice Job Thomas

Late today but you got two nice fish.

A few guys had two keepers each!!


2-1-14 Really nice today,,I mean really nice....Flat calm,,,,we caught some nice fish...it seemed a little slower with bites than the previous days but still we did some moving around and some of the guys got into some Nice Codfish,,,handful of keeper Togs,,,and some lings,,,also a few nice keeper Pollocks...Not everyone had some fish to go home with,,I would have definately likedl to see some more fish go around but we took what was given to us..We had a couple of guys with two keeper Cods each,,few had one,,High hook actually had four Codfish today,,two of em keepers,,Not as many Blackfish as previous days,,they seemed a little sluggish but still a few nice fish...Lings scattered around the boat,,plenty of perch bites,,No lack of them today..Check out some pics,,,tomorrow looks nice again!!!See ya for coffee..

Two nice Codfish for Billy

Anna got into a few nice ling late,,,

Roy had a few nice Ling and a nice Codfish.

Nice Tog,,,

Korean Codfather had four Codfish today!two of em keepers..

Two keeper Togs today.

Few nice Pollock onboard as well...


1-31-14 Last day of January gave us nice conditions on the ocean..Flat calm and nice again..little warmer to..Decent life on the bottom again,,,mixed bag of fish coming up on everydrop...Again plenty of bites,,just had to weed through the perch and eels and stuff to get into the better fish..Kinda like yesterday day around the boat you would see some nice blackfish come up and mixed in here and there like the togs you would see ling and even some codfish,...I know we had one keeper Cod today and a few shorts...So in the end I was happy again with the life and the bites we had,,,most went home some Lings,,or Togs,,or both..I think only a few had a tough day.Im not sure if a Cod or Tog took the pool yet,,we shall see in a bit@!.Check out some pics from today...TOMORROW AND THE WHOLE WEEKEND LOOKS REAL NICE WITH FAVORABLE WINDS....SEE YA FOR COFFEE TOMORROW...


Happy Birthday!


Roy had the combo platter!

Tommy to..

Bobby had the nice Codfish.

Nice Tog..



1-30-14 Flat calm and beautiful and today,,chilly yes but really nice..We headed back offshore today looking for some life and we did find decent life on every drop we made..We immediately had some nice blackfish jump on the baits,,again shrimp or clam tipped on a crab worked well...Few ling here and there,,a nice pollock....plenty of bergall bites kept you interested and looking for the right bite...No complaints,,,with the water this cold I was happy to have the life we did...Some guys just targeted the Blackfish and ended up with some nice ones as you can see below,,,and some guys just looked for some ling and got into those as well..no giant numbers but again I was happy with the bites we had..Gulp shrimps and swimming minnows chartruese or pink did well with the lings again..Check out some pictures,,,,TOMORROW LOOKS REAL NICE AGAIN WITH WEST WINDS...SEE YA FOR COFFEE!!any questions give me a call..

Way to start the day!



1-29-14 Looks nice tomorrow!!Heading back out to the fishing grounds...Actually looks like we will be out everyday through the weekend with light winds throughout,,shall see if it holds up..See ya for coffee...!

1-28-14 I just got home and checked the weather....Tonite the winds are going North and a little to breezy for my liking through tomorrow and we are getting snow down here after midnite through the morning...Low pressure coming off Carolina so tomorrows trip is canceled...(wednesday))The guys I had coming tomorrow are gonna come Thursday so I will see you then..Thanks and have a good nite...

1-27-14 We made our way out in lumpy conditions this morning...the usual winter time stuff but at least it was warmer today..Still had that swell that I was hoping was gone but we dealt with it.The water in the river was 35 degrees,,,offshore on the grounds it was around 37.The ride was worth it and we got into fish quickly,,,granted it was not the easiest day to fish with the big swell but some guys got dialed in with the Togs,,,some nice ling and a few small codfish as well..In the first picture below Pete Bonilla got dialed in early on with this really nice fish that at first when I saw him swing and set the hook I though was a small fish but with the boat riding high on a swell when we went down and came back up I saw it had some weight...It looked really big when it came up in crystal clear green water from way down,,it looked over twenty pounds...We got her to the net and while not as big as it looked underwater it was a really nice fish weighed in later on land at just under 15lbs..Dj fished as well and had a few other nice keeper Togs as did some others,,no lack of bites just difficult to fish in today..Again some soft baits,,,clams or shrimps tipped over a crab worked well..Actually we had some keeper Togs on the Ghost Shrimps that we use for the Lings,,,,Chartruese Gulp Shrimps that is anyway...I look forward to heading back offshore again,,, we are fishing everyday unless I say the trip is canceled here on the webpage like tomorrow....tomorrow is canceled due to the extreme cold and high winds....Wednesday we shall head back out and it looks like everyday thereafter until the next nasty day..I still have crabs and we also have clams for bait....Remember I have said it before that this is the time of year when we might not catch as many fish as usual but we usually catch our biggest fish of the year when we start fishing deeper so no need to sit at home,,come on down and get in on the action...The cabin is always like Key West!!!Check out some pics,,see ya Wednesday..

1-26-14 Got off tomorrow??Looks like a good day to fish!!!Some guys have called so we are all set...See for coffee in the morning..I have both crabs and clams for bait..Look to fish anywhere from 120-200ft.depending on where the life is...Blackfish,,Codfish and Ling are the target!!!Gonna fish both wrecks and rocks..

1-25-14 We have another day of gale winds up through tomorrow morning,and we have a large ground swell working along with it so tomorrow(sunday)is canceled....Monday is looking warmer and better.See ya Monday morning..

1-24-13 We did get out today,,,boy was it cold,,,,.Sea temp in the river this morning was 30 degrees..Pretty chilly,.Out in the ocean in hovered around 38-39 degrees.Winds were gusting around 15-20  kts.Got out to where we have been fishing and the bottom was a ghost town..Not a bite,,,hard current did not help things either..Pushed further east and deeper looking to maybe get to the offshore grounds to find better life but the current would not let you fish deeper..Needed 16oz just to be near the bottom...the way the winds were blowing anyway we did not want to venture out that way anyhow.So in the end we ended up with a ling,,,and a bergall,,and a really nice spinydogfish!!!!Not bad huh>>>.tough day..,,the winds are gonna crank this weekend so I am canceling tomorrow(saturday))Its gonna howl out of the Sw and offshore is not a good place to be in a Sw gale..Sunday looks bad to,,I shall look at the forecast tomorrow and decide.

1-23-14 All set for tomorrow..at least the ocean is gonna be warmer then the air,,probably be alot nicer out there than on land!!Some guys have already called to come,,they have the itch like me toget out of the house!!See ya for coffee..

1-22-14 I just came back from the beach and there is a really nice swell still running so I think we will stay at the dock tomorrow(thursday)and let the ocean calm down..Giving it another day I think will let the bottom clean up a bit so we can get some bites..So we are all set for Friday morning,see you then..oh i also have something here below that you can copy and paste to an email and if you would like to help fight against our goverment shutting us down even more with more of these strict fishing regulations set to happen next year.please take the time and send this email below to this address..even if you live out of state and fish here.



Insert Your Name and Address)
As a one of 603,000 recreational salt water fisherman in the state of NJ which represents $1.1 billion in sales revenue, I would like to voice my support of Option 2 within the Draft Addendum XXV to the Summer Flounder, Scup, Black Sea Bass Fishery Management Plan. This would specifically allow states to lend or give their underutilized quotas to states in need of fish to offset exceeding of their annual harvest target or to liberalize their regulations.

Under Option 2: Utilization of Additional RHL, once states with the opportunity to liberalize their recreational fishery in 2014 have finalized their management plan, any other state would be allowed to request access to the recreational harvest limit (or RHL) that is not going to be utilized by that state.

Based on the 2013 recreational harvest information coming from the Marine Recreational Information Program (MRIP), there are six Atlantic Coast states which can liberalize their regulations in 2014 based on last year's numbers, with three states that will be forced to take a reduction in harvest. Because Massachusetts significantly fished under their RHL in 2013 according to MRIP, that state can take a 304% liberalization, while North Carolina in turn can liberalize upwards of 195%. Massachusetts anglers fished for 132 days in 2013 on a 16-inch size limit, while North Carolina's season was open year-round with a 15-inch size limit. Considering that North Carolina especially can't liberalize their season, size and bag much more than that, there should be additional quota available to states in need under Option 2 measures in the current addendum.

Iím also concerned about the push to create regions of shared limits, particularly because of the 'accountability measures' which were hardcoded into the Magnuson Stevens Act back in 2006. In 2013 for example, MRIP showed that Connecticut went over RHL to the point that that state must make a 67% reduction in harvest, while New Jersey must take 21% and New York 15% in 2014. Based on the punitive nature of the 'accountability measures' and the payback mechanisms in the law, if MRIP shows a similar overharvest in 2014 in that region, instead of sharing an 18-inch size limit these same states could end up looking at 19- to 20-inch size limits in years ahead as payback.

I further oppose Regionalization that causes undo economic harm to my state already devastated by Hurricane Sandy and reduces my rights as an angler to fishing opportunities based on Arbitrary Flawed data to a rebuilt fishery which is NOT overfished and where overfishing is NOT occurring.

As far as Black Sea Bass, I am also opposed to coastwide federal regulations and support the current regional measures.

I would hope that efforts be redirected to Magnusson Reform and a better Landings Data Collection program which is needed sooner than later.

Thank You.


1-20-14 Back at it today in pretty nice seas,,only a ground swell out of the south to deal with for the most part.Breeze out of the west but not that bad until late in the day.I thought the fishing was slow for the most part today,,They were just not that aggressive and the softer baits worked best...High hook did catch 4 keeper Togs,,and numerous shorts but he was using real soft white leggers that drew alot of bites...Few others had two keepers,,few ones but more nones then I would have liked to see...Some ling mixed in here and there but not many...One nice Codfish rounded off the catch...Nice pool fish in the first pic below,,probably 8-9lbs...As for the weather I am officially calling off the fishing trips for the next two days,,So no fishing until at least Thursday,,I will let you know here....pics..

Nice fish,,took home a real nice pool!!

1-19-14 The boat headed out to where we have been fishing all week...deeper water,,100ft.,,,I personally took a day to hang with the kids...Capt.Chris B had em into nice blackfish as soon as they started today..Fish were chewing again and few guys had a limit of Togs early in the day...I know some ended up good,,and some not so good but it sounded like a nice bite with the blackfish today.I cant tell you much more but here are some pics he emailed me from the ocean..Kurt had two of the biggest on the boat and took home one of the pools I believe..He is with Dj helping hold up two of the biggest..Looks like 8-9lb.fish.Tomorrow looks good again and we will be heading right back out there first thing in the morning!!I will see ya for coffee in the morning..



1-18-14 We had a light east breeze this morning,,,,not southwest like they said it would be..Calm ocean conditions though....Then the sky got dark and we actually got thunder and lightning believe it or not..Surprising for winter..The winds went west and started howling up to 30mph....We were picking slowly at some fish,,,actually caught our nice 10lb.pool winner during the front passing...Some other keepers here and there,,,High hook had three keeper togs,,,some others had two keepers,,few one...Nothing great at all but we did catch some fish...Soft baits caught fish,,,Shrimps tipped on top of the crabs have been working including today..Even some hermit crabs..Few ling here and there but most were after blackfish...Few short Codfish as well,,It did get a little lumpy out there but nothing to bad...Probably gonna be the same tomorrow so we are all set to fish!!See ya tomorrow!

This fish weighed in at just around ten pounds..Not bad for first time blackfish trip..

One of our Jetty champions caught a nice one!!

Z and Anna both had two quality keepers each!!!

Even not feeling good but you managed a nice keeper!!Nice Job!!

Thunder Storm In January!!

Same shot but looking offshore of us....Crazy Huh?

1-17-14 We made our way in nice conditions this morning...Light southwest breeze,,chilly but nice..I noticed the water temp dropped two degrees from yesterday out where we have been fishing..Down to 39..Thought it might be tough bite to start but I blew the horn on the first drop and the starboard side of the boat had blackfish chewing almost immediately..It developed in to a decent bite for some,,actually our pool winner Jimmy in the first picture below caught his limit of blackfish pretty quick...The bite slowly died out eventually and we moved around and tried different areas,,,,caught some shorts,,some keepers but nothing good...Pretty dull life most of the day...In the end after putting in a long day and trying different areas some guys caught some fish,,High hook had four keeper Togs,,,,few guys had three keepers,some two and one but most of the fish today were caught only on the starboard side for some reason and around the back..The port side for whatever reason just could not get going...Roy was the only one on the portside that really got into some fish,,he ended up with three keepers and some shorts....Few ling here and there but not many....Check out some pics,,,tomorrow looks good again,,see ya for coffee in the morning..pics.

Jimmy took the pool home and his limit of Togs.

Stern fish.

Marty actually had two keepers up on port bow.

1-16-14 We had another decent day out with flat calm conditions...Today the fish were a bit more sluggish than yesterday and none of the oversize fish were chewing but we did catch some fish...We had three or four guys who caught a limit of blackfish,,,high hook actually had five keepers,,,some guys had 2-3,,some one keeper Tog etc..,,,spread out,,,it helped today if you moved around and got into an area that had a bite going.Few did have a tough day or just got some short Togs but overall it was good enough,,Some ling also came up but no one was really trying for them..Check out some pics,,,,see ya tomorrow morning for coffee...The weather looks really nice again with light winds...

The Krusher!!!Nice one,,maybe pool fish??

Nice anchor!!Not in the pool..

1-15-14 Made our way out in dense fog,,was socked in all day long,,Besides a swell out of the south the ocean was flat calm.Was hoping for a little better bite today,and as soon as we came tight on the anchors we had blackfish starting to chew..Nice fish to,we had 6,7,8lb.fish,,,couple of pool fish went 10lbs..with the biggest over 12 lbs.I would guess..Few of the guys who were dialed in limited out easily early on..Few people just were not in the game but overall it was pretty good today..The first picture is a Jumbo!!some other large ones as well...See ya for coffee tomorrow it looks good..Oh the big fish again took a shrimp tipped white legger..We also caught fish on greens and couple on clams..

At least 12,,maybe 14????

Another Slob but I think the female has this one beat..


1-14-14 Rain most of the day today out here,,,but the ocean was nice...Just a small swell left over from yesterdays gusty south winds.We had life as soon as we set up today,,some keeper blackfish,,some shorts,,the fish were very chilly though we noticed...They did not want a big bait today,,small baits or you did not get a bite.And smooshing the piece helped draw a bite..I think if you tipped the crab with a piece of clam or shrimp it might of helped as well...There were no eels or dogs today either unlike yesterday which tells me it was cold on the bottom..Most everyone was trying for Togs so I did not notice many ling,,,So in the end a few of the high hooks had three keeper Togs and shorts,,,some guys had one and shorts etc...Not a great bite but we did catch some fish...Pauly busted off a moose,,had his snell pull out but he did get the pool with a 5lb.fish.Tomorrow the ocean looks nice again,,see for coffee in the morning..pics..

Nice fish Kid!!

1-13-14 Swell was gone this morning and it was really nice out,,flat calm and warm..Water temps hovered around 40 all day..Fishing was picky again,,few fish here and there,,,nothing great...High hook on the Togs had around three fish,,some two,,some one,,some none,,,We did have some ling mixed in here and there as well...One nice Codfish and a nice Monkfish to...Seemed like we caught more smaller throwback blackfish today than keepers for some reason but regardless it was a day up until the end when the south winds started up and we pounded our way home.....pics,,,see ya tomorrow if the weather holds up...

Tog and a Cod for dinner!!



1-12-14 We made our way in a large ground swell this morning....I would guess about a 6-8 ft.swell was waiting for us when we got to the ocean..Light west winds early on then it blew about 15-20 the rest of the day but never to bad out..,besides the swell and a chop later on it was no big deal the ocean just a bit of chop and roll to it...I was a little worried that the swell would shut down the life on the bottom but luckily we had some bites and caught some fish..By no means good fishing,,,A certain Zagorski family member had high hook with 4 keepers,, few guys had two keeper blackfish,,some had one,,,some nice ling mixed in here and there..It was just a slow pick at some fish,,,it might have been decent for just a small group of guys but not enough for a nice crowd we had..We never got into any Jumbo Tog today either,,,they were just not in the mood..Most of the keepers today were in the 3-4lb.range including the pool winner that Mr.Reyes took home worth a rather large amount!!!!Thats him in the first pic,,...So in the end it could have been better,,but it could have been worse as well,,,I guess with the swell I was happy that we at least had some life..With the swell dying down and light winds tomorrow it is shaping up to be a nice day so see ya tomorrow!!Pics.

Jose !!!!pool winner!!


1-11-13 I was hoping the wind would hold off for us today but it started up late last nite and this morning it did not look pretty out there so we decided to stay in today...Tomorrow is another story though,,,we have west winds coming up tonite and tomorrow so it looks good...I know some of you have called already to see if we are going tomorrow and that is a definate yes!!Looking forward to getting back out there and getting into some of those Big Blackfish like yesterday!!Its that time of year when we start getting into 14-15lb.fish,,,and we need to beat two fish 17.5 pounds for the boat record..Maybe it will be this year????So see ya in the morning for coffee..

1-10-13 A little bit of rain this morning tapered off late and it dried out for us..Ocean was flat calm again,,water temps offshore hovering around 41 degrees today..The big Blackfish were in the mood today and we got into some real nice fish as soon as we set up this morning....Within second of dropping down on the first drop we had fish chewing...mixed bag of both shorts and keepers up 12 lbs..Nothing fast and furious but good life most of the day,,,in the end we had a decent spread of blackfish around the boat for a decent size crowd,,,good portion of guys(not everyone) had between 2-4 keeper Togs and the two biggest fish of the day will be weighed in for the pool on the dock..They are some nice ones up around 11-12 pounds..Check em out in the first two pics below.I was happy to see the fish have the feed bag on,,,we did not catch any Cod today but the ling were there if you wanted em,,,most were fishing for Tog today but I saw quite a few caught around the boat..WE are heading back out tomorrow,,,See ya for coffee in the morning....pics..

Roy was representing today and pulled out this Moose!!!!

Mr.P had a nice one to but I think Roy might take him..

Bob had em coming early in the stern...

More fish from the stern area but we caught em front end and back end of the boat.

Linden was in the game to,,,no Golf for you!!

Andre with a big male up in the bow!

His son David was there to!Nice fish Davey!!

At least somebody was onboard today,,no names mentioned..


1-9-14 Well we finally made it back out after all that cold weather..The ocean was beautiful today,,flat calm and a nice clean green...When we left the river this morning the water temp.was 33 degrees,,,have not seen it that cold in a while...Some icebergs going out to see as well....Our first area we fished was lifeless,,just like last weekend..We needed to find some good life so we took a ride offshore and had warmer water and alot more life than we have been seeing lately...The perch were chewing which was a good sign,,,we caught a few blackfish but all were small,,,,what we did see was a few nice Codfish as you can see in the pics below,,and the guys who wanted to get some meat for dinner tried ling fishing and those that did were rewarded with some nice large size ling for dinner...We used gulp for em and even I went down and  nailed a half dozen pretty quick...Some also tried bergall strips and did well to...This is the time of year where we start catching some of these other species...Since the blackfish limit is down to 4 fish we will be fishing areas that not only have some real giant Togs,(,actually this is the time of year when we see all of our biggest blackfish come up)you will have the chance to catch a codfish or ling as well..I dont really see us fishing to shallow..probably 100-140ft so make sure you have some heavier lead...White crabs are available at our tackle shop here in the Belmar Marina if you want to use whites..WE supply the green crabs..see ya for coffee!!pics..

No big Blackfish but we will take some of these and ling instead!!Hopefully tomorrow we see some big white chins!!

1-8-14 I just came back from the ocean and it is flat calm and looking pretty..Its still pretty cold out but not to bad so tomorrow is looking even better...Phone has been ringing and the some guys have got the itch to get back out fishing so we are all set for tomorrow(thursday)..I already have enough guys to get back out there tomorrow so if your like me and cant wait to get out of the house we are all set to go!!..See ya for coffee in the morning..

1-7-14 Wow is this some cold weather???Well needless to say we did not fish the past few days,,,actually gonna cancel tomorrow as well..It is just to cold so we will give it another day to warm up..Thursday is looking like it will be the next nice day so we will shape up to fish from Thursday morning on through the weekend!!See ya then,,any questions feel free to give me a call,...

1-4-14 Another nice day ocean wise but still not much life on the bottom again today...Tough,,,very little life on each spot we stopped..Water had a greyish look to it..just a few ling,,,eels,,dogs,,etc...One keeper blackfish...no good...at all..I guess the snow messed things up for us up here,,.Well regardless we made a day of it and as for the next few days it does not look very promising.I will let you know here when I think the next nice day will be..

1-3-14 The ocean calmed down enough to actually give us a nice day ,,cold yes but the ocean was calm for the most part..The fish were not ready though,,,we did not catch much today,,the bottom was still I guess messed up from the storm...Pretty dull life on most spots we stopped...I am thinking that tomorrow we will have a better chew come our way,,and its supposed to warm up alot overnite..A little rain it sounds like tomorrow but we are good to go,,conditions look good again and I think we have a better bite tomorrow..See ya in the morning for coffee..

1-2-14  Well the wind came up much earlier than we wanted..Last nite by ten it started to blow out of the east...So we had to cancel the trip this morning...Tomorrow is canceled as well...Saturday looks nice,,,light west winds so that will be the next day to go out..Yesterday,, I just this picture of James of who took home another nice pool fish..He has been hard to beat lately!!See ya Saturday morning.

12-31-13 Last day of the year gave us nice conditions today..Cool out but the ocean was calm and the ground swell gone...Fishing was picky today,,few here,,few there,,,caught some nice fish up to 7-8lbs....I think we busted off some real jumbos,,never got to see em...You really had to work at it today to put a catch together.Some guys did,,,Pauly had his limit of keeper Togs,,Chris had 5 keepers,,,few others in the pics below had between 2-4 keepers,,,etc...some guys did have tough luck and were not in the game with keepers,,just some shorts of dogs and eels...So overall not a bad day,,could have been better for more guys but some of the guys did Ok..pics...Tomorrow we are on,,normal schedule...The weather looks good,,

Paul had his limit today of keepers..

Chris had 5 keepers..

Maybe the pool winner?

Half a spinning rod but still managed to catch one..


Dave had a couple of nice ones,,

one bonus codfish!!



12-30-13  As for today I had to take off due to a major leak in my living room from the rain yesterday,,,Joys of new house ownership...Capt.Dennis had the boat out and not sure how they ended up,,,thats old news anyway..Tomorrow we are on,,the weather looks great and I will be there in the morning for coffee!!See ya then..New years Day looks the same,,good weather up until Friday.

12-29-13 We ended up having a decent day overall..yeah it rained alot but the ocean was nice most of the day..Fish were chewing,,we picked away most of the day and caught some nice fish,,,high hooks had a limit plus,,middle had 3-4 keepers,low hooks had one or none but most caught fish.Check out some pics,,,tomorrow we are shaping up but the forecast is a little iffy..We shall see what it looks like in the morning..pics..

The pool winner!!both of em..

This week little Steve took the bigger version out with four nice keepers.

The professional!!Limited out..

12-28-13 Another nice day out today,,that breeze got pretty gusty but never got to rough,,Fishing was very slow for the most part..Up in the bow the guys did best,,,Blackfish Kenny caught 5 keepers,,he had the most luck today including the pool,,few others up there either got into some fish or shaved off some nice fish,,but around the boat most had a tough day with very limited bites let alone a keeper..So in the end some were happy with the bite and what we caught but most were not including me.Pool fish did take home a large pool worth over 600 bucks though..Tomorrow we looking good,,only maybe some rain which we dont care about..See ya for coffee..pics..

New name is Blackfish Kenny,,I think he is gunning for you Brazicki!!

First keeper Blackfish!

Your getting bigger!!

12-27-13 We had similar conditions today with the west winds and calm seas..Fishing was better though,,well let me say fishing was decent for some of the guys and not so good for others,,Just some guys or girls just could not get a good bite going..The way blackfishing usually is..Kenny and some of the others had it best up in the bow..Some good quality fish at that as you can see in the pics.Kenny had a limiit plus a few more helping out some in need who did not catch...some others had 3 or 4 up there,,,some nice fish in the back to,,Tom had two fish probably over 7-8lbs...few others had some nice fish,,,We also had a first timer to blackfishing catch a real nice fish over 8lbs I would guess..Tomorrow looks nice again,,see ya for coffee...Pics..

Kenny was on point and pulling on em most of the day.

Nice fish from the stern.


12-26-13 Pretty decent on the water today..Flat calm for the most part.West winds all day kept it that way.We caught some fish today,,a mix of shorts and keepers..Nothing great,,high hooks only had four keepers,,few three,,two..more ones and nones then what I would have liked to see.The pool fish were around 6-7 lbs.and I know Danny in the first picture took the five,James and Chris were gonna have to weigh the ten dollar at the dock,,it close..Any way,,white crabs worked best..some on the greens but those smaller whites with the softer shells worked best...,Crunching the crabs also helped draw a bite..Tomorrow looks nice,,,gonna be a nice day,,see ya for coffee in the morning..

12-23-13 We a decent day out today despite all the rain.Fish were chewing and we picked away most of the day..High hooks had a limit,,actually Joe was on fire today in this first picture and had his limit plus..He also lost a couple of big fish we never saw..Some others had 3,or 4 keepers,,some one etc.c...But overall it was a good day out for most on board..Even some first timers caught fish there first Togs including Birthday boy Damian who had three keepers..Pool fish around 8lbs.I would guess..Check out some pics..If you are interested in going tomorrow,christmas even give me a call..Im not seeing much interest in it from people so we shall see..Thursday the day after Christmas is a go,,the weather looks really nice..See ya then..

Joe was on fire today,,Caught em all day long.

Bob and his first nice blackfish..

Ritch was dialed in as well..

Birthday Boy had three keepers!!


12-22-13 We never got the wind they were talking about..A nice size ground swell but other than that a nice day...Fish were in the mood,,we had em biting pretty quick this morning..It was difficult to stay put on the anchors though.,,we did some manurvering..The winds dropped out and went west at one point in the day but it ended up turning again and went south late.That made it a bit challenging along with the swell..Some guys did well catching a limit,,,some had 4-5,,some one or two,,most got one..It was not easy though,,you really had to work it today..Sammy took the pool and had four keepers....I will say I saw the Hermit crabs work good for a change today,,along with the whites,,some on greens to.Tomorrow looks good!!!See ya for coffee in the morning!!pics.

Sammy took the pool home again today,,he has been tough to beat lately!!

Little Steve!

First blackfish ever..Congrats..

12-20-13 Pretty day on the water and warm. The fish were in the mood as soon as we started today,,Had em chewing all around the boat for the most part...Some nice bites,,both keepers and shorts..Some guys even limited out by late morning...They would back off and we would move and get some going again,,picked away at em most of the day..Some guys were hot and had fish all day including Blackfish Bobby who ended up with nearly a double limit..Some had 4,,5,or six,,some just had 2-3.few 1...Most caught,,I only think a couple had a tough day..Pretty good day for the most part I though with good spread of fish around the boat..We caught fish on both whites and greens today....and the fish were looking closely at the baits..It helped having a nice lighter leader and smooshing the crab a little with your foot..Check out some pics..Tomorrow looks good again,,so does Sunday with the winds staying some what out of the Sw..

Mr.O and Mr.Pahn had a cooler of real nice fish!

Wrecked Em...Nice Job boys.


12-19-13 The air warmed up today,pretty nice out here for late in December..We also had a decent swell out here coming form the south..Made fishing a little challenging.Not rough or anything,,just a little rolly..I thought the fishing was a bit of a struggle today,,,You had to be patient and stay at the rail and keep at it to get some fish.They were biting very scratchy some of the guys told me,,.A bit of luck I think helped to..Some guys had it,,high hooks had 4-5 keeper fish...Some had three,two,one etc...And some just had no luck and got the skunk..The dogs were out at times,,I think they spooked the fish a little as well...So in the end we caught some fish,,, I would have liked to seen it a bit better for more of the guys is all..Check out some pics..Tomorrow looks nice again,,and warmer!!!See ya for coffee..White crabs worked the best again today..and the pool fish I would guess went about 6lbs..

Bob had four nice ones..

The masked man had this nice fish!!

I think this fish is the one to beat!


12-18-13 We had some nice conditions on the water today,,calm ocean with only a light chop in all that breeze we had today...WE had fish coming to the net as soon as we stopped today to.Our first limit of blackfish was caught early on..Kevin took high hook with a  limit plus maybe four others.,,and a nice Codfish went in the mix..I believe Mr.O got his limit as well,few struggled and just could not get a hook in a fish,or got 1 or 2,it was a strange bite today..We lost alot of fish that just pulled the hook,,probably lip hooked...They were being careful eating the baits..Some others had 3-4 keepers as well so it was a decent day..I can say to that we busted off some real big fish as well but the two pool fish in the first two pics below were nice weighing in at just under 11 lbs..White leggers were the best..Tomorrow looks nice again,,heading back out after some of those big fish we lost today!!!!!pics...

Gonna be a close pool between these two.

Joe had some real nice ones as well.

Bonus Codfish showed up!

12-17-13 We had a coating of snow this morning when we left the dock,,didnt stop people from coming down though...this is blackfish weather,,especially with light winds..I cant say we got into a very good bite,,we picked at some fish..The fish were sluggish for some reason,,,just did not get as many bites as I though we would..We did catch some fish but it was moslty the guys who really worked it and had a little bit more experience than others..Mr.O had a limit plus,,but the others for the most part had 1-4 keepers and some got the skunk...Dogfish I think played a role in hurting us a little today..Regardless it was still a nice day,,check out some pics..See ya tomorrow for coffee...

Mr.O was on target again today including this double header.

Jumbo 5 dollar winner.

Danay caught her first keeper!

Shot at the ten?


12-16-13 Much nicer on the ocean today,,only a handful of guys showed up to fish,,guess the cold scared most away but when the sun was up it was not bad out fishing at all..We caught some quality fish today,,almost no shorts.Usually you kept it if you hooked it..We had fish up 10lhs,,,most in the 4-5lb.range..Tommy had high hook with a limit plus of quality fish..Few others had 4-6,,,and a few had two or one etc...Nice day out with not many people..Pics..See ya tomorrow..

Jumbo,,beautiful fish..

Jimmy had 5 nice ones..

Charles had 4 nice fish as well..

Tommy limited out early..

12-15-13 The winds dropped out around 3am this morning and it was calm when we left the dock..The ground swell was there waiting for us at the inlet,,quality surf peeling off either side of the inlet.After we cleared it was actually a nice ride out ,,just a big swell...Anchored up we had fish come up pretty quick..Picked some nice fish and throwbacks,,white leggers were key,,not much action on the green..The winds really started howling and it was hard to feel the bite but most of the guys who had some experience were catching fish...James was high hook with 7 nice fish,,and the pool..Few others had it tough and caught only dogs but a good portion caught fish..Given the swell size and the winds I was happy with what we landed but it was a nasty day out there.The swell is almost gone when we came in and tomorrow is looking much nicer ..See ya in the morning for coffee..pics

Cranky out but three fish coming to the net here..

12-14-14 We made our way out in moderate seas,,,blowing about 20 out of the Ne..Seas went about 3-4ft.Got anchored up and had the fish coming pretty quick..Actually our pool winner I believe got his limit by ten oclock..Other scattered fish around the boat but it started to snow and got pretty cranky out and made it hard to feel the bite,, but still fishable..Made a few moves after the bite died.,,,I noticed we lost a couple of nice fish and the bite stopped,,we made another move and still had some fish coming but by about 1pm it got pretty ugly out so  I decided to catch the tide at the inlet and we came in a bit earlier than usual but we got most of the day in.The fish were there and in the mood even though the waves got pretty big!!So,,,,,,tomorrow we go!!!I think this will blow over tonite and go west late tonite and we should be good..So see ya for coffee...Its all rain down the shore here now...See ya in the morning..

12-13-13 I took a day off to take the family up to Manhattan yesterday,that is why I had no report..Got back late but the boat was out with only a small crowd..I dont know really how good they did but I do know the pool fish was up about ten pounds and one person did have a limit of fish...Today we made out with a nice a nice group of guys and in my book had decent fishing...Some guys were hot and one gentlemen even limited out by ten am...Others were not so hot and struggled early on but most managed to get into the  game and get keepers later in the morning or afternoon at some point...So in the end the run down is....High hook had over a limit plus,,,few had 5 keepers,,few had 4 keepers,,,some three,,some two,,some one,,maybe one or two got the skunk...White crabs worked best but I know of one angler that caught 5 keepers on green crabs.Also I will point out as is the case many times with blackfishing,, some guys(no need to name names)who usually do really well had some of the lower hooks today,,no ryhme or reason for it just did not do well....In my book overall we did good today for a decent size crowd,,Check out some pics,,,,as for tomorrow a few of you called and yes of course we are going fishing@!!!!See ya for coffee,,rain or shine..First picture here is Mark who took home both pools today with this nice Fish!!

Mr.O maxed out early today!!

Mr.Pahn was right next to him..

Some quality dinner..

Pauly had 5 today..

Maybe not the pool but a nice one!

Better late than never!!

Pretty work for two guys..I will say this,,the high hooks had these little beads above their hooks??Go figure.

12-11-13 Flat calm again,,hard west winds kept it that way...Very chilly but it was like Florida inside the Cabin!!We managed a decent today with the Togs,,3-4 guys caught their limit of Blackfish,,some had 2-4,,some did have a tough time today though,,just could not get into some keepers...More of a picky bite today,,good south current was the culprit but we did catch some fish for the most part..Check out some pics,,both greens and whites worked today..Some fish on both..Herbi caught the pool fish that was about 5-6lbs..I would guess..It looks like another nice tomorrow!!Pics..

Herbi had the pool fish..

Bobby had his limit..

Three including one on the whistle!!

Will had his limit!!

12-10-13 The ocean was flat calm with a nice light breeze today,,,the snow came and went but overall very good conditions..Only a handful of guys showed up to fish,,shame cause it was a perfect day to blackfish and they had the feedbag on...Good fishing all around with some big fish mixed in as you can see in the pics..Up to 12lbs.like the fish we had last week and the whole boat was limited out..Tomorrow is gonna be cold again so dress warm..We are heading back out in the morning,,see ya for coffee if you decide to come,,I have the cabin nice and warm..Trust me I will be in it..pics.


12-8-13 Some snow we have out here fishing this afternoon..Have not seen it like this in a while..The boys all showed up to today to fish from Njfishing.com and there was alot of competition down there..Fishing was very picky,,few here,few there,,throwbacks,,no real great spot where we could keep everyone in the game.,,We had to settle into just some of the guys picking at the fish,,,Few did manage to get there limit of keepers,,,,Blackfish Bobby and River bass fishing were tied at the end and we stayed late to see if we could get a winner but I think they stayed tied...Few other had 2,3,or maybe 4 keepers but alot of 1 fish catches and some guys even got the skunk..No need to mention any of those names...The pool fish was about 6-7lbs..nothing real big,,I think we had a couple of pigs on but got shaved off..In the end a nice day out with a great group of guys...  Tomorrow is a no fish day,,,gonna stay in and do some maintenance..Tuesday looks like the next good day..

12-7-13 Nice day overall,,good ocean conditions...We had to deal with some current though,,strong north tide kept us in the 10-12 oz..range with the sinkers...We did pick away at the fish today,,for the group as a whole I was happy with what we caught..Couple of guys had a limit,,including Kenny the Fluker  who is in the first picture below..He also nailed this Jumbo Tog that went 12lbs.on the digital scale..(aka who is gonna be called kenny the Tog now after today and he wanted to pose just for you Mikey!,,),,,,,Tommy in the next pic had a big male that was just under Kennys,..Others had fish to,,some 3-5,,some one,,only a few had the skunk..Decent amount of life most places we stopped..Check out some pics,,,,REMEMBER TOMORROW WE ARE BOOKED FULL FOR A TOURNAMENT..Monday looks iffy as of now to,,I will let you know in tomorrows report..


12-6-13 Rainy but warm,,,that changed by 10am..front came through and it was cold and wet,,nice size ground swell to but pretty calm for the most part.What I call perfect Blackfish Conditions..The weather kept most people away today,,only had a very small crowd show up to fish..Shame cause fishing was really good for some big blackfish...Guys had limits early in the morning and kept going..High hook landed 16 keepers,,another had 15..Alot of quality fish in the 4-7lb.range and pool fish about 9lbs...White leggers were key,,thats what they wanted today for the most part..Check out some pics..See ya in the Am for coffee...THIS SUNDAY WE ARE  BOOKED FOR A PRIVATE BLACKFISH TOURNAMENT..SO NO OPEN BOAT SUNDAY..TOMORROW IS GOOD THOUGH.

Andre was dialed in with fish all day long.Maxed out early in the morning.

The boys filled a garbage can up with all nice fish.

Check out this big male,,he came up with Andres rig in his mouth that he broke off earlier..


12-5-13 Holy Fog!!!Looked like spring time out here this morning..Socked in,,kinda weird for December.Flat calm to start but I noticed a swell start by around 11 this morning coming out of the east.We had the tide ripping as well,,It made anchoring a little challenging at times..Fishing was really great for some and not so great for others..As I whole I was not that happy,,,dont get me wrong we caught some really nice fish and good numbers for some..Blackfish Bobby was dialed in as usual and had a double limit of nice blackfish along with numerous shorts and boy did he bust off some big fish,,one fish he could just not stop,,I think he is gonna have nightmares about that one...Couple others had limits,,few had 3-4,,one etc..but alot of guys just were not in the game..Experience played a big role today..But the bow definately had the best action.Check out some pics..See ya tomorrow.

Skip took home our private pool with some really nice fish..He four nice fish like these.

Bobby was as usual ripping them off the bottom.

Yuginn was boxed up to.


12-4-13 Another really pretty day,,flat calm,warm.Water temp back up to 48 degrees due to the warm air we have had past few days..We had an allstar cast show up due to the nice conditions..Fishing was decent overall..sectional,,,but decent for most...One drop the bow was into the bite and you would watch some real nice fish come to the net,,,another drop and the stern had all the action..No real reason for any of it but thats the way it works sometimes..The good part was most everyone got in the game and caught fish at some point.,,,it was just really hot or cold today depending on your location on the boat..The current swung Ne instead of north and today all the fish were quality for the most part.A good number of fish were in the 3-6lb.range and pool maybe 8lbs.,,and the high hooks had 4-5 keepers,,,some had 2-3,,and only a few got the skunk.Even some of the first timers who never blackfished got into a bite at the end of the day and managed to a get a few to keep..Green crab worked but I think the white crabs overall did do best..Check out some pics...see ya tomorrow..It looks good.


12-3-13 Flat calm,,very nice..Had life pretty quick this morning but limited to an area just up front of the boat..Few keepers.,,some short life here and there,,just a pick..Stayed that way most of the day,,overall it was tough for most,,but still high hook did catch a limit...a few had a couple.some only had shorts...No amount of big fish like yesterday..Tomorrow looks good again,,see ya in the morning..

12-2-13 Talk about a pretty day,,man it was nice out there today..Flat calm,,almost to calm..Lack of wind kept the anchors loose but we did have some current to hold on the spots for the most part..We caught some real quality today,,,some good numbers to...One of the high hooks today had a limit of blackfish before 10 am...Dennis was dialed in,,the first picture below is him and his fish that was putting the scale upwards near 12 lbs...He about 6-7 others that were all quality in the 3-8lb.range..Next pic is Danny and he had quite a few nice ones to,,actually caught his limit plus 4...Others guys had different catches,,,a few just could not get dialed in today and struggled..others had 2,3,4 keepers etc....Overall we caught some really nice fish as you can see in the pics below and I was happy with the bite today...Check out some of the fish from today,,,,we are going back at it tomorrow!!!    Both greens and whites worked good today..

Dennis and his big moose!!he had one heck of a cooler full of nice fish..

Danny was on fire today as well...Cooler full of nice fish..

Mark was getting warmed up for the tournament on Sunday,,

Johnny caught some many he was letting them go out the scupper!!

Ahhhh,,the agony of defeat victim the other day came back today to redeem!!and he did!

Johnny back in the game..

12-1-13 We got into some decent bites as soon as we got tight on the anchors this morning..Up in the bow the guys were setting up on the blackfish pretty quick..Both shorts and keepers,,,it looked pretty good,,Most of the day we had fish coming up somewhere around the boat..Some guys were hot catching a limit plus,,some had five keepers..some had none and struggled,,some had three,,two, keepers..Some had twenty fish just different ratios for different folks..As a whole I thought it was good for a nice size crowd..We caught fish on both whites and greens today....Tomorrow I like the weather again,,its really nice out here as we come home...See ya for coffee...pics..

First two keepers!!!

11-30-13 We made our way in decent conditions,,small heave out of the east but not bad.,..We got into the fish pretty quick again today but I did notice that we did alot of recycling today..More than yesterday...But still it was pretty good life..We just pounded away through the shorts...In the end we did have a high hook with 9 keepers..we also had guys with 25 fish but only a few keepers..Seemed like the best was up in the bow area..stern was in the game but the bow was better,,the middle of the boat struggled,,I did not see as much activity there but I also think the guys who were more experienced  today had the edge as is the case alot of times..Pool fish was around 5-6 lbs.today,,The weather looks good again tomorrow and Monday!!!See ya for coffee..Pics..


Representing the Blackfish Assassins!!!

The thrill of victory here,,Jimmy might take home the money with this nice one,,,,Kenny in the backround with a beer saying "the agony of defeat"!


11-29-13 Blackfish weather to a tee today..Light breeze,,cold but flat calm....We had very good blackfishing today,,,all around the boat we had good life..Loads of bites for the most part.Pretty much all day except the first drop the boat was into a bite of some kind...We had a high hook with ten keeper blackfish..We also had some who got no keepers..Everything in between...Good amount of shorts but different today than earlier in the week was no fish were real big,,,Most of the keepers were in the  2-3lb.range..Im not complaining one bit,,it was good overall for the boat as a whole..The best bait today were the green crabs,,especially the small ones..Small baits today yielded the most fish..Those fishing the big whites I thought got outfished..Tomorrow I like the weather,,its gonna be nice again..See ya for coffee..check out some pics..

Our high hooker!!Nice job today..

The Tog team..

You can see alot of the fish are similar in size,,gonna be alot of weigh in for the money..Big one to worth over 500 bucks..

11-26-13 Another very good day of quality blackfishing..Just check out some pics,,,white crabs were the key today,,guys who had em were into the fish all day long with our first limit reached before lunchtime..All quality fish as you can see below...    The weather tomorrow is no good...A giant low pressure is gonna give us a really big south swell through Wednesday nite....By Thursday its gonna blow Nw but the ground swell is gonna be big so stay home Wednesday and Thursday due to the rough seas..Its gonna blow itself out by Thursday Nite so we are looking real good for Friday morning..See ya then..pics...

Pete and his Moose here took home the money today..He had quite a catch of all Jumbo Togs..

Bruce just kept catching em all day long..

Johnny was back on em today to.

Pete had six like these.


11-25-13 Flat calm today,,very nice but chilly...Light west winds all day long kept it nice on the anchor.Fishing was hot right our the gate this morning..Nice blackfish were jumping on the crabs...whites worked well.... probably better than the greens but we caught on greens to..First customer limited out by 10:30am..At the end we had a really nice catch of quality fish as you can see in the end..Most limited out if not very close..Looks good for tomorrow again,,see ya for coffee..Check out some pictures..

Dj nailed this piggy on a white crab..

Tony got dialed in at the end of the day.

This fish at the end of the day probably took home the money..


11-23-13 Well we had pretty decent ocean conditions,,windy but the ocean was calm with the wind Nw breeze...Fishing was slow,,nothing like we had this week..Mostly small fish today,,good for some..high hook had twenty fish,,two were keepers...But others had it tough and only caught a few or none...Any way overall a tough day for most...Pool fish was small maybe 2-3 lbs...See ya tomorrow!!Dress warm,,its gonna be COLD!!!!

11-22-13 Really nice ocean conditions today..Swell was gone for the most part,,winds went south and then west this afternoon.Fishing was decent again today,,some really nice fish came to net again..A few of the guys had a limit plus,,and the pool scale had some real Jumbos hanging on it at the end of the day.Problem was the fish were very picky,,,those who were dialed in and fished the white leggers today caught fish..Those who did not had a tough day and watched a few others catch em..Overall good for some today and tough for others..Check out some pics,,its gonna be windy this weekend but out of the west so we are fishing everyday since we are not fishing far off the beach..See ya in the morning..

Blackfish Bobby put on his usual show today..Limited out on some real nice fish.

Marty was hot today as well and his limit plus..all nice fish.

Bobby nailed a few to eat as well..

Check out this Piggy...Gonna be tough to beat him at the scale..

This one might be close.Check out that snaggle tooth..

Way to hang in there and get a couple for dinner.

Two nice ones as well!!!


11-21-13 We had an all star cast show up today to get into some blackfishing...Light winds but we did have a small heave out of the Ne still lingering from yesterday...Fishing was good for us again as you can see in the pictures below..Scattered around the boat we put a solid catch of nice blackfish in for a nice size group of guys and girls..From the first stop to the last we banged away at some nice fish,,and quite a few throwbacks...we had some dull moments as well and then they would bite again,,made a few moves etc...But in the end a really nice day.Different ranges of catches as it ususlly goes with a nice crowd but overall a very productive day with some real quality fish...Just check  out some of the pics,,

Herbi battled it out with Lenny and ended up in a tie with 5 keepers each..

3 keepers.

Johnny was on fire today with the big Togs!!!Alot to prove now DJ..

Bobby started out early and had four nice size fish as well!!Whitechins!!

Not to be outdone,,Willy pulled it out in the end with some nice fish!!

4 keepers but boy did catch alot of fish today that just missed..

Two nice Roasters!!

Way to stick with it Linden..

This moose was biggest of the trip..


11-20-13 Ne winds,,pretty gusty this morning..It gave the ocean a nice chop to it..Seas went about 2-4ft on the ride out..Still overall pretty comfortable..Got set up and after a few minutes we had the first blackfish start chewing.....all morning long we had a pretty good bite going on,it died off a bit at lunch and we moved and started em up again...All around the back half of the boat(most were huddled there due to the wind)guys were getting some great bites...When the fish wanted the bait they really came after it,,even after swinging and missing you could drop back and get em to bite again...Some guys were real hot and caught 15 Togs,,,best had about 4-5 keepers out of it,some also had quite a few fish maybe 12 and only got one keeper out of it..,,,but almost everyone was in the chew and went home with fish.Pool fish went about 6lbs.and they chewed both the greens and white crabs today..Check out some pics,,,see ya tomorrow,,it looks good again!!!

The atlantic city boys were up to do some Toggin..

11-19-13 Very windy,,and cold today.Perfect blackfish weather..The fish were chewing today as soon as we came tight on the anchors....We caught both size fish today,,some nice quality fish in the 6-7 lb.range and quite a few throwbacks as well..Everything inbetween...Even some of the rental rods today caught a few keepers....along with some who caught there limit...Today they chewed everything ,,,,,,greens,whites,even the tiger crabs...Check out some pics..See ya tomorrow.

Danny had two of the biggest,,maybe the pool not sure yet.

These two might be close as well to taking the money...This happy customer had a nice big limit of Togs.

Hot Dog Tony a nice Tog and a nice sea bass that was lost today..

The belmar crew loaded up today as well...

Check out this cooler full of whitechins..


11-17-13 Pretty similar conditions to yesterday,,flat calm,light winds..Difference  today was the fish were hungry..As soon as we stopped today we had fish coming to the rail...Loads of bites most of the day,,a few lulls but overall if you were casting out and working the area you had no problem getting some good bites...A number of guys had a dozen to fifteen blackfish today,,,the size could have been better,,alot of the fish were 14 to just under 15 inches that just missed the mark but still we had some nice fish in between..Even some of the rental rods today caught a few keepers,,Tomorrow is a little iffy but we shall see what it looks like in the morning..See ya for coffee...pics..

Sammy took home the pool fish today,,he had 3 or 4 nice keepers..Numerous shorts..

Kimmy was in the game to..

Little Steven was showing people how to catch em today..


11-16-13 The ocean was nice today for our first day of blackfishing,,,anchored up and had some short life right away,,few keepers...Did not last long and the bite died out,,made lots of moves and still had very little life..The fish were just not in the mood..couple of the guys did catch some fish regardless,,Tommy had four keepers,,Gino had three keepers,,,and the pool fish here below all came from up in the bow..But for most it was a really tough day with not many bites.Tomorrow is another day though,,the weather looks real nice,,see ya in the am..

Our pool winner!!

Tommy had four nice keepers!

Gino had three keepers..

11-15-13 Much nicer day today weather wise,,,seas were nice..Water has made it down to 53 degrees..We did alot of manuvering today looking for some nice sea bass...Alot of shorts again today,,you had to weed through em to get into some nice fish..Some guys had 30 fish and the average keeper range was 5-10 keepers in there..Some real quality fish mixed in ,,check out the pictures..So overall a decent day out with everyone going home with some nice sea bass...We also had some nice porgies mixed in as well...Tomorrow we are looking good for our first blackfish trip of the fall season..See ya in the morning..

Jumbo for Leo!!Hollywood!!

11-14-13 Lumpy and breezy conditions today but the sea bass fishing was pretty decent again...You had to weed through some shorts and some dogfish but we managed to catch some real quality fish as well and some most of the guys and girls had decent numbers..Tomorrow is the last chance to get sea bass before we start blackfishing on saturday..Looks good ,,,see ya in the morning for our last day of sea bass until the spring..pics.

Lenny says eat it Herbi!

11-13-13 The wind and cold kept all the people away Tuesday and Wednesday..I like the winds for Thursday and Friday,,last chance to get some sea bass before Blackfishing starts on Saturday..So see ya in the morning,,,it looks good...Last chance for Sea Bass!!!

11-11-13 We had a nice group of people today show up for the Veterans Holiday today.Really pretty day on the water..Fishing was alot more picky today for us than the past few days..You really had to weed though the shorts today to get into some keepers for dinner..The blues and dogfish at times were really putting a damper on things as well..No lack of action today I can tell you that..We caught alot of different fish today and even a lobster!The lobster had eggs so that went back and we caught a really big striped bass today but that had to go back to because we were outside of the three mile limit.We did catch some nice sea bass again though just not as many numbers as previous days,,,high hook today had about ten,,but alot only had 3-4 etc....still a good day out and most everyone went home with some fish...See ya tomorrow..pics.

Blackfish Doug is gonna be tough to beat for the pool with this nice one..

Nice Tog at the end of the day for Marty.

Check out the size of some of the blues that were chomping on our sea bass.

Nice one to be released for another day..


11-10-13 Another good day on the sea bass grounds..Decent action with some real nice sea bass coming over the rail as you can see in the set of pictures below.It was windy though,,was blowing a good 25-35 kts.this afternoon.Ocean got a bit sporty this afternoon but out of the west so it was not to bad..Its actually gonna knock the swell down here tontie..Tomorrow looks real nice again,,,gonna head back out and get in to some sea bass again!See ya in the morning...

Mike was putting a hurting on em today

Pat got his blackfish!



11-9-13 The winds finally took a break today and the ocean was flat calm with no ground swell..Fishing was very good for the sea bass again today,,We made quite a few drops and pounded away at each spot..All around the boat we would have fishing coming to the rail..Again you had to weed through the fish that just missed the mark but mixed in we caught alot of nice keepers..Singles,,double headers,,we would have some really nice moments,,Some spots would die quick and we would move while others we got to sit and pound away until the dogfish or bluefish started eating eveything up.In the end we had a nice catch of fish for the crowd onboard..Some nice porgies mixed in as well but mostly sea bass..Check out some pics from today!!!Tomorrow the winds are back up a bit but that is not gonna stop us,,back to the sea bass grounds tomorrow..See ya in the morning for coffee...pics.

Sammy took home the pool with this Jumbo..

Little Steve and big Steve were dialed in today..

Double header.

Another nice double!!Great Job today!

Big double header!

11-8-13 Gusty Nw winds today...Alot cooler out as well..Looked alot like winter but the water is still pretty warm..58 degrees off the beach.. Ocean was not bad though,,maybe 2-3ft.seas..Mostly in a chop..Winds gusting up to about 30mph...Fishing was real good again today,,,lots of life on all the spots we stopped on..Sea bass mostly,,some real nice ones...You did have to weed through some shorts to get at em but in the end we put real nice catch of fish on the boat with everyone going home with a nice bag of fillets for the frying pan..Dont know exact high hooks but some were close to a limit of bass.Some porgies in the mix as well...Check out the pics from today...I like tomorrows forecast again!!Its gonna be nice!!See ya in the morning..

Breaking in the new rod!

Nice Chop.

The kids had a blast today.

Double headers..

Pool fish maybe/

Nope,i think this one is the pool.


11-7-13 A moderate ground swell out of the south today,,no wind to really speak of until late in the day..Some rain,,kind of a dreary day but still it was good to be out..Fishing was Ok..again,,most drops today had life on em,,few were duds but overall good sea bass fishing..Had to weed through some shorts to get to the keepers but it decent overall with everyone going home with fish,,Some porgies mixed in again,,Check out some pics,,see ya tomorrow!!

Oliver was cranking in fish all day!!

His dad to!

The boys were representing today!


11-6-13 We had a decent gang show to take advantage of the nice weather.Made our way out in really nice ocean conditions..Fishing was not as good as previous days...Today saw alot of fish that missed the mark,,quite a few 11-12 inch fish..Yes we caught keepers to,,some nice fish mixed in but I had to do alot of manuvering from spot to spot to start building up some fish for the people...We would make a drop and see fish come up quickly around the boat.,,then it would slow down and we would have to move..We put in a long day and in the end we ended up with a decent catch just not real high numbers for any individual but I think most had enough to get a nice dinner out of,,again some porgies mixed in and a few togs...We are heading back out in the morning...See ya for coffee!!Check out some pics..

Henry with a nice double header!

Hugh with a Jumbo!

Herbi had to go to Hollywood!

11-5-13 Just like yesterday without the big seas.Nice ocean conditions,,,.Very good fishing again today for the sea bass.....All around the boat we banged away at most drops today with some nice quality fish coming over the rail..Everyone went home with some real quality fish to eat..Check out the pics,,,Tomorrow looks good again,,see ya for coffee..