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Party Boat Fishing from the Belmar Marina ● OceanExplorerBelmar.com


If no reports are coming up,might have problem with website but we are fishing everyday.....remember to refresh your browser to get updated reports..ALL DAY FISHING IS 60 DOLLARS ADULT AND 55 DOLLARS FOR A SENIOR....35 CHILD UNDER 12..WE HAVE GROUP DISCOUNTS AND WE DO HAVE PRIVATE AFTERNOON TRIPS IF YOU HAVE A GROUP YOU WOULD LIKE TO TAKE OUT...JUST CALL FOR DETAILS..


7-24-14 Nice out here again today,,flat calm but did we have some current to deal with..It was ripping down the beach...Made it a bit tough but we did catch fish today,,just alot of the fish were throwbacks....Could have used a better ratio of keepers to shorts but it was action...We did have a pool fish about 6-7lbs..and a few others 3-4 lbs..Other scattered keepers and some nice sea bass....Just not enough to go around....Still a  nice day,,,see ya tomorrow!!Pics..

7-23-14 Another really nice morning,,,flat calm.light sw breeze and a nice drift...Started out with the fluke chewing well...Scattered around the boat we had fluke coming to the net,.Decent amount of shorts,,with some nice fish mixed in...The guys up front casting the jigs and teasers did the best nailing most of the nicer fish,,again the rental rods and guys dragging bait were into mainly shorts like yesterday..The winds came up late morning and shut the bite down but I was happy with what I saw early on..pics..Tomorrow looks nice with North winds!!!!Should be good..See ya for coffee..

Maybe the pool fish?We shall see...Gulp Grub..

Nice fish Kid!!

Quality fish....

Tony was dialed in with the Glo Squidos,,,double header keepers,,He had four keepers for the day...

Leo broke the curse!

Our Hollywood couple!!!


7-22-14 Sorry for the late report..Lots of things going on today but anyway we had a really nice day ocean wise..Flat calm early on,,winds got a little gusty in the afternoon but we were on our way home by the time it got choppy...Fishing was good for us but we were cursed with the short fluke today,,,most of what we caught just missed and we had throw em back...not nearly what I would have liked to keep.George hit the pool with a fish in the 3lb.range,,sorry did not get a pic...Oh well tomorrow is another day,,see ya in the morning!!Water hit 72 degrees today!!

7-21-14 At least we had an improvement today,,swell died down from yesterday and while the fishing was still not good at least each drift we had some short fluke with a keeper or two each drift...Throw in a few nice sea bass and it was enough to keeper us interested..I think it will improve even more tomorrow...The ocean is really nice out here as well which helps..Especially after yesterday..Check out some pics,,see ya tomorrow!!

7-20-14 The ocean was lumpy,,we had a very fast drift,,and we caught hardly anything...That pretty much sums the day up...See ya tomorrow!!

7-19-14 A nice crowd of new people onboard today,,good to see some new faces to fishing...Ocean was beautiful and we just had a slow pick at some fluke and sea bass.Nothing special but we did catch some fish,,check out some pics,,See ya for coffee tomorrow!

A nice pool fish!!

Two nice keepers!!

Some nice sea bass onboard today!


7-18-14 Weather Gods gave us another nice day on the water...Fishing was decent in the morning for us,,,had flukes coming up pretty quick first thing,,both keepers and shorts..Never got good but we did manage to pick a few fish here and there with most drift getting some keepers,.,,Best one had maybe 5 keepers...couple only one or two..Some nice sea bass mixed in...In the end...some guys did ok...High hook had three keeper fluke,,and some bass...Pool fish went about 7lbs.I would guess..I think Ray is gonna win the pool in the first pic below..Some had two or one keepers and some got none....Check out some pics....See ya tomorrow!!

Bobby Going Hollywood!!

7-17-14 Some beautiful weather out there today,,flat calm,,still a light ground swell but not bad...Water warmed up,,67 degrees most of the day....We did have alot of current to deal with today,,,the boat was drifting kinda funny but we did manage.....Best drift we had maybe 5 keepers,,,few had just one or two....Gilbert had high hook with three nice keeper fluke and a sea bass,,,We actually had some decent sea bass come up at times,,,,even more than the fluke I would say,,,I think Ronnie won the pool in the first pictue below,,he had two keepers..So overall,,,nothing great but we did catch some fish,,,just not enough for everyone,,,some nice sea bass filled in some gaps which helped...I think we could have done alot better if the current was not ripping like it was....Check out some pics,,,see ya for coffee tomorrow!!!

I think Ron is gonna take home a nice pool today!!

Nice fish Jimmy!!

7-16-14 The ocean was decent today,,,had Nw winds which we have not seen in a while....Small ground swell though gave it a small roll...The heave along with the current I though hurt the bite for us early on... Pretty dull to start today,,,not many shorts and a keeper here and there..Had more sea bass than fluke early on....then late in the day we had some better fishing take place with a steady pick of fluke coming up,,, best drift we had three nice keepers and one of em about 5-6lbs.which took the pool,,but we had quite a few fish that just missed 18 inches so it was an improvement at least and I was happy to see it..Shaping up to be good tomorrow I think,,,,See ya for coffee,,forecast looks great!!pics..

Not a bad catch and a really nice pool fluke!!


7-14-14 Weatherman got us again,,Flat calm,,no rain out here...Only a small crowd came down thanks to the weather service..Very light drift,,clean cool water...Fishing was slow,,,,few shorts,,not even that many to speak of,,,,few keepers,,,nothing good...Some sea bass and ling,,,,but we did manage to get the net around a really nice fluke that is probably in the neighborhood of 9-10 lbs.I would guess..We shall see when I get in,,,Probably a new seasonal pool leader!!Check him out below.....Heading back out tomorrow,,see ya in the morning...

7-13-14 We had a pretty tough day overall...Cold water,,,lots of wind and a fast drift...Some shorts here and there,,,occasional keeper but not many,,,especially in the morning....We had our best drifts late in the day where we had four keepers on one...But overall not a very productive day with the keepers..We split the pool today between the ten and five.....Maybe 3-4lb.pool winners...check out some pics....See ya tomorrow!!

Five dollar winner!!

The kids had a good time today!!

I forgot this one from yesterday!Double header keepers!!


7-12-14 We had a nice gang show up to take advantage of the beautiful weather today...Made our way out in calm seas and fog early on believe it or not...It burned off and it was beautiful out all day...Not much in the way of a drift with no breeze until late in the day..Again the guys dragging bait or the rental rods struggled today..The guys casting jigs were into the action most of the day,,,fair amount of shorts and some keepers mixed in but nothing like we had yesterday...Few guys hads three keepers,,,few two,but not enough to go around....Overall it was slow for the crowd we had but still the guys jigging picked at some fish,,,the pool fish were around 5-6lbs.again and the winner took home a Jumbo pool worth over 970 bucks!I like tomorrrow,,its gonna be nice!!See ya for coffee...

7-11-14 We had good fishing today,,,I was happy with it...Some real nice quality fish came to the net for the guys fishing the jigs with a grub teaser...Few dragging baits again but the jigging outfished the bait dragging by a long shot...Very light drift and casting a 1oz.jig with a teaser was the way to go...High hooks had 4 four keepers,,,,few fish went over 6-7lbs....and quite a few fish over 4lbs.scattered around the boat...Just check out some of these nice ones here below...See ya tomorrow!   and....we have alot of reservations for tomorrow,,,not many for sunday but tomorrow we are gonna be busy so if you are gonna come I would get here early..See ya for coffee...

7-10-14 Today north current,,warmed the water up where we have been fishing and we had much better fishing..Pool fish up about 8 pounds caught by Hugh in the first picture below...Ralphy had another fish about 6lbs....other nice fish in the 2-4lb.range..Gilbert was high hook with 4 nice keepers.. Today the key was casting around,,lighter tackle seemed to do good,,,small bucktails with nuclear chicken gulp worked very good on the teasers....Those who fished that way caught most of the fish,,,,rental rods and bait draggers struggled a bit but still some caught some nice fish on dragging baits...Just not everyone caught fish today but overall I was happy with what we caught..Look forward to tomorrow!!See ya for coffee...pics..

Hugh took the Jumbo out today!!Maybe new seasonal leader?


Ralphy had one a few pounds less..

Nice combo!

Skip had a couple of nice ones..

Gilbert had four nice ones,,we pulled out both nuclear baits of his mouth...A little hungry ya think??

The kids were in on the action today to!!

Herbi pulled one out at the end to represent!!

oops,,forgot this from yesterday..


7-9-14 Ritchie nailed the pool today with this fat one about 6lbs..

Overall fishing was nothing like yesterday,,,A ripping current from the Se turned the bite off and it was pretty dull...Our best drift was 3 keepers but other than that it was 1 a  drift even a few with none..Timmy Valente had high hook with 2 keepers I believe..The ocean stayed nice though,,I was happy we did not get that strong south wind today..Tomorrow looks great with west winds and nice weather forecasted so see ya for coffee in the morning..

Billy had a nice one as well.


7-8-14 We had a much better chew today,,,alot more bites with both shorts and keepers...Water was frigid until we got a few miles off the beach,,,it was 53 degrees inshore but when we got to the grounds a tide change warmed it up to 67...Our best drift we had 7 keepers,,,few had just 2-3 but most we caught fish to go home with..some nice fish in the 2-4lb.class and the pool fish is probably 5lbs..I could not get everyone onboard keepers but spread out we had catches of 2-3 here and there,,some one and some just shorts but overall a decent day..Check out some pics,,,caught fish on both jigs and bait dragging..Tomorrow looks good again with southwest breeze like we had today..Oh,and it was not hot at all today out here..See ya tomorrow for coffee!!nice pics!


The kids caught some nice ones today!!

Berkley penn combo on gulp squido nailed this one..3/8 palmer Jig as well..

Squido palmer jig again...

Gilbert had two fat ones like this.


7-7-14 Pretty day today,,,never hot out here with the breeze...Fishing was good but the keeper size was not there for us today,,Most of what we caught we had to throw back,,quite a few of last years model...Pool winning fish was nice about 4-5lbs...But overall not alot of keepers onboard today...Tomorrow hopefully they chew a little better!!See ya then!!

Nice pool winner!!

7-6-14 The nice steady Southwest breeze kept the boat moving along covering some ground and right where we had some nice keepers coming in yesterday they were waiting today,,,Some nice fish to,,,Ray Egloff nailed a 8lb.oz.fish to take the over the seasonal pool...We also had rental rod catch 4 keepers so the fish were there,,every drift the boat had keepers coming along with shorts..A little deeper as well,,,I noticed the fish moving off a little last week and they seem to be holding deeper in tight to all the hard bottom up north...It looks good tomorrow with more Southwest winds again...see ya for coffee..pics.

Ray took the pool and the seasonal lead..


Four keepers on a rental rod!!

7-5-14 Overall not very productive keeper wise today but a big improvement from yesterday..We had a quick drift early on and had to stay in close..Few keepers and some shorts,,,,nothing special...Eventually it died down a bit and we moved deeper and had a drift with three keepers and shorts mixed in,,a few 1 and two keeper drifts,,still not good but better...I think it will be even better tomorrow!!!It is flat calm out here today,,,the swell is gone....The next few days look really nice,,check out some pics..See ya tomorrow..

Biggest of the day!



7-4-14 The rain held off until late in the day,,and the ocean was pretty calm even though we had strong storm offshore of us..The drift early on was managable and we had a few keepers early in the day but the  current started ripping us along so it stopped the bite and we did not catch much after that..I was glad to be out even the fishing was tough,,,and from the looks of it we have a really nice weekend coming up with better conditions...See ya then,,check out our pool winning fish about 5lbs...


7-3-14 Weather man kept most everyone away again,,its flat calm and beautiful out on the ocean today...I like the forecast for tomorrow..I think we are gonna have a nice day for the 4th of July so come down,,we will be there ready to go...Some of you have called with concern but I think it will be good...The weekend looks good as well with Nw winds....Today I am off but the boat has a pool fish about 5-6lbs as of earlier this morning and some other nice keepers so fish are chewing...I will try to get a full report later but what is important is we are gearing up for tomorrow!!See ya for cofee!!The seasonal pool is also growing,,we are getting quite a few names,,biggest fluke of the year is going to take home some big money!!!

7-2-14 Weather man scared alot away today,,shame cause it was nice out there..The water temps on the beach were pretty cold again,,so we worked a little deeper and was happy to see some decent life...Some nice fluke,,,Jimmy had two fish,,,one about 5-6lbs,,,and one about 7-8lbs...few other guys had a couple other nice ones as well...Some keepers mixed in with shorts,few nice sea bass...It was better than I thought it would be with a cold water temp..Not that everyone caught keepers but still enough to keep us intereseted...WE would have done even better if the drift slowed down but it picked up and made it difficult to hold bottom late in the day..We are fishing eveyday so dont let the weatherman scare you away!!See ya tomorrow..pics.

Jimmy was dialed in today,,,the gulp squido was the ticket as well..Chartruese


WE had good conditions to start,,flat calm,light sw breeze...Some keepers and shorts coming up early on but as the morning went on the drift got pretty quick and the fishing slowed down for us...Overall not very productive keeper wise today...The water temp dropped almost ten degrees overnite which did not help either but tommorrow is another day!!See ya for coffee!!

6-30-14 We had pretty decent day with some real nice fluke come aboard as you can see in the pics below...Not crazy great fishing but each drift we had some keepers come up,,best drift we had four keepers,,,but most had 2-3 so I was happy with it..some..,,quality fish,,biggest up to about 7lbs.I would guess...One about 5-6lbs..and some fish in the 2-3lb.range...Decent amount of fish that just fell short of keeping...Dragging bait today was key,,,the guys jigging did not do nearly as well as those dragging..I look forward to tomorrow already!!See ya for coffee..

Bob was on the board with this nice one!



Kris took home the money today with this fat one!!  7-8lbr..

6-29-14 Water temps hit up above 70 degrees today,,Ocean was flat calm again this morning with no winds...We did drift with some current though,,,the wind ended up coming out of the south and we covered some ground late in the day..Fishing was pretty spotty,,we caught some  nice fish and each drift we had keepers come up but not enough spread out around the boat to keep me happy..I guess it could have been worse...High hooks had 3-4 keepers,,and some nice pool fish are gunning for the money in the 5lb.area...pics..I like the forecast for tomorrow...see ya for coffee....

Tommy took home the money today with this beauty!!Just beat out another like it..

I missed this one from yesterday!!!nice one !!I think we have her hooked from what I hear!



Sammy looks like he might have a pool fish??I was off today but it sounded like they were catching some fish early,,,we shall see if I can get full report later but as for tomorrow we are looking good..Looking to get back to the grounds,,see ya for coffee!!!up,,wait,,Mikey just said Sammy did win the pool,,,,update later...going after the big ones tomorrow..the seasonal pool is getting big!!!!I also have a feeling we are gonna get into some big fish!!!See ya then\,,,bring extra tackle cause we are fishing is the hard bottom!!

6-27-14 Well we got into the ocean this morning and were greeted with a nice ground swell from the east.Not rough but enough to just keep us rocking a little...Water warmed up to almost 70 degrees with the onshore breeze but fishing was way off today..Nothing like we have been seeing...Few shorts here and there,,,tough to find any good bites let alone keepers..Moved around quite a bit and never found much,,,at the end of the day though the swell died out a bit and the current did slow down and we had an improvement with the fishing...We caught the pool fish late,,probably about 4-5 lbs...lost a few other nice fish and quite a few shorts started coming up....Most of the keepers came up late as well,,,,good sign for tomorrow...Light winds and calm seas are forecast for the whole weekend so see ya tomorrow!!pics.

I think Bob pulled out the pool fish near the end of the day.


Spencer nailed a nice double header keeper!!

Mike was taking home dinner.

Better late than never!


6-26-14 Gloomy start to the day but the sun came out and it was really a nice on the ocean....Flat calm,,,nice Nw breeze along with some current gave us a quick drift most of the day....Fishing overall i though was good,,,you did have to work at it,,and not everyone onboard caught the keepers but we did have a high hook with a limit of fluke,,some guys had 3-4,,some two,,one etc...so I was good with the catch by the end of the day....We did fish the hard bottom again,,,,all the nice fish came out of the rocks.....Another nice pool here today and I believe Herbi in the first pic below took home the money..Check out some of the nice fish here below we landed today!!Tomorrow looks awesome!!Heading back out,,,see ya for coffee...

Limit of fluke!!South Jersey Specialist!!

Tony from Palmer Jigs had a couple of keepers here,,the one you pulled the hook on is gonna hurt tonite!

Better late than never!

Two keeper limit for you!

Jimmy was on the board early!


6-25-14 I had a day off to take the kids to the waterpark but the boat was out and it sounded like they had pretty nice day and the fish were chewing..They said they had keeper fluke everydrift today for the small crowd onboard,,,,so we are all set for tomorrow...It looks good with light winds out of the west,,,so we are all set..I look forward to getting back out there!!See ya for coffee...

6-24-14 We started out pretty nice today..flat seas and just enough breeze to move us along at a perfect rate....We picked away at the fish,,,everydrift we would see the shorts come up and mixed in we would have some keepers,,,some nice fish in the 2-3lbs.range mixed in.Pool fish went maybe 4-5 I believe...By late morning the winds picked up and shut our fishing down where we were and had to move into the beach to hold bottom..Still we had some more keepers But I would have been happier if we could have stayed deeper...Still we had a high hook of three keepers,,,some other had some to go home with,,not everyone though...Check out some pics...See ya tomorrow..

First keeper of the day,,A nice one!!

William was on board to!!

Our pool winner!!


6-23-14 Flat calm,,no wind until late in the day when the southerly picked up and drifted us along nicely...Had good fluking again today,,,plenty of 16-17 inch fish,,some closer but I it was tough to get everyone some keepers to go with.Pool fish was probably this first fish below.A nice one....In the end a real nice day out,,,just would have liked to see a few more keepers than we had...Tomorrow is looking really nice again...See ya for coffee...Check out a few pics..





Kimmy took home the largest pool ever on the boat today,,,1,092 dollars!!!Caught on a jigging world silver bucktail.....We had a large gang and most went in both pools but Kimmy took em both...The rest of the day we banged away at the fluke,,,We actually had good fishing but the size was not there...Alot of the action was fish that did not make 18 inches..Definately not enough keepers today,,but it was a really pretty day with flat calm seas..I like tomorrow,,we are heading back out in the morning...See ya then.

6-21-14 We were greeted with a gusty Ne breeze this morning and the ocean had a nice chop to it..Made the drifting a little fast and a bit uncomfortable..It eventually died out a bit but the fishing was not nearly as good as I would have liked...We caught some shorts but keepers were hard to come by... Not a very productive day overall..Pool fish did go about 4lbs.and took home a sizeable amount of cash....As for tomorrow we are looking much better with light winds,,,see ya for coffee..

The pool winning fish!

6-20-14 Flat calm,,,beautiful out here today,,Water got up to almost 70 degrees by the end of the day.Out of the gate we had some nice fluke coming to the net...Plenty of shorts as well..Good action with a nice drift,,,couple of fish early on went 5-6lb...The drift kinda died and so did the life,,but every drift we did have some keepers coming..Eventually we moved and got back into some good action with the fish coming steady,,You did have to weed through some shorts but still we had some nice fish mixed in as you can see in the pics below..High hooks had 3-4 keepers,,some real nice fish..Pool fish might have been up to 6-7lbs.We shall see...Some had two,,one,,some only had shorts but overall we had a pretty good day..The weekend looks AWESOME..GET IN ON SUMMER AND GET DOWN ON SOME GOOD FISHING..Check out some of these nice.PICS.See ya tomorrow..






6-19-14 Very good fishing today,,water shot up 9 degrees from yesteday and they were chewing..A little bit of rain at the end but flat calm seas...Had a great drift as well and covered some ground which helped but great action with the fluke,,plenty of just miss fish and nice keepers up to 6lbs.mixed in..High hooks had limits plus,,some had 3-4,,etc..Few did just get one or none but overall it was good..Just check out some of the pics...Jigs had the high hook and any kind of pink color worked better than the green today for some reason...Gulp grubs in pink on a teaser was the ticket..Check out some pics,,,see ya tomorrow..It looks awesome again...

Kenny and Megan put a hurting on the fish today...Kenny had his limit and she had 3 nice ones..

Skip was maxed and giving fish away,,all big quality fish..


6-18-14 Flat calm,,,very breezy kept it cool out here...Ocean was flat calm due to the winds out of the west..Fluking was good again today,,,as soon as we stopped today we had fish coming over the rail..Both keepers and shorts,,Herbi was high hook and had his limit of fluke by noon,,up to 6lbs..Overall it was good again,,really pretty out here,,check out some pics...TOMORROW LOOKS AWESOME..SEE YA FOR COFFEE..

Herbi was dialed in today,,

Eddy to..

First time fluking and nailed two nice fish with the rental rod..

Ralph was in the game.


6-17-14 The weather was good to us again,,flat calm and we had a nice drift all day...Plenty of bites,,,I was happy with the fishing...All day we banged away at the fluke,,,plenty of shorts,,just had to have the luck today to get into the keepers,,I cant say one thing worked better than others and nailed the keepers..Saw some nice fish on rental rods and the guys jigging...High hook had four keepers again,,Some had three,,some two,one etc..,,,we had a few fish over 5lbs that look like are gonna take the money..I think Sammy is probably gonna take it..A few other fish are close though..TOMORROW LOOKS AWESOME AGAIN...HOT AND HUMID..PERFECT FLUKE WEATHER..DONT WORRY ABOUT A CHANCE OF THUNDERSTORM IN THE AFTERNOON,,WE WILL BE BACK BY THEN..WE ARE GONNA HAVE GOOD CONDITIONS AND THE FLUKE ARE BITING!!SEE YA FOR COFFEE!!CHECK OUT SOME PICS FROM TODAY!

Sammy might have the pool.

Kimmy might have him beat!

Gilbert cranked on em all day.

Denise got her keeper!!


6-16-14 Another perfect day,,flat calm and summerlike...Another improvement in the fishing as well..More keepers today,,even with almost no drift most of the morning...Today though more fish were caught with people casting the jigs around...Chartruese gulp was hot again along with the jigs,,,we were mostly in the rough bottom..most of our fish were there...Few nice ones to in the 5-6lb.range..We just stuck to one area and picked away,,each drift we would see anywhere from one to four keepers a drift,,shorts mixed in and it added up I guess you could say....I cant say everyone caught keepers but we did have a high hook of four keepers,,,few guys had three keepers,,two,one etc..Tomorrow looks Great!!Light winds and we are looking forward to getting back out!!See ya for coffee..pics from today..

Skip had four nice fish..

Ritchie had three nice ones.

First keeper ever!

Charlie had a  nice one that went around six pounds that might take the money..


6-15-14 Spectacular weather again today for us,,flat calm and the swell was almost gone completely..It was actually a little chilly early on this morning but it warmed up nicely as the sun got higher...Drift was quick this morning,,,we stayed tight to the beach where we had good life before this last ground swell and luckily today we had an improvement in the fishing..I cant say we caught alot of keepers,,that stayed about the same as yesterday but today at least we had the short fluke biting which we did not see the past few  days..Plenty of bites with them but I just was hoping for a better showing of keepers,,High hooks had two keeper flukes,,,but no big numbers around the boat...A large fathers day crowd as well so it was tough to say exactly...Draggin bait today again got most of the fish,,,but,,,,but,,,,at the end of the day Kenny the Fluke(aka kenny the blackfish)stuck it out with bucktails and nailed a nice fish about 4lbs..maybe??I would guess and took home a giant pool worth 730 bucks!!Way to stick it out with the jigs....I dont have the camera here at home so I will have to get some pics up tomorrow if I can get em downloaded but either way nice job...Weather looks great next few days and the fishing looks like its gonna get even better so see ya tomorrow!!

6-14-14 We had a really pretty day today,,flat calm,,just a small swell left over from yesterday...While fishing was better today I still think it has alot of improving to do..High hook did have three nice keeper flukes,,,we also had a nice pool fish in the 6lb.range but not alot of bites overall and the fish we caught were in tight to the rocks so experience helped today..The rental rods had it tough....Dragging bait was also better today than the jigs...Tomorrow we are looking real nice again!!!See ya for coffee!!pics.

Is that Jimmy???

Nice Fluke!!

6-13-14 We left in the rain and fog this morning..Really dreary start to the day but it did not last..It ended up pretty nice besides the ground swell we had out of the east I would say it was pretty nice out there overall..Fishing was slow...not any bites where we were catching fish before this nasty weather..Had to get deeper to find any bites..Caught some nice sea bass but did not see any nice fluke,,,mostly shorts...The good news is the wind is gonna go west tonite so it will clean the ocean up and I think the fishing will be alot better tomorrow....IT actually looks great all weekend...See ya tomorrow!!pics from today..

6-12-14 The winds have finally let up and we are looking to get back out tomorrow(friday)morning...Looks like light winds with a chance of rain but rain we are not worried about rain...See ya in the morning...And I like the Nw winds we have for Saturday and Sunday..Its looking like its gonna be a great weekend!

6-10-14 Weather man scared everyone away today,,only a handful of guys came down...Shame cause it was nice out there today,,,,no rain and warm...You cant let a chance of a thunderstorm scare you away,,any way fishing was decent today,,water warmed up and we picked away at the fluke..Caught plenty of shorts,,,Mikey fished today and had four nice keepers on bucktails,,,a rental rod had three keepers,,others had one or none keeper wise but overall not a bad day out with decent bites...Back at it again tomorrow,,,forecast is for only light winds to 10 mph..See ya for coffee..

The rig of death caught four nice keepers today..Courtesy of Mikey

Not bad for a rental rod,,some quality fish..

6-9-14 Well the ocean was nice again today but man did it rain this morning..If you were not geared up like some people they got soaked!!Water temp dropped over nite..down to about 60 most spots and the fishing was much slower...We still caught some fish just no amount of keepers....Nice pool fish though,,about 6-7 lbs...Had to move around and check different areas cause where we were yesterday was no good,,but by the end of the day fishing got a little better I thought and the water warmed up,,,,the end of the day had the fish jumping on the gulps but they were not really inhaling it,,you really had to let them eat to get the hook in it... so I think tomorrow they should chew a little better..Guys bucktailing averaged maybe Ten fluke and if you were lucky you got a keeper out of it..Some guys did do the same dragging bait but I think Bucktails worked best...Tomorrow looks good,,see ya in the morning....

Biggest fish of the day!about 7lbs..

6-8-14 The day overall was pretty nice out here,,,light winds but we had nice current moving us along the beach all day..The water spiked up to 68 degrees along the beach today as well..That in turn gave us good conditions for catching some fluke,,,I wont say it was great fishing but it was pretty good I thought....each drift we would catch some fish,,,mostly shorts but every drift we would get keepers to,,,Best drift we had 6 keepers,,,worst only 1-2 keepers,,Like I said,,good amount of just miss flukes scattered around the boat..Few sea bass but not many around the structure we were in..Some nicer fish mixed in,,,2-3lb.fluke,with the pool winner going about 4lb..Couple of fish we dropped a few guys said were of even bigger size....By the end of the day we had high hook of four nice keepers,,,few had three,,some two..one etc....some only got shorts but everyone got into fish it seemed....Both bucktails and dragging bait caught fish today,,,We are going to start fluke fishing everyday now,,,,,if you have any questions just give me a call..see ya tomorrow!

Mr.Han had four nice keepers..


Kimmy had some nice fish as well,,


6-7-14 I had a nice day off today so you will not see a report.The boat is out.....As for tomorrow we are gonna change up things a bit and attempt to get into some fluke fishing...We will still see some sea bass I am sure but we are gonna due some drifting and see what the fluke fishing is like..If I like what I see we might start fishing for them full time but I still might sea bass fish this whole week coming up..Not sure,,just check in here and I will let you know...I am still on the fence but tomorrow we are gonna give fluke a shot....So I will be there in the morning,,if you have any questions just give me a call...

6-6-14 Really pretty day today,,flat calm and we sat nicely on the anchors..I liked the life we had on the bottom..Each drop for the most part we banged away at the nice sea bass....Just picked away all around the boat...no one spot was best,,,I saw fish come up here and there from bow to stern,,,just some guys had better luck than others...We also had a nice showing of ling,,,which helped fill the buckets,,,some nice winter flounders,,and a few Codfish...So in the end I though it was a good day with quite a few fish caught,,Some guys just had better day than others but as a whole I thought it was good...Just check out some of the nice pics!!We are heading right back out in the morning after some of these nice fish here below..!!It looks beautiful for tomorrow..

Marc had real nice mix of fish..

Double header..


Winter Flounder..





6-5-14 Pretty lumpy conditions today,,not overly rough but uncomfortable..Fish were in the mood though,,had a decent bite with the sea bass,,high hook had a limit of bass,,plus some nice ling..Some only had a handful but overall it was decent..Tomorrow looks real nice,,,,see ya in the morning...

Mikey had a dead stick double header!


6-4-14 Pretty similar day to yesterday,,flat calm light winds.Again we bounced around today and picked at the nice sea bass...High hooks had around 8-10 nice sea bass,,along with some ling...had three nice winter flounders to...I did think the bite was alot more sluggish today,,,it seemed like alot more work to catch what we did,,the spots must have been a little chilly....So in the end some guys did good,,,some just fair to not so good.But we did catch so nice fish as you can see in the pics...See ya tomorrow!!

Whats that saying?Even a blind squirrel........


6-3-14 The winds stayed light for us all day and it was a really nice day to be out on the water..We started off with some quality sea bass coming up over the rail first thing this morning..We kinda just picked away at fish all day,,nothing crazy fast and furious or anything,,just each drop we stopped we would see scattered sea bass come here and there,,mix of both keepers and shorts...add in ling here and there and it was decent fishing for most I thought,,,,the middle part of the boat I would say had it the best...High hooks there had a dozen nice sea bass plus some ling...some did struggle a bit for what ever reason but most did well and we had life on every spot today all day.Tomorrow we are heading back out for some more sea bassin!!see ya in the morning..pics..

Some nice quality onboard today as you can see...

Charlie and Greyson were in to the fish all day..

Gordon is bring home the fish tonite!

6-2-14 Pretty morning to start,it only lasted until about noon then the winds started howling!!Fishing took a turn for the worse when the wind came up as well..Before that we did catch some nice sea bass again,,but it would have better if we got to pick at em the whole day..It was tough to get anything the second half....Most everyone got at least some nice fish to take home,,we also had some nice ling again and one nice codfish..The wind is gonna drop out later and tomorrow is gonna be nice with light winds only 5-10mph.so we are good to go in the morning..Heading back to the sea bass grounds again,,,look for us to start fluke fishing by the weekend but we are gonna sea bass fish the rest of the week!!See ya for coffee..pics..

All the way from Wilmington Nc...Nice fish!!


6-1-14 You talk about a pretty day and today was it...Flat calm,,light winds...Small swell out of the east but it was just all around nice out there...Out of the gate we had some nice sea bass coming up and over the rail...Most of the fish we caught were nice today,,not alot of throwbacks...We made alot of moves and each stop we see some sea bass,,along with some nice ling...Some spots only a few fish would come up and we would have to move..Other drops we got to sit and pick at the nice fish...Some fish caught on jigs but most caught on the gulp chartruese swimming minnows with a piece of clam...It seemed the middle part of the boat did best today,,,the bow struggled most of the day for some reason until the end when Eddie caught a monster bass that no one could tough for the pool...A real beauty in the first picture below..He also ended up with some other nice ones for dinner..Overall it was not good fishing but for a decent crowd we picked away and most had some nice fish..Both sea bass and ling,,,3 keeper fluke as well and a few throwback codfish..One nice winter flounder to...I enjoyed the day and look forward to getting back at it tomorrow!!See ya for coffee...check out some of these nice fish from today..

Check out this Jumbo!!

Kenny had a nice mix of fish,,ling and bass.

Anna was showing everyone how it was done and nailed some beauties including this double!

Sandy nailed this Jumbo early in the day and ended up with some real nice fish in the cooler.

Nice double header!!


5-31-14 Flat calm when we left the inlet but that Ne breeze they were calling for was waiting for us when we got anchored up..It blew for a while but never got rough,,...it ended up dropping out anyway and the ocean lost the chop it had..We did alot of moving around today and picked each spot we went..We would see some nice sea bass come up scattered here and,,mixed in some nice ling..The sharpies fishing with the gulp had the adavantage and took home some nice fish,,it was a little tough on the rental rods although they still caught some fish.Could have been better for them for sure...I like the weather for tomorrow,,,,we are heading back to the sea bass grounds in the morning!!See ya then,,check out some pics from today!


5-30-14 Awesome weather out here today,,flat calm,,smalll ground swell out of the east..Water temps still around 57 degrees..We had decent life on the bottom,,some spots were dull and we would move on but overall we caught some quality sea bass as you can see in the pics here below..The guys who were in the right spot or lucky,,,,what ever you want to call it had between 6-10 nice bass and 2-4 ling mixed in..Saw a few flounder again and no codfish today..Threw back some nice blackfish again as well...We are sea bass fishing tomorrow!!!See ya in the morning!!I like the weekend weather but Sunday is definately looking a little better than Saturday if you had to choose..See ya tomorrow.pics.

Herbi we might have to make this poster board material!

Bobby is putting up a good fight though!

Jimmy had some real nice ones today!



5-28-14 Nasty down here at the beach..Ne winds,,lumpy ocean kept us at the dock today..Tomorrow is looking like the same so stay home and we will do some painting..Friday on the other hand looks really nice so we are back on to fish...We are heading back out to the sea bass grounds,,,we had a nice mix of both sea bass and ling yesterday along with some nice Codfish and a handful of fat winter flounder so I look forward to getting back out there...Fluke season is going to start for us soon,,,not exactly sure what day but I will let you know here..See ya Friday..Here are some pics from Monday with Capt.Chris

Mr.Han took the pool with this Jumbo Sea bass.!!

Frankie with a nice pair!!



5-26-27-14 Two really nice days on the water,,,I was off yesterday so I just have some pics to put up...Some nice sea bass,,some ling,,seemed to be most of the catch..Today I was out(under the weather after a bad stomach bug yesterday...i didnt even take any pics) and a few of the spots we had some nice large sea bass come up...We also had a few nice codfish,,some large winter flounder and still some guys also had a nice batch of ling on top..It did seem like if  you were in the right spot on the boat you did well but still I had some guys who struggled for some reason..Either way we caught some nice fish today,,tomorrow is kinda iffy with the winds going Ne so we shall see what it looks like in the morning..

5-25-14 We another perfect day weather wise today...Flat calm and no current but I can say that the bottom was very cold today,,The sinkers came up freezing and the bite was off again,,we had to do alot of moving around today to get some fish to chew...Still the bite was sluggish,,,we just picked today and some people ended up with some nice fish but it was tough for some....Both sea bass and ling,,one codfish...Check out some pics,tomorrow we are heading back out after em...See ya then..pics.



Bill and Gali had a real nice day!

5-24-14 Nice calm ocean again today,,,light winds.The only thing I did not like today was the strong NE current we had pushing all day..I made the fishing a little on the slow side..You really had to work at it today to put some fish in the box..Some chartruese or glow gulp helped as well..Some guys did well catching a dozen nice fish to keep..both sea bass and ling mixed..more ling than bass...but alot of new comers had a tough day it seemed...The fish were just not that aggressive today...Tomorrow is looking really pretty with the winds going west,,check out some pics and I will see ya tomorrow!!!

Jimmy was doing good again today and had nice batch of fish!!

Like I said,,you worked at it and got some nice fish to go home with..

5-23-14 Foggy again today,,flat calm though..Nice conditons for fishing  all around..We steadily picked at the fish today,,some spots were dead and we would have to move but slowly we pounded away at some nice sea bass as you can see in the pics below,,some nice ling,,,we caught a codfish and nice winter flounder again as well...So overall not good fishing for everyone,,some guys were just dialed in and nailed em all day,,,ling and sea bass,,more ling than sea bass I would say.. but still I think a longer leader on the bottom helps,,,alot of guys have short pre-made leaders that dont produce as well this time of year..Color worked good as well,,gulp shrimps or minnows green or pink worked to..High hook had 15 ling and 6 sea bass,,,other catches as well including 30lb.striped bass caught on a clam..Check out some of these really nice fish in the pics..Going back at it tomorrow..see ya then..

Ralphy was on fire today!

Check out his Jumbo!

Kenny and his new fishing partner Megan!!!She did great hooking her own fish!!